Sweet Summer Trip Catastrophe

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Chapter One

Departure and Deport


Kagome tapped her pen on her paper and glanced at her watch. 1.35 pm. She sighed, twelve more minutes left of her 'Ancient History' class. She glanced up at her teacher and sighed again. Her teacher had been talking for forty-five minutes straight and everything she had said had flew in Kagome's right ear and out the other end.

"…And so, the conclusion for the disastrous catastrophe was impossible to decide, the war between the south and west raged on for days, months, and even years! Blood and corpses was seen wherever the eye would wander…" Her voice echoed throughout the room, earning a distressed Kagome to strain to keep her eyes open. Curse the principal for having their 'Ancient History' classes extended a whole three more minutes. A good hour was enough for the mind a day, yet no. They had to suffer longer.

Kagome rested her head on her hands, shifting all the weight on her arms to keep up straight. She stared at her teacher, she looked somewhat between a warlock and half-dead miko. Nobody knew exactly what she was and no one really wanted to know either.

Kagome glanced at her watch again. Three minutes left to go…

"…Now that we have successfully read Chapter 17 in 'History Revisited' I would like to assign you some homework…" She smiled as the class released some frustrated sighs. "…give a quick retell on the chapter. Now pack up, time to go."

Kagome softly hit her head on her table, great…she barely had one word the teacher had said processed in her mind and now she was supposed to do a retell? Silently depressing herself on her bad fortune, she groaned. As if coming on queue, someone shook her shoulder lightly. Slowly looking up, she offered a forced smile at her two best friends, Sango and Rin.

"What're you so happy about?" She raised an eyebrow as one of her best friends pulled her straight out of her chair, much to her displeasure.

Rin sinuously grinned. "I read ahead of the class, and I knew Mrs. Rayuni was going to make us do a retell so I'm done all my homework already."

"How come you're ahead of us in every single subject?" Kagome sighed and closed her Ancient History book shut.

"That's not true…" She bit her lip in concentration. "…Fine, it is…but that doesn't mean you guys get to copy, you won't learn that way."

Kagome sighed again alongside her friend. Deciding upon bringing a note in to excuse herself from finishing the damned homework, she gathered her belongings and nudged her friends to move on. Hearing the ever so old school bell ring, the three almost instantly walked out the door and into the school way halls. Being in an all girl's high school was boring and it had no perks. Kagome, who didn't stand alone – had been hopelessly forced to attend the school because of distrust from a certain someone in her family. Someone also known as - her father.

It all started way back when in Kindergarten. She had seen the most 'awe-inspiring' pop up book known to earth (In her point of view), and as she made her way to the basket to pick it – a random boy came, knocked her over and snatched it away. She burst up crying of course, and that's where she had met Sango. She had tripped the guy as he ran, snatched the book back and handed it over to Kagome.

It got worse from there. In Grade Three, the usually friendly fights between the 'girls' and the 'guys' turned out to be more than bad as one of the boys had smacked Rin's arm, angered her and caused both Kagome and Sango to lash out at the boys. The rest of Elementary school went equally bad – once the fights getting so bad that the principal had called home.

However, the worst had yet to come. Near the end of Middle School, her crush ended up kissing her in front of her father… which only led downhill from there.

As came to an intersection of hallways, Kagome raised an eyebrow as she saw a rather large crowd hustling against the bulletin board. "You guys know what's going on over there?" She asked, pointing towards the crowd.

"Wait here, I'll go check it out" And with that; Sango ran towards the crowd, vigorously squeezing and pushing between random girls.

Kagome chuckled as she squeezed her way past the crowd and towards her locker. "Five… Thirty Seven… Two." Busting in her combination, she opened her locker and placed her books on top of the top shelf. Picking up her bow from her locker for her next Archery class. She slammed her locker shut, turning around to wait for Sango.

The last reason she was here at an all girl's high school was because her father thought she would fall in love with an older guy and run away with him. Come on, she was only sixteen. Even if she did fall in love, there was no way she was going to run away with a guy. The idea was near impossible, and remotely stupid.

