The Tin Man's Heart

Chapter 6:

Cyborg stumbled back slightly as the woman threw herself at him. Awkwardly he patted her on the back and pulled the hysteric lady away from him. She was wearing an earth brown cloak similar to Raven's except made of cheaper fabric.

"Um, miss?" he asked tentatively. "I'm Cyborg, not St-" he stopped suddenly, something clicking in his memory. There were only a few people who knew him by that name.

The figure pulled back her hood, revealing the tale tell hot pink hair and eyes.

"Jinx…" he breathed. It took him a moment of staring at her long wavy hair that pooled out of her hood and tear streaked face to remember she was an enemy. He leapt back and trained his sonic cannon on her, her woeful plea forgotten momentarily. "What do you want?"

"Please, St- Cyborg!" She begged in a strained voice, holding her hands up in surrender. "I don't want to fight… Please… Help me…" she seemed disoriented and dizzy swaying slightly.

In raising her hands, she had pulled back the cloak. His eyes widened at the sight of her shredded uniform smattered with mud and… blood? Deep gashes adorned her legs and her arms were sliced and oozing. Worse, a huge gauge was bleeding profusely on her side. Being the hero he was at heart, his instincts screamed for him to help her. But he couldn't forget the countless butt kicking's her and her team had given to his friends. Walking forward cautiously, Cyborg approached her. Jinx kept her hands in the air; the pleading still in her lidded and pain filled eyes.

"What happened? Why are you here?" He asked, slowly putting down his sonic cannon but not reverting it back to a hand either. He must have looked awfully odd, a seemingly normal man with a glowing gun instead of a right arm. Jinx studied him for a moment in a daze before snapping back to reality.

"Brother Blood. He… he wanted me to… do something… to kill you Titans… I can't remember… it hurt so much…" She said, swaying heavily now. She shuddered and slumped forward into his chest. "Have… to warn…" Taking pity on her, Cy reverted his arm and gingerly picked her up.

"Titan code says we have to get you fixed up before you have to answer questions." He said gruffly. He leaned her against his shoulder and managed to look at his arm that a screen had appeared on. "Nightwing! Yo!" Nightwing immediately appeared, sweat dripping from him.

"Nightwing her- Cyborg? Is that…? Jinx?"

"She's hurt bad, bro, and jabbering on about Brother Blood wanting to kill us." Cy reported. "I'm taking her to the infirmary."

"We'll meet you there. Nightwing off." The screen blipped off and Cyborg hurried to his destination.


Jinx regained consciousness, but experience told her not to move and listen. Her tact proved fruitful when she heard voices around her.

"-still a villain." That was Nightwing. The leader.

"Possibly she wishes to become a new friend? From what friend Cyborg says, she was not aggressive in her greetings." That had to be the orange alien girl. Only she talked that weird.

"I don't trust her." That was the other leader, the traitor to Brother Blood. Bumblebee.

"She attacked our tower!" A man exclaimed. That was one of the men Bee had acquired for her team…

"¡Si! ¡No la confiamos en!" (Yeah! We don't trust her!) Ugh… the annoying Spanish zippers…

"She said she wanted to warn us…" Stone!

"I sense Brother Blood's influence in her. We can't trust her." 'Damn' she heard Brother Blood in her mind and cringed mentally. "But…" But?

"What is it Rae?"

"She… wants to break free…" Pain seared through her body. 'Is that so?' The pain quadrupled but her body was forced not to react.

"Well she has a better chance of doing it here! Maybe we can help her!" Stone said passionately. It would have warmed her heart, had her veins not already been on fire. She heard someone sigh.

"That is true." Nightwing conceded. "We'll keep her here for now. Under 24 hour watch. Raven, can you…?"

"No. Unfortunately, Blood is very good at what he does. I can't touch him in her mind without killing myself." Jinx heard her headmaster's dark chuckle. 'You are lucky, my student, that this has waylaid their fears, or I would be very displeased right now…' The pain slowly receded and she gasped and stirred, causing all of the conversations to cease as all eyes turned to her. She cracked her eyes open and sat up painfully.

"Uh… hi?"


"It's not enough." The evil cyborg muttered to himself. "She won't be able to kill his spirit with his blasted friends there to protect him." He slammed his fist down on the arm of the chair causing it to splinter and fly off. "Damn!" Blood trained his robotic eye on the screens beside him, flashing images passing from eye to brain in milliseconds.

Studying the camera images of the Titan Tower that Gizmo had faithfully hacked into, he watched as Beast Boy 'bothered' Raven on the roof as she attempted to meditate. He watched as Starfire kissed Nightwing goodnight before retreating into her room. For a moment his eyes blazed and then a slow, sickly evil smirk crept up his face and he laughed. His haunting laughter rang through the halls of his 'academy' and the blood of his remaining students ran cold as the cruel notes slivered down their spine. Their headmaster had thought of more torture for their enemy.


Brother Blood clasped his mechanical hands behind his back as he surveyed the statue with a cold smile. Red light reflected off the walls from the lava and lit up the evil man's face, throwing it into sharp relief.

He stood and pondered his flawless plan. Soon the Titans would fall. Soon, his revenge would be realized. He would have new pupils to which he could pass on his brilliant knowledge. He would crush Cyborg. But first, he had to crush his foundation. He had to destroy what could possibly keep him from falling.

Blood walked forward briskly, right up to the lifeless statue before him and stroked the figure's cheek.

"So close…" he murmured. "But I can wait. I will enjoy this."

"Headmaster?" Gizmo's voice jolted him out of his reverie.

"Yes?" he snapped.

"The trap is set, sir." Gizmo informed him monotonously. Blood's lips curled up in a malicious grin.

"Is X ready?" he asked.

"Yes sir. He's in position."

"And the elixir?"

"Here sir." He heard the whirring of Gizmo's flying device and turned partway to take the small vial of orange liquid his pupil handed him.

"Good, good. You have done well, Gizmo my boy. I am pleased." The headmaster waved a hand dismissively and Gizmo backed up and fled his dark master's presence.

Popping the cork off the vial, Blood studied it for a moment, holding it up so the light from the lava made it give off an eerie glow. Smirking in anticipation, he slowly poured the contents onto the head of the statue and grinned full out when the rock began to bubble. 'Soon Titans. You shall have your last day.'

Author's Comments: Hola. I'm actually really proud of this chapter. This fic is turning out so much better than my other one. I've sworn to myself to rewrite that fic, but I won't until I finish this one. This one will be very long and very angsty I'm afraid. I've got a real fix on what's going to happen so updates should happen faster. Please please please,