Janie Potter was ten years old. She could be described as strange - weird even. There were just word, and they didn't mean much to her. She was a strange child. Close friends of her dad often say that she was just like her mother in both appearance and personality. She couldn't remember what her mother was like. She had been killed five years ago. Her pictures were hung on the wall and she even had a picture of her on her bedside table. Janie liked to look at the pictures and try to remember her mothers voice. She would even talk to her stuffed animal and long time friend, Gruffy, about her mother. She had been convinced along time ago that at least Gruffy remembered.

But it was now that Janie lay outside on the backyard lawn, writing the small report that she had to give tomorrow about her parents. Her green eyes skimmed the page. Most of it was blank. Kicking her feet back and forth in the air she scribbled down a few more words. A lady bug had landed on her notebook, causing her to drop her pencil and stared at the bug in wonder with wide eyes. A breezy smile settled on her face as she laid her hand down, letting the small bug crawl on her finger. She seemed almost lost in a world all her own as she gazed at her lady bug on her left hand, and tugging at the butterbeer cap necklace around her neck with her right.

"Hello," Janie whispered to the bug that crawled on her hand. "I think I'll name you Bert. You're not lost, are you? Oh, I am sorry. I'm lost, too. My Daddy and my Papa don't know who's cooking tonight so we don't know what we'll have for supper." The ten year old paused to giggle. Her Daddy and her Papa were always fighting about who was cooking. She remembered hearing Papa say that he learned how to cook something new. The last time Papa had said that he had walked out of the kitchen covered in flour. That was the day he had attempted to cook pancakes and waffles because Daddy had refused to, it was only a few months ago. There had been a lot of cleaning up to do after that.

Papa hadn't tried cooking for a while after that. Janie was glad; cleaning up flour wasn't something that she had enjoyed.

The girl pouted briefly. Now she wanted waffles for dinner, and she had only had them for breakfast that very morning. It wasn't funny, and it wasn't fair, either. She had gotten syrup in her hair, and Papa had told her that she had to hurry and eat just so she could go take a shower before she went outside to do anything else. Sometimes she wondered about her Papa. She never wondered about her Daddy, but Papa always made her wonder. He was just too orderly, and everything had to be extra clean. He wouldn't even let her go to school unless her clothes were perfectly clean with no wrinkles, and her hair neatly brushed out. She was lucky when Daddy took her to school. He didn't mind if her hair looked like its scraggly self, or if her clothes had wrinkles.

The silence that Janie had been sitting in was broken. There came the all too familiar shouts from inside the house and she rolled over on to her side for a moment to stare through the glass door. Looked like both Daddy and Papa had found something that they both wanted to cook. Rolling back onto her stomach, kicking her legs back and forth in in air Janie gave a startled little "Oh!" as she remembered she had the aptly named lady bug Bert on her finger. A smile slid onto her face before she looked at the bug closely. "I should go in there and tell Papa that he can cook tonight, just so that Daddy doesn't have to sleep on the couch," Janie wrinkled her nose. "And my cousins are coming. Senna and Patience. Maybe Papa's cooking will make them sick. I hope so, they're prats." From inside the house there was the call of 'Janie Marie!', and Janie couldn't help but to giggle. "You'd better go, too, Bert. I'm sure your mummy might be wondering where you are!"

With that she blew at Bert, watching as he flew from her finger. She laughed and stood up, waving her hand at the lady bug that was now flying away. "Bye Bert!" She called. Before either her Daddy or Papa could call her once more she gathered her things, and rushed into the house.

It had been five years since the death of her mother. Five years since she met Draco Malfoy, and five years since she had been kidnapped right from her own home. Janie Potter may be a little strange, and even weird. She liked to wear the old butterbeer cap necklace she had found. She made earrings out of some of the things growing in her Daddy's garden, and she even read her favorite book upside down, but she was happy. People called her a bit off in the head sometimes, but she like to point out that no one was perfect because everyone has their own definition of perfect.

Janie Marie Potter couldn't be any happier with her life.