Note: This is the final chapter. I know sad.

I was in my Friday night dance class. My teacher Haylie was showing us the dance we were going to learn. Her assistant Jessica turned the CD player off.

"That's the dance we are doing for our recital next week" Haylie said.

"What day is the recital on again" a girl in our class Lisa asked.

"Next Friday" Haylie replied.

"But that's the day of the spring formal" another girl Rebecca said.

"Okay put your hand up if you're going to the formal" Haylie said.

The whole class put there hands up.

"Ok then its Saturday" Haylie replied.

"Awesome" Lisa said.

"Ok class is over we will start learning the dance on Monday" Haylie responded.

When we got outside to wait for Martin Ruthie said "I can't wait for the dance"

"I know its going to be so awesome" I replied. "Is Martin coming" I added.

"I think so probably with Zoë" Ruthie replied,

"Cool" I said. Just then Martin's car pulled up.

"Hey martin what did mom make for dinner" Ruthie asked

"Pot roast" Martin replied

"Okay" Ruthie replied.

A week later

Ruthie and I were doing are hair for the dance.

"I really want to meet Vincent's cousin" Ruthie said.

"What did you say his name was again" I asked.

"Derek" Ruthie replied. "Why do you ask"
"Well in Calgary I met a boy named Derek and we had lunch together" I replied.

"Really" Ruthie said.

"Yeah and I have a feeling its him" I said.

"Ruthie fastened the last bobby pin into her bun.

"Now are dresses" Ruthie said. She walked to the closet and took out my pink dress and her blue one.

We put them on and went down the stairs.

The whole family was down there.

"You girls look beautiful" Annie said.
"Thanks" Ruthie replied,

The door bell rang. Eric opened it. It was Zoë.

"Hey is Martin here" She said.

"I'm here" Martin said walking down the stairs.

"Have fun" Eric said as they walked out the door.

"Is Vincent picking you up" Annie asked.

"I think so" Ruthie replied. Just then the doorbell rang again.

Kevin opened it. "Hi Ruthie this is my cousin Derek" Vincent said.

"Caroline" Derek said.

"Derek oh my god how are you" I replied.
"You two know each other" Lucy asked.

"Yes we met when I ran away to Calgary" I replied.

"Well we better go" Vincent said. We walked outside and got into Vincent's car.

When we walked in lots of people were dancing.

"Want to dance" Derek yelled over the loud music.

"Sure" I yelled back.

A slow song came and we started dancing. I looked beside me and Ruthie was dancing with Vincent she gave me a thumbs up sign. I smiled back. We just danced like that until a fast song came on.
"Do you want something to drink" Derek yelled.

"Sure" I screamed back. We walked over to the drink table. He picked up a sprite and gave it to me.
"Thanks" I said

"No problem" Derek replied. Ushers song Burn came on we started to dance.

I felt like I was in love heaven. Then Derek kissed me. My first kiss. I didn't care who was watching. When the kiss ended Derek shouted "want to go outside".

"Sure" I yelled back.

We walked outside and sat on the steps. It was a beautiful spring night.

"I didn't think I would ever see you again" I said to Derek.

"I didn't either" he replied.

"I didn't know you were related to Vincent" I replied.

"You never asked" Derek said with a slight chuckle in his voice

We kissed again.

"How long are you in town for" I asked when we pulled apart.

"I leave Sunday morning" Derek replied.

"Want to spend tomorrow together I could take you to the promenade and we can see a movie and get pizza or something" I asked.

"I would love that" Derek said.

"And maybe Ruthie and Vincent will want to go" I asked

"Yeah" Derek replied.

Ruthie walked outside with tears coming down her face.

"Ruthie what's wrong" I asked.

"Vincent broke up with me" Ruthie said with sadness in her voice and started crying harder.

"I'll go talk to him" Derek got up and walked inside.

"Ruthie I'm so sorry is there something I can do" I asked.

"No just call my dad or Kevin" Ruthie replied.

"Okay I'm going to go say goodbye to Derek" I said and went outside Leaving Ruthie outside to cry.

I found Derek and Vincent talking in the hallway.

"Um Derek" I said. Derek turned around.

"I'm going to call Ruthie's dad to take us home" I told him.

"Okay call me tomorrow I'm crashing at Vincent's place" Derek replied.

"Okay see you then" I said.

I went over near some lockers and got my cell phone from my purse. I dialed the Camden's phone number. Annie picked up the phone.

"Hello" she said.

"Hi Annie its Caroline" I replied.

"Is everything all right" Annie said with concern in her voice.

"Yeah just Vincent and Ruthie broke up" I told Annie.

"Ok I'm on my way"

I went back outside. Martin was talking to Ruthie. I walked up to them.

"Hey martin where's Zoë" I asked.

"Inside talking to her friend" Martin replied.

"We both got dumped" Ruthie said.

"Zoë dumped you" I asked martin.

"Yeah she's getting a ride home with her friend" Martin said.

"Is my dad coming" Ruthie asked. She had stopped crying.

"Your mom is" I replied.

"Okay" Ruthie said.

"I'm going to go home now" Martin said.

"Okay see you later" I replied.

"Bye martin" Ruthie added.

Martin walked to his car and drove away.

"I saw you kissing Derek" Ruthie said.

I could feel my cheeks burning.

"Don't be embarrassed I kissed Vincent." Ruthie replied. "Right before he dumped me" She mumbled.

"Pardon" Caroline asked.


Just then The Camden van pulled up.

"There's my mom" Ruthie said. Me and her walked over to the car and got in.

When we got in Annie asked Ruthie "Are you all right honey"

"I'm fine mom" Ruthie replied.

"Did you have fun at least" Annie said.

"Yeah except for Vincent breaking up with me it was fun" Ruthie replied.

"What about you Caroline" Annie asked me.

"I loved it. In Calgary we never had dances like that. We would just wear our normal clothes and have them in the afternoons" I replied.

"I'm glad" Annie said as she pulled into the driveway.

When we walked into the house Eric was sitting at the kitchen table.

"Do you want hot chocolate" he asked.

"Sure" Ruthie replied.

He went to the counter and poured two cups of hot chocolate for me and Ruthie and two cups of coffee for him and Annie.

As we all sat around the table drinking hot chocolate and talking I realized even thought I had lost most of my family memories I could make new ones with the Camdens.

Was that a bad ending? I know Vincent and Zoë aren't on the show anymore but I typed this near the end of season 9. I'm thinking of doing a sequel. Probably about Ruthie and Caroline in university.