Workmen and city employees were cleaning up the war torn streets of Gotham City in the aftermath of yesterday's riot. While glass men became rich restoring Commissioner Gordon's windows, Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon were in the office as Monica Pryde was receiving a light sentence for her negligible participation in her husband's would-be criminal empire.

"Mr. Wayne," She glanced from him to Barbara and back again. "Thank you for giving me a second chance. I loved Jason very much, but... I never knew what he was capable of."

"That's okay." The philanthropist grinned toward her as Gordon, his daughter and Chief O'Hara looked on. "Under the Wayne Foundation, we can help you get your life on track freed of any criminal entanglements. I'm just very sorry that your husband could not be helped."

"Osborn Chemicals searched the area for his body, but I'm afraid no trace of him was found." O'Hara spoke up. "The current must have washed him out to sea."

"Must have." Barbara agreed as Monica became doubtful.

"I don't know." She continued. "Jason was a nut for creating contingencies. Like on stage, he had to be ready for anything."

"Commissioner..." Bonnie the receptionist carried in a large square box. "This was just delivered by registered messenger."

"It was?" Gordon looked at it as she headed back out. "No return address on it." He poked his finger under on of the flaps. Ripping it open, he heard a loud popping noise as smoke exploded from out of it. Not large enough to destroy anything, it just obscured the room a second and cleared as the sound of laughing filled the room. As the smoke cleared, the exploded box revealed a dirty white skull. It was a real one, not one of those fake plastic models. It was bobbing lightly on a special base with a continuous recording coming from it. It just kept laughing and mocking everyone silently staring at it...