The Tin Man's Heart

From the last Chapter:

"I'll get it!" He swung the door open and gasped in surprise.


Chapter 1:

"Sparky?" Bee gasped with surprise, "Is that you?" Cyborg nodded absently, staring at her. "So, three years, Tin man, how'd you handle it?" Three years! What has she been DOING? Cyborg thought, unable to tear his eyes away. Her hair was longer and down in braids, framing her face. Her creamy chocolate skin was accented by the rich gold and black of her uniform. She now had a black and gold halter-top that ended just before her belly button with a T on it, and black form-fitting spandex that flared at the bottom with a gold trim. She had a loose gold belt, from which dangled her Stingers. She was an inch shorter than him, but extremely slim. Her wings were down and she was beaming at him happily.

"Well you look different!" She said. And hot… She noticed his eyes wandering and his mouth agape and fought her blush. "Like what you see Sparky?" She teased. His eyes and mouth snapped up. He grinned shakily.

"Aw that's nasty, Bee!" He said. Not really… Her smile faltered for a minute before she hitched it back in place.

"So what have you done to yourself?" She said her eyes roving over the white muscle shirt that clearly showed washboard abs, and down his loose jeans to his bare feet. Not a single piece of metal that she could see. "You look so different!" She exclaimed. He laughed and rubbed his "fingernails" against his shirt.

"It's synthetic skin. It works and feels like real skin, but I can still use all my gadgets!" He stated proudly. "But enough about me…" Until later… "How about you! You look great!" She fought her blush again and shrugged.

"The old one was old! So I went shopping!"

"When you two have stopped flirting," Aqualad said making himself known from behind Bee; Cyborg jumped, he hadn't noticed the entire Titans East team that was sniggering behind her, "you have other team members to worry about." Both Cyborg and Bee blushed.

"Come on in you guys!" Cy said stepping aside as they all trooped over the threshold. "So, why the heck are ya'll here?" Cyborg asked as he shut the door. Bee grimaced.

"Let's find the others." She grumbled. Cy raised an eyebrow.

"Oooooookaaaaaay…" They walked into the Common Room; everyone looked up and stared, but Beast Boy was still playing his game, and didn't look up.

"Hey Cy!" He called staring at the screen, "Don't you even think that with that fancy skin you can still beat m-" He looked up to give him a cocky grin, but it fell off his face when he saw Titans East. "Oh! Heh heh… Hey guys!" He scratched the back of his head.

"OH FRIENDS!" Starfire squealed and embraced them all one at a time in a bone-crushing hug. Mas y Menos seemed to like it waaaaay too much for Nightwing's taste. Speedy and Aqualad looked frightened as they rubbed their ribs, gasping for breath. Bee just grinned and returned the hug.

"What are you guys doing here?" Nightwing asked glaring at Mas y Menos, who were currently offering Starfire candy. They glared back. Bee started to glare at the floor.

"The entire HIVE attacked the tower again. Thanks to Cy, we are immune from his mind control, but he's got an even bigger army of pupils AND Cy-clones." Speedy answered for his leader.

"Not to mention he's hell-bent on taking Cyborg down because he defeated him." Aqualad added.

"¡Hermano sangre esta muy loco! ¡Nosotros queremos mis casa! ¡WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Mas y Menos exclaimed and started to bawl. Everyone sweat-dropped.

"Say what?" Beast Boy said. Bee looked at Mas y Menos expectantly and they looked at each other then sighed.

"Bro-brother Bl-blood is v-very craaaazzzzzzyyyy…" They managed with great difficulty, "We waaaaannnt are hoss." Bee laughed.

"Very good guys, you almost got it. It's "our" and "house" but we get the point." She approved with a nod. They both beamed and turned back to Starfire, only to stare with jealousy because Nightwing had wrapped his arms around Star's waist possessively.

"¡Nino con clavo-pelo estupido!" (Stupid spike-hair boy!)

"Ninos muy irritantes." (Extremely annoying boys.) Nightwing said smugly, tightening his hold on his girlfriend's waist. The boys gaped at him then glared and turned their back on him with a "humph".

"The point is," Bee said with a sigh as she plopped onto the couch, "we need a place to stay until we can develop a plan to kick that man's ass OUT of our home."

"Well you're welcome to stay here, and we'll of course help you do it." Nightwing told them and Starfire nodded vigorously.

"Of course! The moment you all have recovered we will set out and lay the kicking of butts on Brother Blood!" She cried forcefully. Speedy, Aqualad, Cyborg, Bee, and Beast Boy fought their laughter, while Nightwing and Raven sweat-dropped. Mas y Menos didn't get it and just stared at everyone blankly.

"Thanks Star." Bee choked out. "We really appreciate it you guys, we'll probably only be here for the summer…" She said seriously.

"No prob. Bee!" Cy said smiling at her. She smiled back and one thought ran through both of their minds.

Oh what a summer it will be… Raven grinned as she heard it; maybe she should take up match making again…

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