She was about to walk to her next class when Sango ran up to her, squealing like she had won the lottery.

"What happened?" Rin looked on confusedly as Sango waved three sheets of paper in front of their faces.

Pointing to the papers, she squealed again. "Look!"

"Its just paper" Nonchalantly replying, Rin was about to leave when Sango grabbed her arm.

"No…look what's on the paper!" She thrust one sheet to Kagome and the other to Rin, grinning as they quickly skimmed the paper.

Kagome read through the sheet slowly. "Whoa…"

Rin spoke first. "There's no way my parents are going to allow me…"

Kagome glared at Rin immediately. "Don't say that."

"So, what do you think?" Sango looked at Kagome anxiously, having already heard what Rin had said.

"I can't believe the school's actually going to manage this." She shrugged, "I'll faint if my parents actually sign this."

Rin shook her head. "Our parents won't let us go, there's a fee ofsixthousand dollars for the whole trip."

Sango gaped at her two friends. "But you guys, read what it says! A summer trip to Australia!"

"Let's just go to summer camp as usual," Kagome said, raising her wrist so she could glance at her watch. "We better hurry up; it's almost two o' clock."

As Kagome and Rin started to walk down the hallway to enter the Archery Field, Sango shook her head and raced after them. "We have to force our parents to let us go! Rin, tell your parents how you've been coming in first position in all of our classes and how you've aced every test this year, and how you've never gotten a question wrong this term!" She turned to Kagome, "And tell your parents that you came in first in the Archery Contest and that you've gone to Summer Camp and Summer School your whole life and you need a break! Your dad's a tourist isn't he? Tell him this is how your chance to travel the world too!"

She smiled hopefully at both of them as they started to jog to the center of the field.

Kagome stopped abruptly. "What if the topic of boys comes up?"

They looked at each other uneasily, even Sango seemed a little weak on the topic. All three had the same problem. Their moms were fine with the idea of dating and meeting boys but none of them could say the same about their dads.

"Say there's going to be no boys there" Sango squeaked, biting her lip in the process.

Kagome smiled slyly, shrugging while she was as it. "Works with me, what about you Rin?"

Rin sighed with reluctance and gave in. "I'll ask but I don't guarantee you I'll be able to go"


Kagome smiled brightly at her mom across the dinner table. It was time to put her plan in action. She glanced down at her plate and forced an ever broader smile on. "Mom, how in the world did you make this spaghetti? It's awesome, no wait – it's better than awesome."

Her mom raised an eyebrow to the over delighted Kagome. It wasn't everyday someone commented on her food…not unless…"Kagome - is there something you want to ask me?" She asked her while taking a sip of the icy cold water from her glass. Her father shot her a sharp quick glance from his seat beside her mother.

Kagome gasped, faking an offended expression. She shook her head, "Mom, how could you think of such a thing? I just say how delicious I think your food is and this is what you think of it?" She folded her arms across her chest. "I'm offended."

Her mother looked at her suspiciously "Don't you have some homework to do?"

"I finished it already…I mean, I just love doing homework." She poked her spaghetti with her fork and smiled innocently at her father.

"Honey, if there's something you want, you can just ask" Her dad asked instantly, seeing the glint in her eyes.

"There's nothing…really" Kagome twirled her fork around the noodle, Any minute now… they'd ask her if she was sure…However, instead of doing what she hoped they would do, her father shrugged and her mother simply nodded and continued eating her dinner. Damnit…she was losing the battle here… "Actually…that was hasty of me…there is something."

Her father put down his fork and looked at Kagome intently. Gulping down the bulge in her throat, she put down her own fork. Her mother had stopped eating and was staring at her with a 'spill it' look evident on her face.

"Well…you see, dad – mom, all my life I've been going to summer camp and summer school. I've never really been anywhere else…" She stopped, hesitating to remember what Sango had prepared her for. "…and dad you're a tourist aren't you?" She mentally slapped herself as her smile quivered, that didn't come out right.

He smiled confusedly. "Yes…but I don't see how that relates to what you are talking about."

