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Since I had the idea for this series,Idiscovered that Hyperion died in the course of Mark Gruenwald's 'Supreme' series. I have two answers for how he's still alive here; first, this is fanfiction, it doesn't have to be 100 accurate; and secondly, 'Supreme' is set in another universe, and as such , by definition, is non-canon. Or, maybe I can come with an excuse during the course of writing

"…And so, in conclusion," said Hyperion, looking at his notes, "enough plutonium has gone missing from Russian silos for a sizable bomb to be made. Now, considering that a dedicated group could use a small amount of radioactive material to make what is referred to on page 12 of the report as a 'dirty bomb'," there was a rustling of paper in the auditorium as people went through their papers, "I think I can safely speak for everyone in this hall when I call for an end to nuclear proliferation.

There was applause. Hands shot up, demanding answers. The American delegate stood up, and said, "Certainly nobody wants to start a world war, but wouldn't you say that, given the threat posed to humanity by rogue superhumans, these weapons were needed?" There were murmurings of discontent from various parts of the hall.

Hyperion smiled. "I'm not saying that at all, sir. But in the course of researching this report, I discovered that the American military controls enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world several times over. The Russian military has that much again, as none of their nuclear weaponry has been put beyond use. The Chinese government declined to tell me, in the course of my research, exactly how much fissionable material they had – which is of course their right as a sovereign nation. But, even if they had none, it does appear to me that the world does not need this many weapons, and certainly needs no more."

There was further applause. Hyperion nodded, and yielded the podium. In retrospect, writing that book had been the best thing he'd ever done. Since his world had been destroyed by early human experiments with fission, and he'd come here, he'd been a flaming ball of hatred. When the Grandmaster had approached him with the promise of strong allies, he'd jumped.

But, as the Vision had pointed out to him so many years ago, hatred of humanity for the actions of a small number of humans was irrational. Since then he'd been at something of a loose end, until one day, the flier from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament had arrived. In that one leaflet, he'd felt as if he'd been struck by lightning. He'd gone to their address immediately, and they'd been interested in his story. Talk had moved to a book, to a signing tour, and now, he found himself addressing the United Nations. The strangeness of this world never ceased to amaze him.

He sat down next to Elaine Low, the book reviewer from the Daily Bugle. When the book had come out, she'd petitioned J. Jonah Jameson to let her cover the signing tour. Her admiration for him had grown into friendship over the past few months.

"My God," she said, "you could actually do it. The UN could agree to an anti-nuclear resolution based on this report!"

Hyperion looked over the crowd. "They haven't voted yet, and there's still the final speaker," he said.

Elaine laughed. "You just can't be positive, can you?" She leaned closer to him. "But seriously, if the vote goes through, what would you say to a dinner tonight?"

Hyperion smiled. "That'd be wonderful, I – " He stopped. His super-hearing was telling him there was a commotion outside. Using his x-ray vision, he looked through the walls of the United Nations Building, to the plaza…

Now he could see what the source of the commotion was. Out in the plaza, the Avengers were fighting against a man in a red suit. He briefly scanned the man. He seemed to be human, no genetic or surgical enhancements of any kind. But his armour – Hyperion blinked. The man's armour contained enough energy to hurt his super eyes.

Now, the man had been held down, and the Avengers were talking to by a man in floating chair. Hyperion recognised the man; it was Kang, the villain who had made the bet with the Grandmaster that had led to the original creation of the Squadron Sinister. He stood up – vote or no vote, he owed that purple jerk for a wasted lifetime, and he intended to make him pay –

Suddenly, he became aware that signals were coming from miles above him. He looked up, through the roof. There, hanging in space above them, was the biggest sword in the world. It began to glow, and a beam of the purest energy that Hyperion had ever seen flared out of the blade, straight for the plaza. He put his hands up, knowing that this was the end…

The first thing that Hyperion realised, after the energy wave of the sword washed over him, was that he wasn't dead. The second thing he realised was that, judging from the screams all around him, neither was anyone else. Kang had apparently spared them, as a gesture of his power.

Kang was on the other side of the square, holding a conversation with the Avenger and the UN Secretary. The entire staff of United Nation Plaza, hundreds of people, was listening in, while the square was surrounded by an impregnable force-field.

"I would like to show you a vision of the future," said Kang. He pressed a button on his chair, and a picture formed in the air beside him. He began to detail the story of a radioactive horror that would emerge from Russia sometime in the near future. Humanity, it seemed, was doomed.

But to Hyperion's ear, there was a problem. All through the narrative, Kang's heartbeat kept giving little jumps – not always, but a lot. The man was not telling the whole truth, but was keeping the story close enough to the truth that the images didn't disagree.

He showed some other futures, and again, there were jumps. The man was lying to them.

Kang laughed at something that the UN Secretary had just said. "I look forward to the coming conflict, sir. But one other offer I made at the start of this talk – anyone who rebels against their current rulers, and seizes a part of the earth land in my name, they will have status in the new order." His heartbeat didn't jump. "Perhaps you'd like to hear what's been going on out there."

At a wave of his hand, every radio in the vicinity turned on. Hyperion, with his superhearing, picked up all of them. Atlantean forces had seized Prince Edward Island. A group of Deviants were advancing in central China. The Master of Evil had struck in Seattle. The Wrecking Crew had attacked Houston, and were fighting the Rangers at the moment. And, on the police band, there were reports that Dr. Octopus, Mysterio, and the Hobgoblin had all secured land in the city.

"So, you shall, I am certain, be busy," said Kang, wearing one of the nastiest grins that Hyperion had ever seen, "and I shall leave you to exhaust yourselves, and leave you ripe to me. But one guarantee – if my son or I are attacked while we leave, we shall respond with the weaponry in our base – and this time, there will be no mercy." He pressed a button on his wrist, and the force-field dissolved. Beside Hyperion, Elaine held onto his arm as the entire New York National Guard appeared on the other side. There was a pause, and they lowered their weapons. Everyone let out a deep breath.

"Ah, wisdom," said Kang. "But remember what I said at the start, Avengers. Look to the East – for it has already begun!" And with that, he vanished.

Triathlon looked at his teammates: Giant-Man, Wasp, Warbird, Vision and Iron Man. "So... any of you guys got a plan for this one?"

Wasp shrugged her shoulders. "I wish we did, Duane. But Kang's never – " Her eye caught sight of Hyperion. "Damn! Everyone, look alive! It's the Squadron Sinister!"

Hyperion put his hands up to pacify her. "No longer with the Squadron Sinister, Wasp," he said, "I was here today giving a speech to the UN on the subject of nuclear non-proliferation."

Wasp was unconvinced. "And why would the UN let you in, except for you to hold them hostage?"

The Vision spoke up. "Hyperion wrote a book on the subject of his planet blowing up recently, Wasp. I bought it in Chicago. I'll lend you my copy, if you like."

"Oh. Right." Wasp smiled apologetically, and shrugged. "Sorry, but – well, it looks as if it's going to be a long day." She turned to the rest of the Avengers. "C'mon, team, we have to get ready to move out!"

Someone tapped Hyperion on the shoulder. He turned; it was Noah Garrett, another of the speaker on the non-proliferation bill – less than an hour before.

"There's a man here from the State Department." Hyperion looked over at the man in the suit. The man introduced himself as Mr. Weatherell. "I was to the last speaker at the debate. However, since then, I've received a message from Headquarters. I've been informed that the President is offering to sign up to your treaty, provided you'll put the Squadron Sinister together as a team to combat Kang's forces."

Hyperion nodded. "Agreed. I'll try to re-assemble the team."