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Chapter Three

A Late Arrival.


Kagome squealed as she walked into the air conditioned Sydney Airport. The flight had been good six hours long and after all the waiting, she was finally walking down the tiled floor to get her luggage. After following the long line of students, she reached the rotational dispatch station and waited for her suitcase to come sliding down.

Sango watched impatiently as unfamiliar bags slid in front of her. "What time is it?"

"One o clock a.m." Rin replied between a yawn.

"No wonder it's dark outside."


"What hotel are we staying at?"

"Essential Dove."

"You sound sleepy…"

"That's because I am."

"Would it help if I told you that Sesshomaru guy is standing seven feet away from us?"

Rin snapped her eyes open, slowly sliding her eyes to the right so see if what Sango had said was true. Gasping as she saw her crush waiting with boredom for his suitcase, she barely held in a scream. Pulling harshly on Kagome's arm, she giggled like a boy crazy teenage girl and pointed at him. "Look!"

Kagome snapped a glace at where Rin was pointing, yet instead of seeing Sesshomaru – her eyes landed on the boy standing beside him. "Oh, shit."

"You find looking at that piece of hotness shit?" Rin sounded offended as she made way for Kagome's suitcase.

"Not Sesshomaru, the guy beside him – it's Inu -." She widened her eyes as the remembrance struck her. Hoping it wasn't true; she raised her hand to her neck and cringed as she clasped a piece of cool diamond. "I have to get out of here before he sees me."

"You can't leave until the bus comes -."

"Well, I have to get away from here at least." Holding onto the handle of her suitcase, she scurried away in a hopeless attempt to run away from Inu-Yasha. As soon as she had made a few feet, she flinched as her teacher called out her name.

"Kagome, where are you going?"

Snatching the necklace off from her neck and stuffed it in her pocket so if Inu-Yasha saw her, he wouldn't see the necklace – she turned around slowly. "I, uh-."

"Please stay here…" Glaring at her, Kagome's homeroom teacher shook her head before asking all the girls to form one straight line. "Everyone have their luggage?"

In unison, all the female students nodded enthusiastically.

"Alright, let me call out the attendance…" She sighed as she opened up the folder she had been carrying. "Kagome?" The teacher called out, looking up from her papers to see the girl.

"Present." She called back, ignoring the solitary glance a few guys sent her from their seats in the airport.


"Present." She called back and cringed when she saw her suitcase swing open, allowing dozens of clothes to fall out. The teacher sighed at her clumsiness and ticked her name off the attendance.

"Sango?" She looked around when she heard no reply and then ticked off her name when she saw her helping Rin reload her suitcase.


Kagome froze, Oh god, please tell me she missed her flight… or she crashed into the endless seas and -.

"I'm here, and if you didn't notice me in my new pairs of jeans, then you're blind." A voice carried to their ears. Kagome sighed; her prayers had just flown out the window…

The teacher rolled her eyes and continued to read off the names on the list.




"I'm right here."





Tapping her foot impatiently against the tiles, Kagome groaned as the teacher continued to list names off from the list. How many students had agreed to this trip? More than a hundred from the looks of it. Looking around the airport, (secretly enjoying the fact that Inu-Yasha had left with his luggage) she was calming down from her sudden fright when she widened her eyes as a certain someone caught her eye. "Oh my god, crap!"

Sango peered at her from behind. "Huh?"

"Hojo's here!"

Rin burst into laughter. "The guy your dad caught you kissing in grade six?"

Kagome nodded. "If he sees me, he'll embarrass me in front of everyone."

"He wasn't that bad of a guy…" Sango stopped to think for a minute, "Never mind, you're right – you should leave before he catches you."

Letting out a sigh of relief as her school principal came to direct them to their buses, she was gladly making her way out of the airport when misfortune struck again.


"Ignore him and keep walking." Rin chanted as Hojo waved crazily from behind.

"Snookums! It's me, your baby!"

Kagome could hear the laughter ensue from the groups of guys from behind. Feeling her face blush deep red, she groaned. "This is not happening to me…" She was walking as fast she could when a hand grabbed her arm. Swinging around by force, she felt her stomach drop as she faced Hojo.

"Oh my god, hey Kagome! It's been so long!" He grinned maniacally and pulled her back into the airport.

She grimaced as her suitcase fell to the floor. "I can't stay…"

"No, you must! I've missed you since the day you -."

Before he could create a scene in front of the whole class of boys watching, she resorted to her last option. "I have no clue what you're talking about," Squirming out of his grasp, she shook her head. "You're crazy, I've never met you."

Sango giggled. "She's right; who do you think you are, harassing her like that?"

He seemed to be at a loss of words. "You both - don't you remember me?"

"How can we remember you if we've never met?" Grabbing her suitcase again, Kagome sent an apologetic glance towards Hojo before joining her line again. Gulping as she made her way out of the doors of the airport, she let out a sigh of relief as Hojo didn't follow her.


Back in the airport, Inu-Yasha snickered as he watched Hojo stare hopelessly at the girls as they ran away from him. Looking closely at the bus all females were boarding, he read the label. 'Essential Dove Hotel'

"Hey listen, bro?" Inu-Yasha looked to his side to see Sesshomaru mess around with his suitcase.

