Disclaimer I only own Caroline and other people you don't recognize. This story is always told from Caroline's p.o.v.

My name is Caroline Herman. When I was 10 my mom and dad divorced and I never saw my dad again. We moved from Toronto Ontario Canada to Calgary Alberta Canada. I had 2 older brothers and sisters. My brother Jake lives with my dad. I never see him. When I was 13 my older 18 year old sister Michelle got in a car accident and died. Now I am 16. When I came home from school last week I found out that my mom had committed suicide. Right now I am on a plane to glean oak California. I will be living with the reverend Camden and his wife and kids.

1 hour later the plane landed. A man walked up to me. He said "are you Caroline"?

I replied "yes I am. Are you the reverend"?

"Yes you can call me Eric". The ride in the car was silent.

We pulled up to a big white house. "Here we are" Eric said.

When we got inside a lot of people were waiting for me in the foyer.

"That's Annie, Kevin, Lucy, Ruthie, Sam, David and Martin. Annie is my wife Lucy and Ruthie are my daughters. Kevin is Lucy's husband. Sam and David are my sons". Eric said.

"Do you all live here" I said.

"No Kevin and Lucy live in the garage apartment". Annie said.

"Who are the people in the pictures" I said.

Eric replied "That's Matt and Sarah they Live in New York and that's Mary She lives in New York as well and the blond boy is Simon he is at collage".

"Where should I put my stuff" I said.

"In my room I'll show you where it is". The girl named Ruthie said.

In Ruthie's room

"You can use the bottom drawer and the left half of the closet". Ruthie said.

"Thank you" I replied.

"What are your hobbies"? Ruthie asked Caroline

"I used to dance".

"What do you mean used to?"

"Since my sister died I stopped".

"I'm a dancer I cheerlead and I do gymnastics".

"So what".

"You Caroline Herman are going to become a dancer again".

Should I continue?