"If you'll have this worn out old soldier, yes?" he asked. He then reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. "What do you say, wanna' get hitched?"

Sam just smiled, "let me see, I get to work at Area 51 right?"

Jack pretended to look hurt.

"Sure, why not" she said with a giggle as she leaned over and gave him a kiss.

"Hey, no giggling colonial" he said against her lips as he pulled her even closer.


"How about now?" he asked with a big grin.

"Sure, that sounds great. No planning, no fuss. I'm not the big wedding type, and knowing our friends and everyone on base, it would turn into a three ring circus. Wait, I know that look…What do you have planned?" she asked.

Jack reached back into his jacket pocket and flipped open his phone. "Danny, tell Thor that plan A is in motion. We'll meet you, T and Cassie there."

"You ready" he asked.

"Sure, but for what" she asked.

"To get married of course" he replied with a devilish grin.

Sam gave Jack one of her special smiles, "are you serious?"


Suddenly there was another flash of light and this time both Jack and Sam disappeared.


Seconds later they were all standing in a hotel room several hundred miles away.

"Cassie, Danny, T, Thor" said Jack as he greeted each of them "we all set?"

"Hey Jack, Sam" said Daniel. "Yah, I just called them. They're ready when we are."

Cassie was practically jumping up and down. "This is so cool!"

Teal'c gave his customary nod to each of them.

"Greetings General O'Neill, Colonel Carter" said Thor who was still cloaked in his Mr. Thorp hologram.

"Let's get the show on the road then" said Jack as he took Sam's hand and walked toward the door.

A limousine met them the parking garage. Sam chose this moment to ask a very important question. "Where are we?"

"You'll see soon enough" was all Jack had to say in response.

When they exited the parking garage Sam looked out the window to see the bright lights of Las Vegas. "Vegas!" she squealed with delight "I love Vegas!"

Several minutes later they pulled up in front of a small stucco church located at the end of the "Strip." They were greeted by the minister and his wife.

"Mr. O'Neill, Ms. Carter, it's a pleasure to meet you" he said with a smile. "Right this way."

The group followed them into the church. "Your dress is absolutely lovely" said the minister's wife.

"You won't believe it but I had no idea I would be getting married today" said Sam with a big smile. "Jack bought me at charity auction for $10,000 dollars."

"Oh, really" said the minister's wife looking quite surprised. "That's the first time I've heard that one, and I thought I had heard them all."

The church was beautiful. Its interior had beautifully painted stucco walls and was very tastefully decorated. Not what you would expect for a Las Vegas wedding chapel.


"You may now kiss the bride" said the minister.

Jack and Sam leaned in to share a very special kiss. It was as if the world had disappeared around them. It had finally happened.

When their special moment ended they turned toward their friends who greeted them with great applause.

Suddenly an "Uh, Oh" was heard from the photographer.

As if in unison a "What?" was heard from the crowd.

"I am so embarrassed, I forgot to put film in the camera" she said.

They all looked at her, then to each other. Suddenly the entire group burst into laughter.

"Do you mind going through the motions, just so that I can get the shots?" she asked.

"It's taken us nine years to get here," chuckled Jack, "I don't think it would be a problem."

After they had gone through the ceremony again (the quick version) Jack and Sam signed their wedding license with Cassie, Daniel, Teal'c and Mr. Thorp as their witnesses.



It was February 14th and the O'Neill clan and guests were settling down for cocktails in the sitting room.

"Eh, hem" said Jacob, a young man of sixteen and looking more like his father everyday. "Can I have everyone's attention" he said a bit louder to be heard over the mill over conversation and music.

He motioned for Lizzie to turn off the stereo. Lizzie now a young girl of fourteen looked exactly like her mother, but definitely had her fathers' sense of humor.

"Thank you" he said trying desperately to appear very grown up.

"In honor of celebrating our parents' anniversary, Lizzie, Cassie and I worked tirelessly to put together this gift."

Cassie then walked in carrying a very large box which she placed in her "foster" parents' laps.