"What?" Sesshomaru replied back callously as he pulled up his hat to have a good look at where he was.

"You remember what hotel our class is staying at?"

"I think it was something along the lines of 'Essential Dove' why'd you ask?" Leaning back lazily, he yawned.

Inu-Yasha smirked "I just found out that a few classes from an all girls high school might be staying there as well."

Sesshomaru shrugged, not caring at the least, however, a certain boy who had overheard acted otherwise.

"Yash – you serious?" Jumping down to sit between the two brothers, he grinned. "Man, this trip is going to be better than I thought."

"Miroku, I doubt we'll be doing anything with that school so it's better not to get your hopes up so soon." Sesshomaru stood up as the teacher announced their bus's arrival. "No girl would date a pervert like you, anyway."

Miroku brought his hand to his heart. "It hurts me you think of me as a pervert."

Inu-Yasha rolled his eyes. "Save us the speech."


Kagome stifled her seventh consecutive yawn as she waited in yet another line to get her hotel room keys. They had arrived at the hotel a good fifteen minutes ago and it was almost three-o-clock in the morning. If she didn't get her bedroom keys in the next five minutes, her eyes (which were starting to sting from exhaustion) would drop and she'd gladly fall asleep on the floor.

Letting her head droop, she groaned as she looked at the several pairs of feet in front of her. What was taking the hotel manager in getting the keys?

"The line's moving!" Rin let out a deep breath and leaned forward to see the progress. Her facial expression dampened in the next second. "Oh, never mind – I was hallucinating."

Kagome rolled her eyes and slumped her posture once again. It was only when the sound of chattering ensued the room did she turn around. "What the..."

"And…and then that chick was like -."

"Nah, man, you're kidding."


Kagome widened her eyes before turning around in an instant. Not him… not him… not him…

"Inu-Yasha, man, she was all over me -."

Kagome squeezed her eyes shut and groaned. Why was she continuously running into that boy? Biting her lip in worry as boys filled into the hotel behind them, she looked up front to see if the hotel manager was back with their keys. No luck. The desk was still vacant.

Sango crunched her forehead and she took in the site of boys piling into the lobby. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that an all boys high school?"

"Well, that explains why the business class in the plane was filled with guys." Ayame, who had overheard their conversation popped in between their little group. "Anyway, I also heard that they're some sort of demonic school… or something."

Kagome fidgeted on her spot, completely aware of the glances she was receiving from Hojo alongside the people who had watched their little intermission.

"Oooh! Hey, you!"

Kagome turned her head left to see who had shouted out in their direction. Not recognizing the man who was walking towards them with a devious grin, she flinched when he literally smacked her back in a hello.

He turned to smile at Kagome, grasping her hand in the process. "It's so great to see you again."

"Uh… I don't think we've met." Struggling as she made an attempt to wrench out of his grip, she yelped when he pulled her against him, encircling his arm around her shoulder.

"I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about your friend." He smirked as he offered a hand to Sango.

Kagome watched in surprise as Sango slapped his hand away, muttering incoherent words under her breath as she tried to walk away. "Leave me alone."

"But, why?"

"Why not? I don't want to talk to you, okay?"

"If you're embarrassed about that incident back at the airport, I don't mind. I mean, it's not everyday a girl -."

"Shut up!"

Kagome pulled herself out of the man's grip as she watched in surprise at the exchange between her best friend and the boy. Passing a confused glance at Rin's direction, she felt at unease when both Sesshomaru and Inu-Yasha walked up behind her.

"Miroku, was this the chick you were talking about?" Pointing a finger at Kagome's head, Inu-Yasha faked a grimace and scrunched his nose. "Man, you have bad taste."

"Excuse me?" Swiveling around with a glare, "And what are you trying to say from that?"

Miroku tugged Kagome back from Inu-Yasha, pushing Sango in front of him instead. "No man, I haven't even met her yet – the one who vomited on me was this one here,"

Sango growled in frustration. "First of all, I'm not embarrassed and secondly, it would've never happened if you hadn't grabbed my ass when I stood up!"

"See, I told you she was a feisty one."

"Sango, you vomited on that guy?" Gaping in disbelief, she stepped back when Sango sent her a glare.

"Well, the nausea didn't just disappear, you know." Tugging her arm out of Miroku's grasp, she grabbed her suitcase. "I can't even stand being in your company."

"What'd I even do!" Following Sango hopelessly as she made her way to the restrooms, Miroku stopped in front of the facility door as she slammed it on his face. "Jeez, she's the one who vomited on me and I'm the one asking for forgiveness."

Giggling at the irony of the situation, Kagome turned around only to halt to a dead stop in front of Inu-Yasha. Letting out a deep sigh, she looked up at him. "Is it just me, or are you stalking me?"

"It's just you."

"Then why do you keep showing up wherever I go?"

Inu-Yasha scoffed. "I should be asking you the same question."

"Actually – I came to this hotel first so it would make no sense if you asked me that." Kagome stuck out her tongue. "So, there."

"Maybe, but -." He stopped as his eyes spotted something on the carpet of the hotel. "What the hell?"

