Sarah wanted to die, but she didn't know if she was already dead. She was here wasn't she? She was in Hell...but was this where she belonged? Was she as wretched as Colin said? Was she no better than those she looked upon now, writhing with pain and horror? Sarah clenched and unclenched her fists, digging her fingers into the earthy balcony. She felt Colin behind her, watching her coolly, but saying nothing. She saw the people in front of her, serving their eternal suffering, promised by the Bible. Sarah's blinked. The Bible…this had nothing to do with the Bible. The Bible had rules, it had promises of forgiveness. There was no forgiveness in this vile game Colin was playing with her.

"Why?" She whispered to herself. Colin arched an eyebrow which reflected his boredom but also his curiosity.

"What was that, Simpleton?" He sneered. Sarah ignored the insult and turned to face him, despite the fear she still harbored for him.

"Why am I not down there with them? You said so you're self, I'm little better then them, the drug addicts, the prostitutes, so why am I here with you?" She snapped. Colin's lip curled.

"Because you're not dead yet, you foolish, foolish girl. I took you alive; I needed you alive. Well, not really but…what can I say, I'm a forgiving man." He finished, smiling wickedly. Sarah shuddered.

"You are no man. Men have souls."

"You would be surprised by the many who don't." He said. Sarah, gaining a little confidence with the knowledge she was still a living person, crossed her arms and tried to mimic his glare.

"You didn't answer my question. Why am I here with you?" She hissed. Colin cocked his head to the side, his eyes cold.

"Did you already forget? I want you to be by my side, Sarah, to be with me as something greater. Greater than you would have ever been in that pathetic life you lead in the world you have lived in all you're miserable life."

"I doubt it, if it means a life with you." And with that, Colin slapped Sarah, hard. Before she could fall, he grabbed her by the throat and yanked her over the side of the balcony. Sarah gasped and clutched at Colin's wrist, her legs kicking at the air and space that was left between her and the suffering. Colin looked at her wildly.

"It's time to choose, Sarah. It's time to choose a life with me or death with them. You have no idea of the pain Sarah; you have no inkling of what happens to people like you when they are in my world. You think you know of pain? You have never felt pain like this and you will know of nothing else for the rest of you're creation. You will be dying over and over again and you will never see Eric again, and all you will wonder is what you could have done to stay with me. YOU WILL DIE AND I WILL FEED OFF OF YOU!" Eyes wide, Sarah gaped at him. She opened and closed her mouth several times, and finally a hiss came out. Colin smiled slowly and brought her close to him.

"What was that, my dear?" He asked quietly and brought her mouth close to his ear. At first he heard only gasps, but then, at last she spoke.

"I'd rather go join my mother you Son-of-a-Bitch." Colin's eyes widened and he opened his mouth and screamed. His jaw lengthened and grew fangs, and the scream he let loose was the sound of a mother loosing her son, an animal who lay dying while being ripped to pieces, a soldier dying in battle. Sarah thought for an instant she heard herself crying out through his lips.

Then, without warning, he wrenched her back over and threw her to the floor. And suddenly, he was laughing, wild unruly laughter. Sarah felt the tears running down her face again, but she didn't know why. She angrily scrubbed her cheeks.

"Why are you laughing?" She screamed over his cackling. He ignored her and let his laughter bubble down to a chuckle and then to deep intakes of breath. When he turned around, he was calm and collected, almost innocent, but also very amused. He looked like a child with a secret, which he would never tell.

"I…can't believe…you actually thought…this was about you."