To Reach Higher

Chapter: 1

Author Note: Some people need some idea of how true 'power' is not determined by simply brute, violent force. But also by more subtle means, some seemingly not powerful at all. This is, and it has taken me a while, an answer to Katzzatar's challenge. To all Kazuma Kuwabara bashers, simply leave. By reading this you may either learn something and change your beliefs or not change or learn anything at all.

This takes place a year after Yusuke returns from his final fight with Yomi. There are elements from X/1999 and from White Wolf's "World of Darkness", like names and 'other' things. I'm not basing his personality off of the anime, this is by the manga (I don't own them all thought), and for the reason I don't think I need to say.

And to Katzzatar: Any element from "Wandering Souls" is a product of Katzzatar, Inc. I do not own.

Italics are thoughts and when in "" are mental conversations

Bold is empathized shouting and applies in mental thoughts and conversations as well

Finally this is fan fiction, nuff said.

In Japan divided by the River Styx between two Junior Highs, a small bird watched a spectacle below it's perch. Below it two boys, one short with slicked-back black hair and one tall with a short orange pompadour, where shouting obscenities at each other. Another boy followed slightly taller than the dark haired one, hair as crimson as blood, shaking his head sadly.

A small disturbance on the branch caused the bird to look behind it and takes off in fright as a very short figure appeared in it's tree. Radiating malice and disinterest. The figure watched as the group walked by, only the red head looked up and saw him, though. What was happening on the ground was coming to a more furious end.

"THAT DOES IT URAMESHI!" the tall one grabbed his short friend and hauled him to his face, the shorter one was a little surprised and a little nervous.

"Yusuke. Kuwabara." the read-heads voice was soft, calm and demanding "End this senseless quarrel, now."

The short one replied "Sorry."

"Kuwabara." the tall one put Yusuke down then they both calmed down and they brushed the dirt of their cloths, then stepped away from the other.

Kuwabara glared at Yusuke with a well-held-back furry, calm on the surface but a storm underneath. "Let me see that communicator of yours, now!"

Confused, Yusuke pulled out the object and handed it to him without question. One he was given it he gave no thanks and pressed a button or two and waited for someone to pick it up. After a moment a blue haired woman picture came up with a cheerful smile.

"What do want Yus…" She paused seeing that the person she was talking to was not the person she thought it was "Oh Kuwabara! Did something happen to Yusuke again?"

"Naw." Kuwabara shook his head "He's fine I want to ask if Koenma is able to take an appointment?"


She looked at him oddly and frowned as she thought of a response "I can go ask him, give me a few minutes and I'll call back." With that the screen went blank and he shut it and crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

"Don't ask Kurama." the red haired boy blinked and nodded understandingly.

Yusuke looked between the two and wondered what he had missed, after a few minutes of silence he was about to ask what it was when the communicator beeped. Kuwabara opened it and the blue-haired girl came back on screen.

"Good new, Koenma can actually see you if a minute or two today, if you want to?" the tall boy nodded and she nodded back and the screen went black once more.

"Mind telling me why your going to see ol Koenma, hmm?" Yusuke got no answer from his friend Cold shoulder he thought in frustration.

Out of the sky a figure ridding an oar appeared dressed in a pink kimono with purple trim flew down towards the small group. They tilted their heads at the blue haired girl with amethysts eye as she stopped in mid-air and glanced at them.

"Hello, ready to go guys?"

"It's just me Botan, just me." Botan looked confused at Kuwabara and then glanced at Kurama and Yusuke. Yusuke looked a little offended, while Kurama simply smiled softly and nodded. Botan pouted and made room for the tall boy to sit.

"Tell the runt that I'll be back." Kurama smirked at the comment and Yusuke started looking around. "And if my sis asks then tell her the truth, okay?" a nod from Kurama and then from Kuwabara and they shot into the sky and vanished from view.

"Well Hiei aren't you going to come out and say hello?" Kurama looked into the tree they just passed, smiling "I mean it's been almost a year, at least you could say a simple hi."

A black blur phased into view and a short black-cloaked man with a white bandana over his forehead appeared. The only way it be told that he was adult was the fact that his blood-red eyes looked too hard and have seen too much to be a child. Hiei simply scoffed at the red head and made his annoyance known.

"Well at least one of the fools knew I was here," he glanced at Yusuke who knew what was coming "some detective, huh?"

The former Detective of the Underworld muttered under his breath and was too sorely-pressed to find a comeback. Kurama's face held great concern as he glanced at the sky and watched the clouds roll by.

I wonder what he's going to see Koenma for? Kurama's thoughts where interrupted

"What are worrying about Kurama. Whatever he does is his business, leave it at that."

"Oh, is that concern I hear in you Hiei? Very unbecoming of a demon like yourself."

"Stupid fox." Hiei muttered out loud, but only enough for Kurama to here "I just thought to drop by and make sure our captain is still sharp…and I find myself disappointed."

With that Hiei vanished from view and Yusuke blinked as he had apparently missed something.

"So where did shorty go?" Kurama simply chuckled softly and left his friend standing in the middle of the sidewalk, confused.

After flying from the pseudospace that divided the human world from the realm of the spirit and after the long and uneventful walk through the Gate of Judgment. Kuwabara was standing in front of the door to King Emma Junior's office. A polite knock from Botan and they were inside.

"So what do you wish to speak about, and take a seat?"

Koenma hadn't age a bit from Kuwabara's reckoning, still, he wasn't used to seeing the small ruler without his trademark pacifier. Calmly taking a seat he gathered his thoughts and centered himself.

"Do you still remember about that dept that you said you owed me?" Koenma nodded "Well I wish to collect."

"What is it that you want exactly?"

"Well," the boy flinched at remembering what had brought him here "Urameshi and I had a bit of a fight and it was after he insulted my skills that I realized that never had a teacher of my own."

Koenma thought for a moment "Well…Genkai isn't in any condition to train you"

"I know"

Koenma frowned he was wondering why he already knew, but simply brushed it aside.

"Well I can still have her help me find a teacher for you, though. Is that okay?"

Kuwabara nodded mutely, reminding him that he far more disciplined than his former detective.

Which reminds me…damn! "I'll go down and speak with her latter and then contact you when I'm done. Any problems?" A shake of the head and the agreement was made.

As the tall boy left his office he began to wonder if it was possible to find someone with the skill to teach 'him' and not the other way around. Genkai will have someone I bet…but for now. He went back to his job of judging the dead.