Kagome put back on her good natured smile, "Actually it does…" She inhaled deeply. "…My schools hosting a trip to Australia," She glanced quickly at her mother who seemed a little surprised but her fathers expression didn't change at all. "And I want to go." She gulped again as she studied her fathers expression. He was dead serious.

"Hmm," Her father clasped his hands together and leaned forward. "How much are the fee's?"

Kagome eyes widened in shock, she hadn't expected him to say that, she was expecting more of a 'no way' or a 'forget it'. She fumbled quickly with her tongue to regain her shocked voice. "Six thousand dollars." Specks of hope started to sprout in her mind. She might actually go to Australia. This might actually work out.

"That isn't too much."

If she hadn't been drinking water at the time, she would've surely choked on her food. Widening her eyes, she squealed at once. "Are u serious?" Grinning at once, she breached into her pant pocket and pulled out the form at once. Slamming it down in front of her father, she went straight to the basics. "Here's the form, we're going to Australia for a month so I'll be back by July, can I please, please go daddy?" Remembering her mom was there, she suddenly turned to her. "And mommy?"

Her father sent a flickering glance at his wife before smirking. "Since you've asked so nicely, and because you haven't gone overseas before, and because you want to become a tourist like me…" Her dad trailed off, leaving Kagome hanging.

Mrs. Higurashi rolled her eyes at her husbands antics. "Honey, you can go" she finished off for him.

Squealing, she jumped out of her seat and laughed in excitement. "Thank you so much." Forgetting that she still had to explain a few rules to her parents, she turned around to run to her room when her mother stopped her.

"Honey, your friends are going to go too right?" she asked.

"Well, duh." Lying, she hoped it would turn to truth as she slowly crept her way up the staircase while answering her parent's questions.

"We trust you on this!" Her mother babbled on. "When are you going?"

"Two days before summer starts" Kagome jumped from one foot to another, anxious to call her friends.

"You mean, next week?" Her dad raised an eyebrow. "That's pretty soon"

Kagome stopped jumping instantly…oh, please don't change your mind now…

"Better get packing then"


Kagome lay flat down on her back and stared up at the ceiling, the phone was pressed tight onto her ear and so far, neither Sango nor Rin had picked up the phone. The dial tone was ringing… and ringing… and – someone picked up.

"Hello? May I talk to Sango?" She started to play with the cord, excitement racing through her pulse.

"Yeah, hold on."

After a few minutes Sango finally picked up the phone, exhaustion ringing in her voice. "Kagome, is that you?"

"Yeah, its me…I've got some great news!"

"Same here! You go first"

"I'm allowed to go to –Aus-trail-ia!" Kagome sang out in a little sing – song voice, squealing as Sango screamed in excitement from the other end.

"I can go too!"

Kagome let out a sigh of relief, her friend was going - this might actually turn out to be a blast.

"I can't wait!" Giggling, she kicked her feet in the air. "I mean, what if we meet cute guys?"

"I wish, that'd be awesome."

"This is the first time I'm going overseas though!" Kagome got off the bed as she felt a little hot. Walking over to her window, she lifted it up, letting in a soft breeze. "If feels like summer already."

"Mhm…" Sango chewed on whatever she was eating. "I wonder if Rin's allowed to go."

"Probably, if our parents allowed us to go then her parents would definitely allow her as well." She walked back to her bed and flopped down on it again, "I seriously wonder why my parents let me go so easily, I mean – their honeymoon isn't until four months so I don't know why they were so nice."

Sango giggled. "Maybe our moms forced our dads into believing we need a little freedom?"

Kagome chuckled. "Have you read the form? The trips going to be almost like summer school!" She coughed to clear her voice a little "…Students will learn about the history of the structures in Australia and will also learn about the history of their wildlife. Monday till Wednesday students will study normal courses including math and history. Wednesday to Friday they will have excursions to study the structures in Australia. Saturday and Sunday are their days off however; they have a curfew of 9.30 pm…" She quoted straight out of the form.

Sango sighed "I'll live with that, it doesn't sound too bad. At least we have the sun behind our backs and hopefully some…" her voice turned into a whisper "…boys to cheer up our mood."

