WARNING: Has mild sexual content, do not read if you are underage.

Chapter 1: Coincidence

"I love you." Another male upperclassman confessed to her for the enth time that afternoon.

Azami Koizumi was exactly what most guys would have wanted in a girlfriend, she had a body to die for, the brains to match, long flowing waist-long black hair, porcelain like skin and a grace that seemed to be befit a payonese geisha.

"You know—" her emerald like eyes narrowed into two small slits "this has been the tenth time this week." she said with a flat voice.

"R-Reconsider Azami!" he begged in a trembling voice.

A wry smile played across the alchemist-in-trainings lips. The upperclassman felt the fine hairs on his neck stand up, he edged backwards and swallowed hard.


"Alright! I'm outta here!" guy squealed running as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

Azami sighed in relief, she had that effect on men. It was expected anyway, a girl with a penchant for weapons—namely an exceptionally sharp katana which she always carried on her personwould be sufficient reason to scare off any would-be admirers. However there were some cases in which some boys were to stubborn, that she was forced to display her mastery over the blade—and with ten years of training behind her, she was no novice.

She felt someone tap her shoulders lighty, the alchemist-in-training turned her head to be greeted by a pair of silver eyes.

"Your not going to get any boys at that rate." The silver-eyed girl told her, her blue hair bouncing as she plopped herself down on the nearest bench.

Azami merely shrugged and did the same.

The white-haired mage looked at her quizzically "Hey, are you even listening to me?" she prodded the girl with two fingers.

Azami sighed in exasperation and finally said "It doesn't concern me." in an emotionless tone.

"Well congratulations though, you've succeeded in rejecting half of the good-looking guys in our batch." the mage stated bluntly.

"As I said, it hardly matters." she paused, she flipped through notebook, eyes darting from one page to the next "Yuna I still have classes to attend to, dismissals are nine, so—" the blue haired girl propped herself up smiling "You have to go." Yuna finished.

Azami hugged her tome drawing it closer to her chest. She felt cold, maybe it was the storm or maybe it was just her. Nonetheless she couldn't let a little thing like a storm, on a cold quiet night bother her, Right?

"Damn it!" she cursed herself inwardly for forgetting her glasses.

She took time with every step she took, careful not to break the vial of the extremely precious catalyst that her professor entrusted her with. This was one of the times when she hated herself for being near-sighted, it was the only thing that prevented her from inheriting her father's dojo, it was the curse that prevented her from reaching the crux of her abilities.

As she made her way down the thirteenth floor her ears picked up the sound of footsteps, hurried footsteps that came from somewhere behind her. Azami remembered an urban legend. On a night like this thirteen years ago, a mage had gone mad over the death of his lover, he was said to have killed thirteen people on this stairwell.

"No, no. It's just a legend… yes, it is!" she told herself in a convincing tone.

The footsteps grew louder and she felt the fine hairs on her neck stand up, the lights from the chandelier flickered and was extinguished by a howling wind that seemed to come in from an open window.

"Just a story." She reminded herself in a nervous tone. Azami's eyes darted from side to side, half-expecting some entity to lunge at her from the shadows.

It was a well known fact among the student body that she was cold, heartless, devoid of any emotion and exceptionally rigid. However as with all people she had a secret, she was scared of ghosts and the supernatural. A fact she was successful at hiding, Azami's footsteps hastened.

"Whoever you are, I know kendo!" she said threateningly.

She hurried down the stairwell, her eyes shrouded with tears.

The nerve-wracked alchemist-in-training risked a glance behind her, as if on cue lightning, a strong gust of wind, the toppling of a few flower vases and the impact of bumping into someone without warning, all added up into a very very scared Azami.

"Ahhh!" she squealed falling on her buttocks.

Azami opened her eyes to be greeted by concerned look from a black-haired mage, he stood a foot taller than she was and his chocolate-brown eyes were blinking at her stupidly.

"Are you alright?" he asked, extending a hand and smiling softly.

Azami felt the blood rush up to her cheeks, her eyes snapped open and she shoved the mage's hand aside getting up on her own.

"I don't remember asking for your help!" she mouthed angrily.

The look of surprise on his face was quickly replaced by that of anger.

"What's your problem!" he asked agitatedly.

"I'm looking at it." came her cold answer.

The teenager was bewildered, never had he in his life had to put up with a woman with such a strange attitude. He was thinking of something witty to say when another lightning bolt, this one much louder and closer than the last broke the silence.

"Eaah!" the raven-haired girl yelp as she clung unto the unsuspecting boy. Strong howling winds blew past them, causing her to bury her misty eyes into the chest of the now confused stranger.

"Is it ok?" she whimpered.

The boy was blushing furiously, confused, bewildered and now somewhat surprised at the girl's actions.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

She looked at him oddly "I'm alright." She answered breathlessly.

Azami was losing herself in his chocolate-brown eyes, his soothing voice wasn't helping either. She shook her head forcing herself back to reality—and she suddenly realized something terribly wrong.



"You perverted!" she stuttered, her beautiful face now contorting with seeping rage.

His handsome face looked down at her, genuinely puzzled by her reaction.

"Hand-on-my-ass." she managed to say between gritted teeth.

The mage blushed furiously, he accidentally squeezed her buttocks.' Soft' he thought.

He shifted his gaze from his hands and was meet by two angry emerald eyes.

"Stop groping my ass!" Azami shouted bringing a well placed slap to his cheek.

Azami had never in her life felt so… so… defiled! In her sixteen years never had she allowed any guy aside from her father and brother to touch her. She felt like he had tainted her very soul, and she was going to make sure she was going to make him pay.

"I will kill you!" she shouted as her hands reached for the pommel of her katana, she was about to execute a well placed slash when she…slipped!

Azami screamed as she lost her balance, toppling the both of them down the stairs.

In the flurry of the moment only two things registered in her mind, the intense beating of her heart and him drawing her close in a protective embrace.