The Tin Man's Heart


"I've done it!" Cyborg screamed triumphantly, running out into the Common Room with what looked like a whole lot of brown cloth bundled in his arms. Raven looked up over Beast Boy's shoulder from her book. Beast Boy paused his game and looked over Raven's head. Nightwing and Starfire looked over from the kitchen, where he had been teaching her to cook earth dishes. They all stared. He was wearing clothes.

"'Sup, Cy?" Beast Boy asked curiously. Cyborg grinned ecstatically and flapped out the brown cloth, dumping it over himself. At first nothing happened then all at once the cloth started wriggling and wrapping itself around Cyborg, going underneath the clothes. When it finally stopped he opened his eyes and smiled happily at all their stunned faces.

"Duuuuuuuuuuuuude!" "Oh my Z'Hal…" "Wow…" "What is it?" Cyborg grinned again, he couldn't stop really.

"It's a synthetic skin!" He said, unable to keep the joy from his voice. "It forms around my body! It's exactly like real skin, except it's made of nanobots. I can still use all of my weapons, it's removable if I want it to, and…" He lowered his voice a little, "it makes me look normal…" He ran to the mirror in the hall (which I am saying they have, okay? –glares at anyone who has a problem with it-) and gazed at himself with glee. He looked completely normal, save for the fact he had a glowing red eye on the left side. The synthetic skin blended seamlessly with his real flesh. He touched his face. It felt warm and supple like skin. He ran around the room dancing for joy.

"That's wonderful news friend Cyborg!" Starfire exclaimed and began to dance the tango with him. Everyone sweat-dropped. Raven came over and touched his arm, then snatched her hand back with a gasp.

"It's warm." She said. Cy beamed happily.

"Yup." Just then there was a knock at the door. Cyborg ran to answer it.

"I'll get it!" He swung the door open and gasped in surprise.


Author's Comments: Right, now for you Jinx fans, you still have time to vote. The plot would have called for this anyway. Personally I think he SHOULD be with Bee, but it's YOUR choice. So Vote! I contemplated Sarasim, but I decided the time thing is way too big an issue to overcome realistically (even though this is a fanfic… -sweat drop-) Now, REVIEW!