Kagome laughed, just like Sango to say something like that. "Hopefully." A voice called out to Kagome from downstairs.

"Kagome, hang up honey – its bed time!" Her mother's voice carried into her room.

"Alright!" She sighed, "I gotta' go sleep Sango, I'll see you at school tomorrow."


With that, Kagome turned off the phone. She couldn't wait till the weekend arrived. A month of sun and fun, what more could a girl ask for?


Kagome tapped her pencil on her desk annoyingly. It was Sunday and the school had called a special meeting for all those who were going on the trip. Her form had been handed in along with all the money needed. Health forms had been signed, insurance papers, security papers, whatnot.

At the moment, her homeroom teacher was finishing off the behavior rules in the plane, and at Sydney, Australia.

"Understand?" The teacher rattled on, finally giving the lecture a rest.

The class replied with boredom. "Yes…"

Glancing up from her desk, Kagome flickered her gaze towards Kikyou for a mere second.

Her arch enemy… how she hated her.

"Now let's talk about our departure." Standing in front of the middle of the class, she cleared her throat before reading off the paper she had been handed.

"Because I'm your homeroom teacher, everyone meet in this class at 7.00 p.m. sharp, we'll be catching the 11.30 p.m. flight, and because the actual trip to the airport is an hour long we'll reach the airport at 8.30 p.m., after loading our entire luggage and getting our passports checked we should be there an hour early. So then you can call your parents, say your goodbye's and then were off to Australia!"

Kagome grinned as the class cheered. Only five hours left till she left home for a one in a lifetime trip. Between thoughts, she diverted her attention as Kikyou shot up her hand.

"Yes, Kikyou?" The teachers smile wavered as she saw who had raised their hand, obviously knowing nothing good was going to come out of Kikyou's mouth.

"I wont be coming on the plane all of you people are going on, I'm going on a private jet, and I'll reach there several hours before you do, and if by any chance I have to go on the plane you're going on, I'll go on first class, no matter what." She brushed her hair over her shoulder as majority of the class glared at the back of her head.

"That's nice Kik-." The teacher started but was cut off as Kikyou scoffed.

"That's Miss Kikyou for you." Rolling her eyes, she folded her arms across her chest and looked at the teacher stubbornly.

"Sorry, Miss Kikyou," The teacher gritted her teeth and forced a smile on. "Well, we'll meet you at 7.00 then!"


"Kagome, take care!" Kagome's mom kissed her lightly on the cheek.

"Don't get yourself into any trouble!" Her dad yelled out from behind.

"Sister, don't weave me!" her little brother clutched onto her legs tightly. He had just turned four and when he had heard that his big loving sister was leaving for the whole summer he had gotten into a crying hysteria.

"Souta, I'll be back" She replied, laughing slightly. "Now give your sister a kiss before she goes"

Souta wiped his wet eyes and opened his arms wide for a hug and kiss. Reaching down, she hugged her little brother before pulling back.

"Bwing me back a koawa!" Her little brother piped out as she started towards the door.

"I'll try!" Kagome smiled nervously as she heard her mother and father yell 'I love you' and 'don't run away' behind her back. Tremendously excited, she ran up to Sango and Rin who were waiting impatiently for her beside her house gates.

"The cab has been waiting for ages! Didn't you hear it honking?" Rin grabbed Kagome's sleeve and ran towards the cab that was parked right around the corner of the street.

"Rin, I didn't know you were coming, you never said anything before!" Kagome exclaimed as Rin literally pushed her into the cab.

"I wasn't, but I went on a hunger strike. That's why I was absent, so my parents changed their minds." She told the dab driver the directions and finally sat back, relaxing.

Finally noticing Sango who was sitting beside her, she raised an eyebrow. "Sango, what's up with you?" Kagome asked, seeing Sango hadn't said a word since she had met her. Sango looked at her as if debating whether or not to tell her or not, after a few moments of staring, Sango burst.

"I think I'm about to throw up!" She raised a hand to her mouth pressed her palm onto her lips.

"Crap, listen driver, if you don't want vomit on your seat, step on the pedal!" Rin screamed at the driver. Immediately, the car sped up.

