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Luna withdrew her tongue from Artemis' mouth and leaned back against the padded booth. Artemis was gasping for air but had a pleased look on his face, when a banging noise erupted from the back room. Andrew burst out of back hallway and collapsed on a stool by the counter. He stared around the room, his eyes finally landing on a pleased Serena and the suffocated Darien in the corner. He made his way groggily over to them, only stumbling a few times.

"Hey guys. Do either of you know why I was in the back closet?" the two guilty kitties looked innocently at him and actually managed to keep a straight face when they shook their heads 'no'. Andrew seemed confused for moment before he remembered what he was doing there. "Ok. I suppose I might have been napping. Well I guess I'll get back to work. Can I get either of you something?"

Luna realized right away it was her chance to try human foods and burst into a huge grin. Andrew saw that familiar gleam of chocolate deficiency in her eyes and fell back into his shop keeper mode.

"I'll have a triple chocolate sundae, bacon cheeseburger, onion rings, and a strawberry shake, Andrew. And Arti- I mean, Darien wants a coffee and a chocolate sundae. Thank you." she smiled pleasantly and began to clean her nails with her fork. Andrew glanced at Darien for a moment and walked to counter to get the order up. Right then, the glare Artemis shot in Luna's direction could have withered a cactus, but she smiled cutely and continued to ignore him.

"What exactly was the point of that? I hope you know I'm not going to drink that vile concoction of acids and sugar or eat any frozen cow juice." he hissed. Luna looked extremely put out.

"Why not? We have been given a gift to understand our King and Queen better by living in their bodies, so we must try to experience the things they love so much. I'm sure this is something future Queen Serenity has done to teach us all a lesson." Luna calmly pondered. It was Artemis' turn to look put out now. He looked skeptically at Luna but let her continue. "I mean, who else has the power to do this? Amy said she found no trace of the Negaverse in us, so it has to be for the best."

Artemis looked so confused and skeptic that Luna couldn't help but laugh but before she could tease he was saved by the proverbial bell. The door to the arcade opened to reveal a dejected Raye and Mina returning without success. They dragged themselves to the booth and plopped down next to Luna.

"What's wrong? Mina? Raye? Where are the others?" Raye shot daggers at her adviser and slumped her head onto her arms. Mina winked apologetically and patted her friend on the back, waving over Andrew at the same time.

"We went looking for Serena and Darien but couldn't find them anywhere. I hope Lita and Amy had better luck.

"What do you mean you couldn't find Darien and Serena?" Luna almost shouted. "How hard is it to find the only two talking cats in the city? I can't have my body out there do who knows what in public." she whimpered and put her head on her forearms, same as Raye, as if to hide her shame. Artemis looked at her mockingly and smiled slightly to himself.

"It's not like we've been treating their bodies any better." Artemis pointed out and to prove his point, Andrew arrived with their order on a huge tray. He noticed the two newcomers and sighed in relief.

"Oh, now I get why you ordered so much food Serena. What anything else Raye? Mina?" he asked and whipped out his handy dandy server pad and pulled a pencil from behind his ear in anticipation.

"I'll just have a diet coke Andrew," she started, "Oh and a side of you."

Raye and her broke out into a fit of giggles making Andrew sigh. He couldn't help it if the customers of female persuasion flirted with him but nobody said he had to hate it.

"And you Raye? Anything?" he asked, smothering a smile.

"Nah. I'm good. Just a glass of water." she smiled. As Andrew walked off, they closed ranks and started to whisper about the missing King and Queen while on the other side of town, Amy and Lita were trudging up a mile long drive way.

"I sure hope Serena comes willingly." Lita pouted. Amy sigh and continued working her way up the path. She couldn't help notice the decorative hedges were in the shape of cats in different positions and when they finally reached the driveway, a huge fountain was in the front. A gilded cat on its hide legs swatted at an imaginary enemy while water spewed from its mouth. "Amy, I think this guy has major issues."

"Yeah. Me too." she agreed. "Who has a cat fountain in their yard? Seriously." As the approached the front doors, a butler, wearing cats ears and draw on whiskers, opened the massive entry way. Lita burst out laughing and the butler seemed not very amused. He bowed, pointing the way down an austere hall. Lita and Amy strode forward, to find their feline friend.

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