"It took a lot of research, several paper cuts and a pretty bad episode with some very strong glue." He then turned to look directly at his mom and dad. "Well, don't keep them all waiting…"

Sam untied the ribbon and Jack lifted off the lid. She pulled out a very thick scrapbook and placed on the coffee table so that everyone could look at it.

"Oh, kids this is wonderful" she gushed. She then opened the cover to reveal pictures of both she and Jack as babies. The next several pages showed pictures of both Jack and Sam growing up, each mirroring the other in age. As a joke there were a couple of pictures of just Jack (well he was ten years older, he needed more space)

Finally there was a picture of the original SG-1 team. It was an official picture taken in the conference room in front of the flags. "Where did you dig this up" asked Jack.

Jacob looked over at his Uncle Daniel "Archaeological research" he said with a big grin.

The next few pages showed pictures of the team at various outings, some even at the base, in the cafeteria or someone's office.

Sam then turned that page to see both she and Jack's calendar pictures.

"Why do these photos constantly pop up" she asked no one in particular.

"Well Sam" joked Daniel "when you pose in a bikini for a pin-up calendar that is distributed to millions of people around the world, you will get noticed."

Sam just looked up at him and grimaced. She knew he was personally responsible for the picture floating around for the last 18 years. He must have about a million copies stashed somewhere.

Next were the infamous Vegas wedding pictures, Sam and Jack just looked at each other and smiled. It was one of the happiest days of their lives.

The next pages contained pictures of a much more formal wedding. Sam was in an elegant cream satin wedding dress and Cassie and the rest of the bridesmaids were in cobalt blue. Jack looked incredibly handsome in his dress blues, Teal'c, Daniel and Mr. Thorp were all in tuxedos.

"Leave it to our parents to have two weddings" said Lizzy.

"Well, we tried to protest" said Sam "but the rest of our friends and family wouldn't hear of it."

"I remember being threatened by several people on base and by the President I think" laughed Jack. "Everyone complained that they had all waited too long to miss out on the social event of the century. Far be it from me to pass up on a gigantic wedding cake!"

Everyone laughed as Sam turned the pages to show pictures of Sam, Jack and their friends on various vacations and at the mountain house.

The pages went on the show a very pregnant Sam and then pictures of a very new Jacob Daniel Teal'c O'Neill with his two very proud parents. Next were various family portraits and family outings.

Then again, a very pregnant Sam, and a very new little baby Elizabeth Janet O'Neill.

The album continued to show snapshots of the O'Neill family, various outings, family picnics and vacations. Always surrounded by their closest friends, it seems that SG-1 never really did brake up. Just took on a life of its own outside of Cheyenne Mountain.

"That was wonderful kids, thank you very much" said a tearful Sam as she reached over and hugged each of her children tightly.

"Did you have to find those pictures of me looking so fat and pregnant though, I thought I hid all of those. It seemed every time I turned around there was your father with a camera and a measuring tape to see how big my belly had gotten."

"I seem to remember Jack putting on a few each time as well" chuckled Daniel.

"Hey you try not gaining weight when your wife is eating everything that wasn't nailed down."

Jack was greeted with a light slap from Sam. "It was the first time in 10 years I didn't have to stay in shape for the military. I was going to enjoy it as much as I could. What was your excuse?"

Sarah then piped in. "Daniel, I don't think you have much room to talk" as she reached around and pinched a little pit of "spare tire" from Daniels tummy.

Jack then leaned over and whispered in his wife's ear. "No matter what you'll always be my pin-up girl."


Author's Note: I wrote some of this on personal experience. My husband and I actually eloped in Las Vegas at the Mission of the Bells wedding chapel. The part with the film is actually true! Unfortunately, I came down with the flu the very next day and spent the rest of our vacation in bed, for all the wrong reasons. We celebrated our 8th anniversary in March. We were engaged but our Vegas wedding was a spur of the moment decision. When we got back we didn't tell our families for 4 months. We eventually told them all but still ended up having our original planned wedding the next year. I love telling this story, I wouldn't change a thing!