Dark Angel

Chapter 11

"Chocolate?" What a strange name. She eyed the presented bar cautiously. Personally, she'd rather have moved on to the other commodities positioned on the table, but decided he may have been insulted at the decline. And so, not wanting to appear rude, she took the small, hard form into her hand and bit down.

The food was hard and she had remote difficulty biting a piece off. When finally successful, she mold over the strange creation noting how it strangely seemed to melt in her mouth. Now how exactly would you describe the taste of chocolate? I am finding myself at a loss for words worthy enough to detail the strange sensation. I will say this.. she was deeply impressed. It had an identifiable flavor that she new she could never pass up again. The sweetness was incredibly rewarding but not unpleasantly over killed.

"Oh God!" she proclaimed with her mouth full. "It's absolutely sinful!"

He gave her that looked that was seeping with "Well duh!", before chewing a piece himself. Privately, chocolate had always been his personal favorite, even as a young Prince he had ordered it delivered to his room daily. He sighed out loud, condensing the once proud bar into smooth liquid form. He had always gotten what he wanted. One way or another. He'd wanted chocolate.. it was his. He wanted someone killed.. consider it done. He'd wanted a woman.. she was his before the night was over. Even when he'd desired the throne, he'd gotten it out of courage and strength. He could only think of two things that he'd ever even lost, neither of which he would ever speak of to another living soul.

But her.. she wasn't so easy. He couldn't read her. Couldn't even tell if she was attracted to him. And it drove him up the wall. How old was he when he'd enjoyed his first woman? 13.. maybe 14? And since then he couldn't even keep track of the others. But he was quite familiar with the female race, to say the least. He could always pick up the signs.. vague as they could be at times. He could simply glance at a concubine and know whether or not she would come willingly or not. He'd never been refused but the idea of taking a woman who wasn't in to "it" whole souled was entirely undesirable to him. He'd never rapped a woman and damned if he ever did.

No.. it wasn't that he was unfamiliar with the practice. He'd seen it happen a thousand times before and never done a thing to stop it. But the idea of he himself embarking on such a dishonorable attack was literally appalling. What was the fun in sex if both parties weren't enjoying it? There wasn't he decided and so had never attempted such a disgusting act. But if others got off on it.. hey.. that was their business.

And so he had no idea what to make of the Princess's actions as she greedily snatched the entire supply of chocolate and bounded out of the room. Why that greedy little witch! How dare she steal his chocolate and run away with ..

OH! Hmmm..So.. the little imp wanted to play a game did she? Please.. as if he couldn't catch up to her in a second if he wanted. Still, her outgoing nature appealed to him and he stood up, stretching proudly before turning out the door in a slow pursuit.

"Hahahaha!" She laughed prancing down the dark hallway. So maybe she really didn't have a clue where she was. She had the chocolate and was sure that if she continued her speed, Vegeta would never catch her and she'd be declared the ultimate winner of this little game of cat and mouse. And so she scurried to and fro through the hallways, occasionally running painfully face first into a hidden wall. Just how big was this castle? From outside it could have been an entire mountain but inside an even bigger maze of rooms and hallways. Would they never end? BUMP!

"Ow! What the?" she had run smack into a hard chest and looking up she saw the familiar handsome face and dark eyes gleaming back at her.

So he'd found her. Little thief. He greedily snatched the candy bars out of her grasp and threw some into his mouth, only leaving one left as he munched and gobbled them down while smiling in her face. So he'd won yet again.. Foolish Angel. Would she never understand that there was simply no surprising him? After all he was the-


She'd gotten the best of the demon again and was speeding down the hallway, shoving the last of the chocolate into her mouth. She was grabbed around the waist as she gulped down the last bite, and smashed against his rock hard chest. He was simply enraged at her for her deceitfulness!

He had gotten the biggest kick out of her thievery. The beautiful little brigand! And now she stared triumphantly right back at him as if she'd just won all of Hell over in a bet. She was so proud of herself. She should be. He was.

"Hmph! I win!" she boasted right in his smug face. "This weak little Angel just pulled one over on you, mighty Demon King! I got the last of the chocolate and you know it." Now between us.. I think her comment was going a bit too far. Did she really have to rub it in his face with his temper as short as it was? I don't think so but apparently he hadn't even been paying attention for he seemed not to mind at all. Or maybe.. just maybe he had something else planned.

"Oh.. You think you've won huh?" he laughed, his hands still pinning her body against his.