Kagome looked down, raising her eyebrows as she saw the diamond necklace on the floor. It must've fallen out of my pocket… "Why the surprise? Is this yours?" Feigning innocence, she leaned down and picked it up for him. "Next time, I advise you keep your femininity to yourself."

Inu-Yasha struggled for words as she tried to put the pieces together. How the hell could the necklace have fallen out of the pouch of the box which was safely placed inside the box onto the floor of the hotel? "I – uh… thanks…" Grabbing the necklace, it took him a minute before he realized what she had said. "For your information, this isn't mine."

"Oh, sure – whatever." Kagome rolled her eyes, perking her head to the right as she heard the principal call her name.

"Kagome Higurashi, Sango Tayija - receive your keys."

Breaking into a smile as she heard she'd be sharing a room with her best friend, she quickly walked up the counter and took the keys. Flipping the keys around so she could read the door number, she squinted to read the small numbers.

'Room 904'

"Finally…" Walking back to Rin to pick up her suitcase, she sent a quick glance to Inu-Yasha – only to see him looking back at her. At once, both of themsnapped their eyes somewhere else, uncomfortably shifting at the small exchange. Kagome turned to Rin before leaving for the restrooms to pick up Sango. "I'll meet you tomorrow morning then."

"Uh… bye."

Raising an eyebrow, Kagome examined Rin's flushed face. "What's with you?"

Rin squealed and leaned close to whisper in Kagome's ear. "Sesshomaru was standing sooo close to me."

Kagome held in a laugh as she pulled back. "You think standing five feet away is close?"

"It's a start."

She shook her head as she turned around, dragging her suitcase behind her. As soon as she was about to enter the restrooms, Inu-Yasha called out to her.

"Oh by the way," He waited for her to look back at him before continuing. "You're name's ugly."

She slit her eyes. "Yours isn't any better." And with that, she stormed into the restrooms to get Sango. Hopefully, she wouldn't have to meet that jerk after this last encounter.


Stifling a yawn as the last pair of high school girls received their keys; Inu-Yasha pulled himself up from his seat as their principal flipped the attendance open to call out the names of roommates.

"Miroku… Kouga… come get your keys."

Sighing as Miroku got his keys before Inu-Yasha got his, he frowned as the principal called a different pair after Miroku and Kouga left. It was nearing four thirty a.m. and his school still hadn't received their keys.

"Sesshomaru… Inu-Yasha… come and take your keys."

"Finally!" Pulling his suitcase behind him, he literally snatched the keys out of his principal's hand and let out a sigh of relief. Looking back at Sesshomaru as he dragged his suitcase to the elevator with boredom, he read the numbers on the keys out loud. "'Room 804' "


"Oh, god. That inconsiderate… scum. What nerve. I can't believe that we met again, I mean – what were the chances of having that Inu-Yasha guy spend his stay in the same hotel as us?" Sliding the key in the keyhole, she turned the piece of metal and opened the lock. "And it didn't help that you just ran into the restrooms."

Sango held up her hands defensively. "What could I do? Miroku wouldn't leave me alone."

"You could've come back to accompany me after he left though." Pushing open the door, she shook her head before entering the room. "Forget it, just as long as we don't meet them again, I'll be fine."

Entering the room, Kagome exhaled deeply before switching on the lights. All at once, she took in her surroundings. The first thing she saw was the beige curtains that swept down to cover the windows, giving the room a warm feel. Two, white blanketed beds were placed beside the left wall. Light, brown carpet covered the floor and a small twenty inched TV was set in the middle of the room. Beside the TV, was a mini refrigerator accompanying the hotel phone. The wardrobe doors were right beside the entrance and the bathroom door was unfortunately directly beside the beds.

"Wow, this is pretty cool." Pushing Kagome aside, Sango ran into the room. Without even bothering to take off her shoes, she jumped on one of the beds and groaned. "This is so comfortable."

Kagome broke into a smile. "I'm going to wash up before I go to bed. I call the bed beside the window."

"Hey, no fair…"

She stuck out her tongue. "You jumped on the bed beside the bathroom anyway." Giggling before slipping out of her shoes, she opened her suitcase and took out her pajamas.

"Oh, wait, Kagome?"


"I just thought of something," Sitting up from her bed, Sango raised her hand to her chin. "If both the schools, meaning – our school and the boys' school went on the flight together etcetera, don't you think we'll have the same excursions too?"

Kagome raised an eyebrow. "So what if we do?"

"Uh… Inu-Yasha, remember?"

Kagome shifted nervously. "Are you saying we're going to eat breakfast in the same restaurant?"

Sango nodded. "Yeah, I mean, there's only one restaurant that serves a full out breakfast here, don't you think…"

"Well…" Sifting over to the positive side, she shrugged. "You're being ridiculous, what're the chances of us meeting again? Even if we do eat in the same restaurant, we won't be sitting beside each other, right? It's impossible."

Her best friend nodded slowly. "I suppose…" Sighing as she watched Kagome close the bathroom door, Sango flopped back down on the bed. For some reason, she had a feeling Kagome's theory was far from correct.


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