This story is being re-released onto this site after being deleted with my account due to another story being viewed as explicit. I have decided not to redo or edit the content of this story. Understand that I was young when I wrote this an as such, there are errors and grammar problems that I no longer have.

I made my decision based on the fact that I want to look back as an author and see how much I've grown, both as a writer and as a person. Everything we do in life is a little portion of it and mistakes are as well. I guess I like to think of this story as a piece of my past.

Untouched, unchanged.

Dark Angel


This is my first attempt at a fanfiction… but please do not let that sway you. The tale I have to tell is of unfathomable details and took a year of writing to begin.. During the writing of this epic tale, I experienced many things.. I believe these experiences were reflected in my writing and you may see that in later chapters I have added more details and seemed to mature.

Things people want to know: Will there be a lemon?... the answer is simply this.. I'm not telling. If people are only reading my story for juicy sexual manipulations.. then they probably won't be satisfied.. for those who are reading for the purpose of greater meaning to life.. then perhaps you will feel a sense of contentment.

I will only put one disclaimer on the first chapter. Other then that.. they can sue me. Also at the end of each chapter I'm not even going to bother to ask for reviews and such.. I trust this fanfiction enough to expect to be emailed at If not, then what can I do?

But this much I can say… as many stories written in history..

This story… is about love. So is that how I should begin.. or. Should I simply give you a bit of head way as to what this is about.. alright.. perhaps a bit of history is needed..

This epic struggle, you could say, takes place long, long after the last of the Z warriors has fallen.. When I say long.. I mean thousands of years. No longer the furious battles and forbidden loves between Saiyan and human.. I say this simply because neither exists. A single entity of races had been formed.. Unfortunately hatred split the gene in half and therefore spawned the age of Demons and Angels.. This story isn't religious. It's actually rather scientific in a few parts. Basically it has just about everything.. love, hate, betrayal.. you name it.. but then.. I'm getting ahead of myself. At this time Vegeta is the King of Demons. Bulma is the Princess of Angels. Sounds lame, I know.. but I suppose I'm terrible at starting stories. What else can I say? Ah yes.. Angels and Demons are a far superior to humans.. meaning they live longer and of course can fly. They have wings. Alright.. the rest I leave a mystery. I trust that if any one reading this can appreciate a good tale they will review. But that is the last time I will ask. Any further information will be in the story..

So… without further ado… Dark Angel.