DOWNLOAD HERMES X.I by Absinthe Angel 777 /M. Guerriere © 2004

bardalicious: Hi!


bardalicious: Nice profile :)

argo1: Thnx

bardalicious: I read your post about the hypocrisy of that Centurion and I so totally agree.

argo1: Yeah well.

bardalicious: Something wrong?

argo1: kinda sore about it

bardalicious: He had no right to speak to you that way.

argo1: Mmmm

bardalicious: I know that bitch Alti thinks she knows everything and trashes your posts - but really!

bardalicious: I think you had the right to kill him.

argo1: well the judge didn't see it that way

bardalicious: Have you been back to Rome since?

argo1: No it's complicated

bardalicious: I can imagine. I've never been to Rome just around here. So you like horses?

argo1: Yup

bardalicious: Do you collect them?

argo1: I used to. I just have one now. Gets me around.

bardalicious: Have you ever gone to Sapphos on Fridays?

argo1: no - saw posters for it tho

bardalicious: It's so awesome. You enter through a trap door near the old well, the really old well, not the rebuilt drinking well around the block- the one that's soooo ancient and decrepit.


bardalicious: Anyway, you go down like 6 steps and through this long tunnel and it opens out

bardalicious: into the most amazing dance floor UNDERNEATH THE PARTHENON!


bardalicous: Don't let those Centurions fool you, I've seen some things those guys do down there - they aren't all as macho as they'd have you believe! I saw some on leave.

argo1: oh THAT i know...

bardalicious: so will you take me?

argo1: where?

bardalicous: to sappho's on friday!

argo1: hmmm

bardalicous: come on! I swear I'm not a guy! You even know my friend Joxer.

bardalicous: He works there as a barback.

argo1: but

bardalicious: but what?

argo1: I didn't know the parthenon had a basement!

bardalicous: just go with me! if you hate me you can leave!

argo1: ok but I

bardalicious: listen - meet me at midnight by the Erechtheion

argo1: when again?

bardalicious: FRIDAY!

bardalicious: by the olive tree

argo1: ok I am kinda tall and have black hair

bardalicious: I KNOW! ;) wink

argo1: how will I know you?

bardalicous: you can't miss me I'm the only blonde

argo1: ha ha

bardalicious: no comments!

argo1: I promise ;)

bardalicious: listen, I have to go my little sister's here :0

argo1: k

bardalicious: if you see Joxer tell him we're going

argo1: I probably will

bardalicous: gotta run hugs

argo1: ciao babe

Disclaimer: This is a Xena Warrior Princess alt subtext Fan fiction piece. The characters of Alti and Joxer were not harmed in any way during the writing. Alti is responsible for her own behavior in public chat rooms. The identities of bardalicious & argo1 shall remain known only to the site adminstrator.