"Well.. I just happened to know that you haven't gotten all of the chocolate Angel. And I plan on having the rest for myself." If he was ever going to get his way.. he'd just have to go out on a limb for it.

"Huh?" she asked confused. Was he bluffing just so he didn't look like such a loser?

"HA! Fat chance buddy!" She bragged with her nose positioned about an inch or two from his, hoisted in the air snobbishly.

"I've won and you know it.. So why don't you just suck it up and-"

Her eyes widened and her breath was taken away as his plump lips were pressed fully against her's. Was he really doing what she thought he was?

Was he really doing this? Kissing some lowly Angel simply because he couldn't handle the rejection? It was forbidden. His murdered father would be turning over in the dirt he'd left him in. The thought put a smirk on Vegeta's face and he dug his lips into her's even more so.

She didn't know what to do.. It was what she wanted wasn't it? She felt his thick lips part and suck her top lip into his warm mouth. Should she really? Oh.. Hell why not!

He was stunned by her boldness as she took his entire bottom lip into her wet mouth and began cascading her tongue over the sensitive flesh. He could feel every bit of pressure from the wet, hot member as it slide back and forth, back and forth. Up and down, up and down, sucking the saliva from his swollen lip and mixing it sexually with her own.

His fingers ran up and down her spine, sending chills through her body. Standing on tip toe, she pressed her chest harder against his, her sharp finger nails digging into his bare back and running tantalizingly up and down, leaving grazing marks. He was hunched over her, and his skillful tongue was making it's way into the hot destination of her mouth, never wavering from it's course and begging for access. She complied, accepting the sweet member into her body.

The two extensions ran fiercely along each other, each tasting the waiting flavor the other possessed, admiring the honey that flowed from the compressed mouths. The rhythm speeded up only slightly and soon their tongues were caressing in time with their mouths. His strong jaw line moving in tune with her's.

What was that? Something was tickling her along her collarbone.. She tried to ignore it but simply could not as it began to slide further down, dangerously close to her exposed cleavage. That bastard, it was his finger! He moved the digit down to the collar line of her gown, if you could call it the collar line, and tugged playfully at the fabric, still invading her mouth. Before she pulled away and decked him, he moved the finger gently in between and cascaded along her stomach. Perhaps she had been too hasty. Maybe he hadn't even realized what he was doing. Surely he wouldn't think of her as easy sexual prey! That was pure insolence and just plain dumb of her to suspect in the first place. Here she was, merely kissing Vegeta and almost accusing him of treating her like some petty palace whore. Ha! He would never treat her so low!

And that's about when she felt his large, powerful hands cup her butt cheeks, pulling up her hips and grinding them together with his own. She. Was. MORTIFIED!

No one.. NO ONE.. ever touched her that way. Fuck him and his false sentimentalities. She knew it had all been one big fucking gimmick. Son of a Bitch!

Ahh! The wonderful feel of thick, meaty flesh in his hands. It was one of his favorite parts of a woman. How could it not be? It was the perfect handle as he pulled her tempting body against his own, over and over. Releasing and then pulling back, it almost could have past for the real thing. Suddenly, he felt her tongue slide very slowly back and she grazed her fine teeth over his bottom lip. The sensation nearly drove him into a frenzy, it felt so amazing. So domineering and brave.. so..


She dug her dull teeth into his fat bottom lip, just enough to cause extreme pain but avoid breaking the skin. He nearly threw her back against the wall, as he pulled sharply away. He glared daggers as he covered his throbbing mouth. She stared hard back, but not nearly as poisonous as him.

"Are you fucking CRAZY?" He seethed loudly through harshly gritted teeth. Still covering his mouth, he stomped up to her in a blind fury and slid his hands around her neck before hoisting her into the air with one arm. She gagged and kicked at him to no avail. No.. He wouldn't kill her. But he'd be absolutely damned before he let her get away with that little trick. He wanted so badly to crush her fragile little neck into bloody matter. One flick of the wrist and his hands would be soaked to the elbow in beautiful, rich blood, seeping through his fingers. As though being awakened from a dream, his eyes opened wide. What was he doing? He was on the verge of murdering his key to hell.

Slowly he let her down, letting her cough and gasp on the ground by herself. He'd shown her too much kindness for one night. And where had it all gotten him? Hm? Certainly not where his devious body had expected to be five minutes from now. Here he was after introducing her to her own mother's mural, giving her chocolate and all he had to show for it was a tediously bruised lip. Damn that little..

