Blink. Blink A pale head yawned wide and sleep crusted eyes opened slowly. They lazily scanned their surroundings and found the room to be bright orange rather than the sedate blue it always was. The eyes blinked rapidly and hands reached up to wipe sleep away. Only they weren't hands, they were pale white paws with little claws half poking out. Darien gave a start of surprise at the slight error in his anatomy and sat upright, or rather he tried and only ended up rolling off the bed. Shaking the impact from his head, Darien attempted to stand up, only to collapse to the floor again. Cats were not meant to stand on hind legs alone apparently. Darien heard a rustling noise and a pillow came hurdling his way.

"Artemis be quiet, I still have 15 minutes before we meet the girls!" a voice surprisingly similar to his girlfriends' friend Mina shrieked. The pillow would have been easily avoided in his regular human form, but an uncoordinated cat body had less success. Darien ended up on the floor again being smothered by a shockingly orange cushion.

'Let me get this straight, I'm in Mina's room and have shrunk to the size of her cat? No. Way. I need to stop studying so late and I won't get bad dreams.'

Darien, in Artemis' body, began to pace the floor, searching himself for a way to wake up. Pinching wasn't an option since he had no opposable thumbs and water seemed unpleasant, especially in a cats' body. The only option would be to get Mina to pinch him and he proceeded to hop onto the bed in search of a pinch. Well, more like try to hop on the bed. Walking on four paws was harder then he imagined and it took six attempts before victory was his. Walking up to Mina's head, he began to poke at her face softly. With no results Darien poke harder and was rewarded with a shriek of surprise and another pillow flopped on his head. Shaking stars out of his eyes, Darien moved closer to talk to her.

"Um…Mina?" he began tentatively.

"What do you want you monster? I still have 3 minutes you know." she whined but a death glare from her cat shut her up. " Oh alright. I'm up, I'm up. What do you want?"

"Hey Mina, not to sound weird or anything but…will you pinch me? It's really impo-" before he could finish Mina had gleefully stretched his face out into a maniacal grin to envy Satan. "Owwwwww! Wet go Wina!" As his face snapped back into place, Darien concluded that this was definitely not a dream and that Mina needed to be reported to animal services. Trying to rub his sore face with his unwieldy paws Darien hissed at Mina and proceeded to pretend to wash his fur.

"So why did you want me to pinch you? Bad dream Artemis? Did you imagine Luna breaking up with you?" she receded into giggles and threw the covers off to get dressed. That's when Darien noticed Mina, friend of his girlfriend, was clad only in pale orange panties and a white bra. If Serena ever found out about this he knew he'd be dead and to save himself further agony, Darien shot under the bed and cowered there in anticipated pain.

"What's up Artemis?" Mina questioned. Darien heard sounds of feet and before he could move Minas' face was shoved under the bed, giving him ample view of… well…the twins. Yowling in shock, he tried to run away but Mina, with her long human arms, pulled a wiggling Darien out and smashed him up against the aforementioned twins. Darien couldn't help himself and he sighed in happiness. Never before had he been able to actually fit between a pair of breasts. Realizing his dirty thoughts Darien lunged out of her grasp and barley made it too the bed.

"Now Mina, I need you to listen and listen very carefully ok?" He slowly spoke while backing away from Mina. At her slight nod of curiosity he continued, "O. K. This will sound really wired but, here goes. I'm not Artemis. I'm Darien. I don't know how I got in your room or why I'm a cat all of a sudden but I suggest you go get dressed so we can figure this out with the other girls. I' not too coordinated in this body, but we really need to hurry." Mina stared at him in shock and started to break out into massive giggles.

"Oh, that's rich Artemis! Real rich!" she squealed in laughter and fell to the floor, tear sin her eyes."You really expect me to believe that my cat is now housing Serena's boyfriend? I seriously doubt Darien would have tried to escape from a hug by a girl in her underwear." she quickly sobered up and crawled closer to peer at the cats face. Gone was Artemis' good humored grin or dopey smile. In place was a highly disgruntled smirk, one often worn by Serena's' boyfriend, Darien. "No. Way. This can't be happening. Is that really you Darien? Oh my God, I'm in my underwear!"

