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Well, it looks as if we've covered everything. All we have to do is pray that the universe cooperates over the next two months and we'll be fine."

Sarah looked at Sam knowingly. Josephine just smiled.

Josephine and Sam would be emailing each other over the next few weeks to continue to confirm the details. Otherwise they had pretty much covered everything.

After lunch they were all sitting around in the center hearth area relaxing. Sam had noticed that Josephine was curled up in her favorite chair and had her sewing kit out.

"What are you doing?" she asked as she peeked over and saw a bunch of small scraps of material.

"Would you and Sara like to help? I figured I had better get started if you and Jackie are going to sleep under it on your wedding night.
It is good luck you know."

Sam had no idea how to sew. She would have felt more comfortable dealing with an alien technology brought back from some distant planet. Sarah on the other hand joined right in. After a few curses from some awful pin-pricks Sam found herself happily chatting and watching her very own wedding quilt take shape.


After dinner Jack and Sam took Daniel and Sarah to the airport. They did not have as much down time as their friends and Daniel had to report back to base. On the way Sam sat in the passenger seat day dreaming out the window.

"What ya thinkin'" asked Jack.

"Nothing really" replied Sam dreamily "I've been having a really great time. I am so glad we made the trip."

"I promised no I told you so's but, well, I did" said Jack with a smirk as he reached over and took her hand and gave it a light squeeze.

Really Sam was fantasizing about her future. Dreaming of what it would be like to be at the lodge with her future little family, she and Jack fishing with their children or welcoming guests to the lodge.

When they returned Sam and Jack packed for an overnight stay at the fishing cabin.

Jack loved staying at the lodge and especially loved seeing his mom and Hank again, but there was just something about having sex with your future wife with them under the same roof. Even if their rooms were clear down the hall.

He and Sam had not had much "time" together since her attack andnow thtat shewasback to full health, there was no telling how creative they might be.

They were still discovering each other. Technically still in their "honeymoon" period of dating. There were still all kinds of fun things to find out about each other. If that first night was any indication of things to come Jack wanted to see just how adventurous Sam was.

Jack brought Sam down to the dock and helped her onto his boat.

"By the way" he asked "did you ever notice the name of my new boat?"

Sam then looked down at the stern of the sleek blue cabin cruiser and read its name "Blue Jello".

"Very cute" she giggled.

"After I brought it home I was sitting on the dock looking at it trying to think of its name. Every good boat has to have a name you know. Well, I had already used some of my favorite names."

At this point Sam looked confused. Jack pointed over to the boat slips where the other boats were docked. There sat bobbing in the water were Homer, Bart, Charlie, Samantha and Thor. By the looks of it, all appropriately named.

The Homer was a yellow pontoon that sat about 10 or 15 – a slow mover that was short and stocky. The Bart was a sleek catamaran ideal for going out and having fun. The Charlie was a small fishing boat. The Samantha was a sleek light blue sailboat in a color she knew was a definite match to her eyes and The Thor was a grey speed boat.

"Well," he continued "it was bobbing up and down and the color kept on reminding me of something. Then it hit me. My favorite scientist's favorite food, BLUE JELLO! That was it. I just had to name it that."

"When did you get it?" she asked.

"Last May" said Jack innocently hoping she didn't put two and two together. Regretting that he had given the actual month he had splurged on the boat. He had to admit he had bought it because he was feeling sorry for himself.

Sam thought for a minute then smiled. Damn, thought Jack, here it comes.

"Wasn't that the month I got engaged?" she asked.

"Was it really?" said Jack trying to act as if there was no correlation.

"Yes, really" she said with a grin. "Don't feel bad, that week I found out about Kerry I charged about $3,000 to my credit cards. I still haven't even worn half the stuff I bought."

"Remind me to cut up our credit cards if we ever get into a major fight. Between the both of us we would go bankrupt. Though I will have to say, a Generals salary is nothing to sneeze at."

Sam looked down at her ring. "You better be careful, I could get used to being spoiled like this."

"Only the best for my girl" said Jack as he pulled her down onto his lap.