"TRAMP!" She screamed in fury. His eyebrows raised in total surprise. Now just where did she get off being mad at him. He hadn't attacked her mouth relentlessly! And then it hit him. Yes.. he had. So was that what this was all about. She hadn't wanted him to kiss her. So why did she even comply. Confusing woman.

"That's all you think of me!" She accused in a loud voice. What was this? Had she really figured it all out? Did she know he had only done all of that pathetic, weakling stuff just to entrap her?

"You think that just because your acting different tonight, I'm going to let you do whatever to me just like your little bedroom sluts?" She screamed. Did she have to announce that so loudly? Clever little Angel. She simply intrigued him all the more so. She wasn't one to be so easily fooled. He'd simply have to change his plan.

"Princess.." 'uh uh. don't start out that way..'.. "Bulma.. I don't think that of you at all. Where would you have gotten such a ridiculous idea?" he beamed sincerely, though on the inside he was chuckling wickedly. Let her try and see through this little act. She faltered.

"Well.. well because you..because you." she stammered.

"Because I did this?" He grabbed two full handfuls yet again, hoisting them apart. She glared fiercely at him, completely embarrassed and fighting not to blush.

"How dare you touch me so? I am a woman. How can you treat me with such disrespect?" She shot. He smiled. A real smile, but something told her the gorgeous, dimpled display was as phony as could ever be imagined.

"Angel.. it was not meant in disrespect.. It's simply all part of a Demon's embrace.. I would never dishonor you so." The words, dull and lifeless as they came out, put her at ease. But did he really mean them? Had she been right about the act?

Now what exactly does a man think before he kisses a woman? I would love to know. How can you write about something going on in a person's head that isn't even the same sex as you? Well human men will forever remain a mystery to me, but believe me when I say that the thoughts running through Vegeta's wicked mind were far from innocent.

He would have her. Let there be no mistaking it. She was fresh meat and he was dying for a taste. Maybe because it was the only appetizer on the menu not available, but either way.. The Demon King got what he wanted. And so.. placing a sentimental look in his dull eyes.. he advanced on her again, rivaling in the fact that he could almost see the nervousness protruding through her body.

Was he going to kiss her again? She wanted him to. She did.. but something about the sweetly tilted eyebrows and puffed out lips screamed false. Maybe she was only imagining his dishonest conduct because insecurities still lingered over him. He was a completely foreign being. And she had been kissing him so passionately before without even realizing how forbidden and disgraced such an act was. She should be ashamed. But she wasn't. And now as he came nearer and nearer, with a puppy dog smile pasted on his haunting lips, she felt herself melting into his gaze.

Wrapping his hands incredibly lightly around her slime waste, he feigned insecurity, looking timid and unsure on the outside, while laughing in contentment on the inside. She was putty in his hands. So.. that was what she wanted all along. The princess had a secret. She got off on ridiculously shy and helpless men. Perhaps she enjoyed the supreme power she felt she displayed over them. And so he let her decide where she wanted him.

She wanted him to kiss her.. but he remained timid and unaware of her desire simply content to observe her in his soft embrace. Why couldn't he just be his usual domineering self and take over from where they had left off.. excluding the ass groping part of course. She had admittedly made a mistake and blown up on him for no reason and in doing so made him shy and unable to react the way he had before. So it was her turn to play in control. Leaning on her tip toes.. she stretched herself to the fullest height, still an inch or so from his slightly grinning face.. He made no attempt to accompany her.

Ah! The sweet feeling of victory. She was nearly screaming for him to touch her.. to kiss her.. to take her. But he denied her unvoiced pleas for several moments longer before begrudgingly complying. No.. it wasn't that he didn't want to kiss her again.. By all means.. every single part of his body was screaming for more of the sweet luxury of her pouty lips but seeing her in such a disillusioned state was more the triumphant to him. It was pure bliss. He'd gotten what he wanted and sealed the victory with a small, sweet kiss. She wanted him.

Suddenly she pulled away, pushing herself from his embrace. What was this! He bared his teeth, in frustrated seeping anger. He THOUGHT he'd just handled this outrageous little situation. Now a look of hurt and confusion was placed over her previously pleading face. He didn't even need to ask.. she knew he was angry and needed to know why she continued her silent torment.

"No.. I .. I can't. I love Yamcha."

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