In a matter of minutes they were at their school. It took a matter of five minutes as they stepped out, pulled out their luggage and made their way inside the halls.

Arriving at their class room, it was a pleasant surprise when they saw the Kikyou wasn't present. "It's a good thing we arrived when we did" Rin piped up as she heard the teacher mark off names.

Glancing at Sango, Kagome frowned. "You think you going to be okay?"

Almost instantly, she shook her head.

"Well, there's going to be a washroom in the airport, you think you can hold it till then?" Kagome asked, knowing that Sango would vomit sooner or later.

Sango nodded, squeezing her eyes shut as her stomach grumbled.

"Okay, grab your suitcases and let's go!" The teacher announced, forcing everyone to stand in a straight line.


The bus ride went by in a flash. It didn't seem like an hour due to all the screaming and from all the girls. Rin was practically dancing on her seat as the bus driver cranked up the volume of the radio and Kagome was staring intently as Sango as she tried breathing meditations to help her swallow the vomit.

When they heard the bus stop in a screech in front of the airport, Sango's face had turned pink, and - Rin along with a couple of other girls were cheering.

"Come out in an orderly fashion, no pushing or shoving or you'll be on your way home." Almost at once, the homeroom teacher's voice carried throughout the bus, dampening everyone's spirits.

As Kagome stepped out of the bus she squealed happily as she felt cold air rush onto her hot face. Running up a few feet, she grinned for the umpteenth time that day. "I'm going to Australia!"

"So are we!" chanted a group of girls behind her.

"Talk about school spirit…" Murmuring to herself, Kagome laughed as her friends caught up with her.

"We can't stand here doing nothing, hurry up! We have to get our passports checked!" Yelling at the top of her lungs, the homeroom teacher ordered everyone inside the airport.


Kagome tapped her foot with boredom against the tiled floor. Everyone had gotten their passport checked, luggage loaded, and now everyone was waiting for their plane to arrive so they could board.

Shifting in her chair, she felt the sudden urge to use the facilities. "Listen guys, I'm going to go to the washroom."

Both of her friends turned to her, nodding fervently. Excitement seemed to have gotten the best of them. Getting up from her chair, she quickly made her way across the room and sighed with relief as she saw the 'washroom' sign.

She glanced at her watch, 11.17 p.m. She still had a lot of time, no need to rush. Kagome washed the thought out of her mind in an instance. A lot of time? She was going on Australia on her first ever oversea trip! Who cared if there was a lot of time? She couldn't make the risk of actually missing the flight.

Lost in her thoughts as she walked blindly towards the washroom, she wasn't even paying attention to the boy running to the washrooms directly in front of her. Colliding with him at full force, she yelled as she dropped her hand bag, almost losing her footing in the process. Pulling back from the body she had collided with, she glared at the teenager.

"Watch where you're going!" He snapped at her before she got the chance to speak.

"Excuse me? You were the one who was running!" She snapped back while she examined his features. His silver hair, golden eyes and dog ears on his head and sharp claws didn't surprise her at the most…he was probably a demon; she had studied them in one of her classes.

"Listen girl, no body talks to me like that, now pick up my bag pack and hand it over and apologize!" He crossed his arms across his chest and waited impatiently for her to pick up her bag back.

Kagome rolled her eyes. Just because she didn't have boys in her school didn't mean she was going to let one rule her. "I don't want to touch that dirty piece of filth, now pick up my bag pack before I get mad and scream."

He raised his eyes at her threat. "You dare say that to me? Guess what? I'm a demon, so do what I saw or else-." He was cut short as they heard an announcement.

"Could people who are traveling on plane Quantas to Sydney, Australia please report to boarding stands immediately."

"I have to go." Both of them said in synchronization. Kagome shook her head, reaching down to pick up her bag back just at the same time he did.

As she turned around to leave she sneaked one glance at the boy before leaving, only to catch him glancing at her. Both of them looked away immediately and cussed silently at each other before leaving in different directions to the same boarding stand - not knowing they had grabbed each others bag packs.


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