With that Jack turned and sat Sam next to him in the drivers' seat while he stood up and started the boat. The settled in the middle of the lake and moored the boat. It was a beautiful night. The lake was crystal blue with the moon reflecting off of it. The stars were out and shining brightly down on the water.

Jack settled back into one of the benches and Sam sat down next to him and snuggled in close, shivering from the slight chill in the air.

"Cold?" he asked.

"A little" she said as she cuddled a bit closer and he put his arms around her to keep her warm.

"Sometimes I forget what it used to feel like to look up at the stars and wonder. I think out of everything there is one thing I miss the most since becoming a member of SG1. "

"What is that" she asked.

"The naivety" he sighed "not knowing about all the mean and nasties just waiting to come down here and go on a wicked power trip."

At the same time Jack had begun to gently caress Sam's hand. It was amazing how just a little movement could bring on such big feelings.

Without warning Sam turned around and started kissing Jack passionately. First taken a bit off guard he fell off the bench taking her down with him.

"Whoa Nellie" he said as he removed a life vest from underneath them. "What got into you young lady?"

"How long has it been?" asked Sam as she began to unbutton Jacks shirt and pants while continuing to kiss him."

"Well, we had that quickie the other day, besides that it's been over a month" said Jack as he enjoyed the incredible attention he was getting.

"Well, I think we need to make up for lost time" she said as she sat up whilst astride him and removed both of their clothes.

"Hey, not that I am not completely for this, but it is a bit chilly out here. Why don't we take this inside?"

"Chicken" she teased as she got up and took Jacks hand and led him inside the cabin.

When they got inside Jack shut the door and turned on the cabins heating system. "I figured if we were going to be naked, we might want the heat on a bit" he said with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

He then took Sam by the hand and led her to the bedroom in the bow of the boat. He led her inside and over to the bed to sit down. He then went over and lit a vanilla candle and said with a smile "a bit of mood lighting."

At this Sam began to giggle.

"Some mood music" he said as he turned on the stereo to a light jazz station. "Some wine" he said as he opened a bottle and poured them each a glass.

"Thank you" she said with a smile and gave him a little kiss.

"To us," he said as he clinked his glass to hers "here is to living the life we both only dreamed possible. And to finally being able to take "it" out of the room we had left it in so long ago."

With that Sam didn't know what to say. He had said it all so perfectly. They were finally doing what they had always wanted to do. Be a couple. In thinking about that she became so overwhelmed with emotion that she didn't know what else to do but finish what she had started out on the deck. She was sure Jack had a wonderfully romantic evening planned for them, a wonderful evening of romantic love making.

That could wait.

Sam was bursting at the seams. She just had to show him just how much she loved him. She wanted to please him, to devour him. She could think of nothing but that.

She put down her glass of wine and then took his and put it down. She then proceeded to finish undressing herself, letting him watch her in the flickering candlelight. He had started to undress himself but she stopped him. She wanted to reserve that task for herself.

Jack didn't know what to think. He had indeed planned an entire evening of making love to her, taking it slow and easy. He wasn't sure how she was feeling and he didn't want to rush her. Now he was being seduced by this amazing woman, watching her slowly strip in front of him. He thought for certain he was going to spontaneously combust any moment.

Sam led Jack to the bed and lay down beside him. In the mix of moonlight and candle light he looked amazing. This man who was probably the second most powerful man on earth was hers for the taking, and he willingly offered himself to her in both body and soul.

"I love you" she said gently.

"I love you more" he said with a smile.

Sam leaned over and again began to kiss him with all the passion that burned within her being. Expressing her love for him in every way she knew how with all that she was.


Jack lay absolutely breathless in bed with Sam for the second time in his life. "We really do have to thank Thor for my overhaul" he said with a sigh. "Otherwise they would have had to admit me to the nearest hospital. You are….. I don't know what to call you…. but…. Wow!" He looked down at Sam who was lying nestled in his arms.

He looked at her again "Holy Hannah!" was all he could say again.

Sam just looked up at him and smiled. She had accomplished her goal. He was happy and he was speechless.