Hey every1, yes I did have a story. Unfortunately it didnt do as well as I hoped..so I deleted it. I decided to write poems and if I'm begged enough. MAYBE I'll write a story. It depends people ok? And for any of you that has read Sesshomaru's Red Eyes this goes with it since SIM and I did the story. OK well here's two Inu poems in one...so yea have fun with it. I have a ton more. Please b kind...

Fluffy's Babe

Only True Companion

Hated by all but love by you

Why did fate bless me with such a loving companion?

While everyone shunned me

For my feeble existence,

You stayed by my side

Never once did I feel alone

Never once did I want you to go

I need you now, more than ever before.

Will you stay with me?

Or will you stay with him?

Cold In Here

Shut down on the inside

There's no use in crying

I only have myself to back up

Being alone...isn't really that lonely.

OK...well...there you go. Please review! I have many more to go. I advise you read SRE (as quoted above) the author is Sesshomaru is mine. So read the story and u'll get the rest of the poems too. Ok Ja ne minna-san

Fluffy's Babe