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It takes place in season 3 and picks up right after Ross walks out the door in TOW The Chick and The Duck.

Same old Feelings

Chapter 1

'Dr. Gellar'

"See ya" The words seemed to echo about one hundred times in Rachel's mind. She couldn't get over what Ross had done for her, let along begin to imagine just why he had done it.

"He gave up the chance to be on TV- talking about dinosaurs none the less to stay here and help me" Rachel had begun to forget about how sweet and caring Ross really was, considering his behavior during last few weeks before they broke up.

He was misunderstanding and jealous. Plus he thought that she would actually cheat on him with Mark. He didn't trust her, and that upset Rachel. But maybe…maybe the reason he acted the way he did was because he loved her so much.

For a second there when Ross was leaving her apartment Rachel had this sudden urge to just run up into his arms, and kiss him- she would give anything for him to wrap his arms around her like he use to. Tonight was a sure reminder of how good it felt to be pampered by Ross- even if it was just a sympathy thing. No Ross assuredly didn't care about her, like he use to…they were just friends after all right? And Obviously them as a couple wasn't right…they made each other miserable- as only the way two people who loved each other so deeply could. No…nothing could ever happen again…

…Ever? No. No Rachel didn't like the sound of that. Even still Rachel had wondered what just would have happened if she had gone through with it…would he except her…was it what she really wanted? Rachel eyed the door…she wasn't going to let him get away this time…

Chandler looked up for where he had been staring at the duck and noticed Ross sit down on the step outside of the two apartments.

"What did you do" Chandler asked trying to ease the situation. Obviously something had gone on with Rachel. What else could it be?

Ross looked down at the ground and let out a small frustrated laugh and shook his head. "I did something terrible Chandler. I lost the best thing in my life…"

Chandler sighed, he couldn't believe he had arrived back to the same conversation he had with Ross right after their break up. "Look man, there is nothing you could do. I mean you were on a break right? You need to move on. If Joey were here Id say we would go out to a strip club and get you good an drunk." Chandler never was great at advice.

"Isn't that how this all happened in the first place?" Ross had asked his friend. His stupid drunken mistake. " Its just….If I didn't think we were broken up I wouldn't have gone with you in the first place…." Ross paused. "I just don't know what to do anymore…"

"-About what?" came a voice from the door."

Ross and Chandler both looked up to see Rachel standing there.

"His-His…Rash…" Chandler blurted out with Ross shooting him a look.

Rachel wrinkled his nose. "Oh?" She asked confused. "I didn't know you had skin problems."

"Well not him…his-his…this guy at work, Ross thinks he's going to get the rash…its jus this big mess of …spreading skin disorders" Chandler looked down at the ground…a rash? What was he thinking.

"What?" Rachel asked equally as confused at before.

"Oh will you look at the time….I have to get this little one to bed" Chandler said pointing to the duck. "Lets go buddy…" After picking up the bird Chandler fled into his apartment.

"What was that about?" Rachel asked Ross with an uncomfortable laugh.

"That." Ross paused. "You know Chandler Rach…hes got this- well this thing going on now that you know he doesn't want to talk to you girls about so I guess well to cover that all up now I have some type of rash." Ross said laughing in an uneasy manner as well."-So what's up?"

"Oh you know…I was just thinking" Rachel, holding her side, walked over to where Ross was sitting and attempted to take a seat next to him" "Ow!…Oh God…" Rachel yelled at she grabbed onto her side and tried to straighten herself out again.

Ross jumped up and gently placed his arm around her in an attempt to make her comfortable once again. What he really didn't realize was, she was growing more and more uncomfortable by the minute. "Why don't we just stand instead" he said smiling.

Rachel smiled at him " Thanks". That voice that she had heard before was growing stronger leaving her with now choice. She began eyeing up his lips, still remembering what he tasted like the last time she kissed him…it was the morning after…the morning after he had done it…ruined their relationship forever. As she started to lean into him ready to once again taste his lips, she got a hold of herself and really realized what she was doing. In order to cover up her actions she let her body go limp and lost her balance.

"Oh my god Rach! Are you okay?" Ross yelled, genuinely concerned, helped her to her feet.

Wheezing Rachel replied "Yeah…Ah, Yeah Im fine Ross." So eager to hide what her real intentions were Rachel hadn't given a though as to how much that might hurt her already aching ribs.

Helping her into her apartment, concerned as ever Ross offered "Are you sure you dot want me to stay here with you tonight- I mean at least until Monica gets home" The truth was Ross whole heartedly hoped that Rachel would accept his off. He had missed protecting her and babying her like he use to.

"Oka- No No, Ill be fine really Ross" Rachel stopped herself, as much as she would love to spend her night with Ross, she couldn't let herself be humiliated by the inevitable fact that she would do something stupid around Ross. Pain killers, hormones and a sudden longing for her ex boyfriend would be sure to create an interesting night. "Besides I have an early meeting I need to go to in the morning so Im probably just going to jump in bed anyway."

Ross threw her a look. "You can't be serious, you cant go in your state. I know how much you hate those things anyway."

Rachel smiled at him, loving the fact that he knew her so well. "Ugh I know I know…but I don't think Sophie is going to want to hear about, let alone believe that I have a broken rib, since she knows I hate going anyway…she's defiantly going to think its some stupid line to get me out of it."

"Okay well what if your doctor called your office and explained the situation to them" Ross smiled, up to something.

"my Doctor huh?" Rachel question flirtatiously hitting his arm.

"Okay Okay, well not your direct doctor but the doctor you saw last night."

"Go on…" Rachel laughed.

"Okay so what if Dr. Gellar called and told them all about how you were bedridden, and unable to come into work…"

"I say Dr. Gellar's got himself a new patient" they both laughed, which soon turned into another one of their famous stares. Clearing her throat Rachel spoke up "Well thanks Ross… for everything tonight."

Ross leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, making Rachel crazy on the inside, he then reached for her hand. "Anytime Rach, and if you need anything, anything at all tonight, just call me- I mean that." Looking down and realizing he was still holding onto her hand he abruptly dropped it. "Okay so, don't bother getting up tomorrow…I have it all under control."

Ross gave her one last smiled and walked out the door. Rachel was left staring at the door for minutes after. She didn't know what was going on with her, suddenly she was feeling all of these things she thought had gone away…and had no idea what to do about them. One thing was for sure though…she had to figure it out…and fast.

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