Warning: Shonen-ai

Pairing: Dark X Daisuke (Duh) and Krad X Satoshi (It's my sister's favorite)

Disclaimer: I do not own D.



Japanese Terms:

Honto- Really?

Konnichiwa - Good afternoon/Hello.

Sugoi - Amazing/Cool/Awesome.

Muse: Chapter One

Dark was an artist. His paintings were famous throughout Japan. Even the people that knew nothing about art recognized the name Dark Mousey.

Dark had it all. He was on television frequently, he was rich, and he had millions of fans. Beautiful girls threw themselves at his feet, and yet, he had never been in a series relationship before.

Dark wasn't exactly a playboy, but he wasn't the perfect guy either. He was attracted to beauty and would only go out with beautiful people.

Their beauty inspired him to paint and when he no longer received inspiration from them, he kicked them to the curb.

It depressed him to have someone around when they were no longer beautiful to him. The longest relationship he'd been in had lasted four months.

No matter how many people he dated, they all ended up boring him. He tried to settle down, but it never worked out. He could never get past other people's flaws. He wanted someone that was perfect.

All the beauty he had encountered had been too superficial and had bored him fast. So far Dark hadn't found someone new to inspire him. He hadn't painted something new in six months.

Dark was looking for a specific kind of beauty. Dark wanted to find someone with eternal beauty.

He wanted to find someone who looked beautiful to him no matter how many times he looked at them. He wanted someone that could always inspire him to paint.

He wanted someone who was as beautiful outside as they were inside. I guess you could say Dark was searching for a soul mate, his muse, he just didn't know this yet.

But he would soon find the person he was looking for in the most unlikely place.

Dark walked threw the halls of Azumano Hospital. Krad had gotten into an accident. Satoshi was probably a nervous wreck right now. Satoshi and Krad were Dark's best friends.

They had known each other since he was ten. Dark was now eighteen, as was Krad, while Satoshi was sixteen.

It didn't surprise Dark when Krad and Satoshi announced they were an official couple. Krad had always been possessive of Satoshi.

They all used to be neighbors and played together often. Dark used to live with his parents, but had moved out as soon as he had turned eighteen.

He didn't want his parents freeloading of his fortune any longer. They had been upset over his departure, mostly because of the loss of money.

Krad had also moved out from his parent's house. They hadn't realized he was gone until the maid had informed them. They hadn't bothered to contact him.

Satoshi had moved out from his stepfather's house and into Krad's apartment. Satoshi was an orphan that had been adopted by the head of the police department.

Satoshi hadn't liked the way the man manipulated and used him so he had left. Satoshi's stepfather only agreed to let him leave because Satoshi had blackmailed him.

Satoshi had threatened to make all of his stepfather's illegal activities public. He had plenty of documents and photos as evidence, needless to say, his stepfather had quickly agreed.

Their fucked up pasts had brought Satoshi, Krad, and Dark closer. They were there for each other and supported each other in any way possible.

Right now Satoshi was studying to become a private detective, Dark had his art career, and Krad was a racer. Krad's job was very dangerous and sometimes ended up with Krad getting sent to the hospital.

This was one of those times. Dark got the room number from the receptionist and headed to Krad's room. Satoshi was already there, of course.

Krad looked fine. Nothing was broken or anything. Satoshi was indeed a wreck like Dark thought he'd be. Instead of being calm and collected, he looked panicked and disorganized.

Dark walked over to Satoshi.

"Calm down he's fine," said Dark as he placed his hand on Satoshi's shoulder.

"Shut up Dark! I know he's fine," said Satoshi while glaring at Dark.

"What happened anyway Krad?" asked Dark.

"My car flipped over in the middle of a race, to bad," said Krad calmly.

Getting into car accidents wasn't new to Krad. It happened all the time. Krad was always fine. He was very lucky. He never broke any bones or anything.


Dark looked over to Satoshi. Satoshi usually didn't yell like that. In fact, he usually didn't speak. If he did, it was to insult someone, but things were different when it came to Krad.

