Her Smile Drives Me Wild 2

"I don't have time, Ellie, I have paperwork to finish." Sandra said as she opened her laptop and got to work

"You work too much, Sandra. You should really take a break and come with us to the club. Randy will be there..." Ellie bribed as Sandra rolled her eyes

"He's only an object of desire. He will never come that close. Besides, I was so stern with him the other day that I think he won't want to talk to me again. Anyway, I have to get back to work. Where ARE you anyway? And who are you with?" Sandra asked

"I'm in the grand opening of this new club named REVEAL." Ellie said as she emphasized the name, "And I'm with Randy..."

"Yeah right..." Sandra chuckled as Ellie rolled her eyes, though Sandra didn't see it

"Want proof?" Ellie said as she handed the phone to Randy without waiting for Sandra's reply

"Hello?" Randy said

"Holy shit!" Sandra cussed and shut her phone, throwing it towards the couch

five minutes later...

Sandra walked over to the couch and picked up her cell phone, "Hello?"

"What the hell was that?" Ellie asked as she started laughing

"It's not funny! Besides, you didn't even tell me!"

"Mhmm..." Ellie said

"How DID you get with him anyway?"

"I'm his make-up artist...REMEMBER? and I make him look good. Besides, he owes me." Ellie grinned, "he also got me a new pair of Jimmy Choo's!"

"Jimmy who?"

"Sandra, please come! I'm begging you! You'll have fun, I promise..."

"Fine. But ONLY FOR TONIGHT..." Sandra said...though her last three words weren't heard because Ellie had already closed her phone.

Sandra was right, the club was going to be a bore. As everyone danced their asses off on the dance floor, Sandra's ass went numb as she sat in the bar for a whole two hours, ordering Martini's left and right.

A few moments later, Ellie came by with her fifth random guy tonight.

"Honey, I'm a woozy! Woo! Anyway, Fernando and I will hit the hotel in a few. Don't mind staying here?" Ellie asked, obviously drunk

"Alone?" Sandra asked

"Don't worry! Randy will-Randy would-Randy's gonna take ya home!" Ellie practically screamed as she almost fainted into Fernando's arms

"He's my ride?" Sandra asked

"Sure! Besides, you two would make such pretty babies! So there's nothinggg-guh, to worry ABOUT! Hee hee..." Ellie said as she walked away

"Wait, where is he?" Sandra asked

"I DUUH-NOOOO... I d'no! Why don't yoooooooooooooooh, tell ME!" Ellie laughed as she and Fernando left for the hotel

"Thanks," Sandra said as Randy opened the door to his rental for her

"You seem a lot nicer when you're not at work..." Randy smirked as he started the car

"Huh?" Sandra asked, not catching what he said

"I said, you seem a lot nicer when you're not at work..." Randy smiled

"Is that compliment?" Sandra asked

"Depends on how you see it." Randy smiled as he drove off


"Does Ellie always walk of with random men?" Randy asked as he laughed at the thought of Fernando

"Ellie's full of surprises. You'll never know what happens when Ellie's around. She doesn't follow the scripts..." Sandra said

"How ironic..." Randy commented

"What's ironic?" Sandra asked

"You and Ellie. You look like you haven't had much fun since the tooth fairy last visited you. And Ellie looks like she's had too much fun."

"Are you saying that I'm not fun?" Sandra asked

"If that's how you want to put it..."


"Why don't you loosen up? Everything's serious with you. Are you ever up for any fun?" Randy asked

"Depends on what kind of fun you're talking about..." Sandra said as Randy shrugged

"You know," Randy adjusted his hips on the seat as Sandra gazed down at the gold mine, "fun..." Randy smirked

"Nah..." Sandra said not too loudly as Randy's eyes grew bigger and he stopped the car

"You're a virgin?" Randy looked at her as she looked shocked just the same

"Of course not!" Sandra said defensively

"Any experience whatsoever?" Randy questioned


"Oh...of course!" Sandra said

"Prove it..." Randy smirked

"How?" Sandra said as Randy started moving closer

End of Chapter 2