"All aboard!" the conductor shouted as the train slowly started to move. Steam shot out from its sides, and the whistle blew three times. Josh was aboard the second coach of the train in first class. He watched out of his window as the train started to go faster and faster.

It had been ten minutes since his train left the station, and Josh was relaxing on a red felt couch as he was looking out his window seeing the sites pass before his eyes. The houses, the fields were all so beautiful as the train passed by them.

Just then, someone walked into the coach. He was a tall Chinese man with long black hair reaching down past his neck. He was wearing a black coat and a gray bowler's hat on his head. He was also carrying a small suitcase with Chinese writing painted onto the side. He slowly walked further into the room. "Are you Joshua Cody?" he asked politely.

"Yes, yes I am," Josh said with a smile.

"Chen Ling, at your service," he said as he reached his hand out to Josh. Josh shook his hand, and Chen sat down on the couch across from Josh's. He pulled out his hair and started to braid it. "So, are you excited about going to Africa?"

"You bet I am," Josh said with another smile. "What about you?"

"I am very excited", Chen said finishing up his hair. "I went to India once, and I heard that the elephants in Africa are larger than the ones there."

"Yes, much larger", said a man who just entered the coach. He was an African American with short black hair with small side burns running down his cheeks. He was wearing slack pants, an overall jacket, and a derby hat. "I'm guessing you two are Joshua Cody and Chen Ling, am I correct?"

"Yes you are, my good man", Josh said getting up to meet him. "And you must be Denzel Baker".

"Yes I am," said Denzel. He sat down right next to Josh. "Is this your first time going to Africa?"

Josh smiled. "Yes. This was also my first trip to England. A short visit, but still pleasant."

"I can't wait to get there. This will be an opportune moment for me to conduct my research on the hunting habits of lions. Why are you going?"

Josh leaned back in his seat. "Well, I was asked if I had any experience with wild animals. I guess I'm your body guard or something."

Chen laughed. "Trust me, I can handle myself. But thank you anyway."

Josh chuckled. "Your welcome." He then smiled. "You know, I like you fellas. So how about we drink in honor of the occasion?"

"Sure," said Denzel.

"Alright," replied Chen.

Josh then reached up and pulled a long poll that made a ring. A few minutes later, a butler arrived.

"May I help you, gentlemen?" said the butler.

"Yes, Jules," Josh said. "Bring us a cart of the finest champagne money can buy". He then slipped the butler a £30 bill into his jacket pocket.

"Oh, yes sir," the butler said smiling, and left the coach. A few minutes later, he came back, wheeling a huge cart of ice with a champagne bottle and three glasses in it. "Here you go, gentlemen," said the butler, and then left the room.

Josh, Chen, and Denzel each picked up a glass and poured champagne into them. "To Africa," said Josh, raising his glass.

"To adventure," said Denzel, raising his glass.

"And to a friendship between the three of us," said Chen, raising his glass.

"Here, here!" they shouted and clinked their glasses together. For their adventure had just begun.