Satoshi only lost control over his emotions when in situations that concerned Krad. Satoshi would only admit this to Krad, but he loved the older teen more than anything else in the world.

Satoshi started to become even more upset. Krad put his arms around Satoshi. Dark knew this was his cue to leave the room. He did not want to see his to best friends have sex.

Sometimes Krad got into fights with Satoshi just for the make-up sex. Those two could never keep their hands off each other. Dark decided to walk around the hospital.

It would give him something to do for the next couple of hours. Dark liked visiting other patients. He liked to cheer them up plus he could get to know a lot of cute nurses.

Ok, Dark was officially lost. He was too busy flirting to notice where he was headed. He didn't know where he was and the halls were deserted. It was really creepy.

"Are you lost?"


Dark had never been this scared in his entire life. He turned around to face a boy. The boy was extremely pale, had flaming red hair, and big red eyes.

The boy looked like a porcelain doll. He was wearing black pants and a red T-shirt. He was pretty cute though.

"I asked you if you were lost," the boy repeated.

"Er…yeah…can you help me?" said Dark.

"Where do you want to go?"

"Um I'm heading to room 879."

"Okay, follow me."

The boy headed in the opposite direction Dark had been walking. The boy really knew his way around the hospital.

"I'm Dark Mousey."

Dark expected the boy to be surprised and beg for his autograph. Everyone he met had done that; after all, he was the Great Dark Mousey.

"I'm Daisuke Niwa. It's a pleasure to meet you Dark."

This reaction surprised Dark. Did the kid not know who he was?

"Do you work here Daisuke?" asked Dark.

"No silly. I'm only sixteen. I'm not qualified to be a nurse or doctor yet. My mom works here though. She's a doctor."

"Oh well, that's cool. I'm eighteen and I'm a painter."

"Honto? Sugoi! I want to be an artist too."

"That's interesting." How can he not know who I am!

"Here we are!" said Daisuke in a cheery voice.

Daisuke had skipped the entire way with a smile on his face. He was very cheerful and carefree. Dark could hardly believe the boy was sixteen.

Dark opened the door to the room. It looked like Krad and Satoshi had…err…finished their activities.

Krad raised an eyebrow when he saw Daisuke. Did Dark already find someone new? He sure got over…what was her name? Oh right Risa! Dark sure got over Risa fast. Is he Dark's new…interest?

"Guys, I want you to meet someone," said Dark.

"Konnichiwa, my name is Daisuke Niwa. It is a pleasure to meet you both," said Daisuke politely.

This time both Satoshi and Krad raised an eyebrow. Daisuke wasn't the type of person Dark went for.

Dark went for someone that wouldn't put out until the fourth date or so, someone you could party and drink with, someone who was fun and liked to break the rules, someone wild.

Dark liked loud people who had a hot body and that he could show off to everyone he met.

Satoshi and Krad could tell, just by looking, Daisuke wasn't like that. Daisuke was bubbly, yet shy, polite, and obedient; all in all, he was the type of boy girls would bring home to meet their mothers.

Daisuke was cute not drop dead sexy. He resembled a child more than a teenager. He looked like a virgin and not someone Dark could sleep around with.

So then, why was Dark talking to him? It couldn't be friendship. Dark didn't make friends easily and if he did, he didn't introduce them to Satoshi and Krad until they were officially friends.

He didn't introduce his dates either until they had been going out for three months. If the relationship didn't last that long, Satoshi and Krad never met them.

If they had been friends, Dark would have introduced Daisuke as his new friend and if he Dark's new lover, he would have called him his boyfriend. Dark hadn't introduced Daisuke as neither. Who was this kid?

"So, how long have you known Dark?" Satoshi finally asked.

"I just met him a few minutes ago in the hall," said Daisuke.

Another surprise, Dark had only met him a few minutes ago and he was already introducing him to Satoshi and Krad. This was big.

What did this kid mean to Dark?


The first part was the prologue, I din't want to make it into a seperate chapter.