She pounced on the bedspread and ripped it out from under Darien to cover herself. Mina slowly backed away from the now evilly cat into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Darien sighed and began the long wait of a girl getting ready to brave the outside.

Meanwhile, Darien's body was curled up into a ball in his big bed, glorying in blankets all to himself. Artemis started to wake up and not feeling Mina's weight, thought he was late for the scout meeting. He hurried through his morning stretches and only slightly noticed the fact his nails had gotten quite a bit shorter when he kneaded the sheets and that his coat felt strangely loose.

'Guess I'm loosing weight. I must get Mina to up my food a little more. Don't want Luna to think I can't hunt for myself.'

Not wanting to be any later then already thought to be, Artemis didn't even bother with the door. He quickly jumped out of the window, not noticing the extra 17 floors added due to being in Darien's apartment. Bounding across the roof tops, Artemis felt his back legs seemed much longer and was rather taken aback when a strange woman screamed in shock at the sight of him running across her window sill. Artemis kept on his way, trying to get to the sailor meeting as fast as possible.

On the other side of town Luna was getting ready to wake Serena up when she noticed something was horribly wrong. Her eyes snapped open and noticed her view was of directly above her rather than horizontal like everyday before. She went to stand up sharply but succeeded only in jerking Serena's back painfully. Quickly comprehending the body switch, she searched the room for her own body only to find it aguishly stretched out on a pillow beside her. Smiling wickedly she yowled, as best as a human throat could do, loudly into the cats' ear and watched as Serena plummeted to the floor in am unfamiliar body.

"Hey Luna! That was sooo mean. I was getting up and you didn'tWait! What happened to me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Luna help me!" Serena screamed and tried to jump back into the bed but experienced the same problem Darien had earlier, four legs. Luna started to pity her and went to pick Serena up, when a pair of sharp teeth plunged into her hand. She jumped up sharply at blanched at the evil grin on her old face. Serena was out for blood for being in a cat body and Luna was only expected to pay since she had stolen her human form. Serena jumped up angrily, the adrenaline helping cancel out the clumsiness, and strated stalking toward her body. Luna, panicking, threw off the blankets and not used to Serena's long, slender legs just happened to tumble unceremoniously to the floor.

Serena, realizing she was in trouble for biting her mentor, ran to the door and started clawing madly at the wood to be let out. Sammy, in the hallway at that exact moment, hearing the noise let a scaredy cat Serena out of the room.

"Geez Serena, don't be so mean to that stupid act. I hate 'em but Luna doesn't deserve whatever you're doing to her." he laughed as Luna got up and unsteadily made her way to the door but Sammy slammed it in her face. A not quite defeated Luna pulled open that dreadful door and walked as fast as she could to follow Serena to the only place the cat-girl would dare go, the temple. She didn't seem to notice the strange look her mother and father gave her from being in pajamas still. Well not really pajamas, just a really big T-shirt that was stolen from Darien last time she went to his place.

"Where do you think you are going in that outfit young lady!" her paranoid father screeched, but to no avail. The door had been closed in his angry face seconds before he spoke. "I'd better go get that girl before a pack of girl crazy boys drags her off." "It's fine Ken. She had shorts on underneath that shirt." she calmly explained, but whispered to herself, "at least I hope she did."

With the four people on their way to the temple, things could only begin to shape up. Right? Not exactly.

On her way Luna way "cat called" at by 14 different men, Darien was chased by a pack of cat crazy dogs, Serena got trapped by a little girl intent of putting a ribbon on her tail, and Artemis, well lets just say Artemis happened to run through an are highly populated by pigeons dare and came out rather unclean compared to before.

Next Update will be the next time I don't have a test to study for. Ch. 2 is half done so it shoudn't be too long.