A Mysterious Pale Figure

Luigi cautiously wanders into the large dusty mansion, ready to run at any sign of movement.

"I don't know what Mario was thinking…..Winning this so-called Luxury mansion. Pah! I figured it was too good to be true. But does he listen? Nooooo! "

There were two sets of stairs ahead, both a left side and a right side, a large doorway covered in dust and bars, an old mirror with a blanket on it off to the right, as well as a familiar creature…

"TOAD!" Luigi yelled in relief. I'm so glad you're here, with the dark shadows, the graveyard out front, the thunder and lightning outside, the weird ghost collecting scientist….They creep me out!...Why are you here?

"Oh, Princess Peach sent me here…" Toad sighed in sadness….." I'm here to help you find Mario (and to save your progress in the game of course!). You know how worried she gets about him. She wouldn't want the Boo's to get him."

"Boo's? As in the ghosts? Being plural, as in more then one?" Luigi was really freaked out now. "Big dusty mansions are bad enough; they don't need to be haunted too!" Luigi glanced behind him at the door he had come through. He started to run. "I'm out of here! Bye Toad!"

"Hey, whoa whoa whoa! You aren't leaving this mansion until you find Mario! Please don't leave like this….For my sake? Mario's sake?"

"Fine I'll stay…. But I hope you'll help me if I need it."

"Sure I'll help!" Said Toad with a happy tone. "In saving your game progress of course!"

"That's not what I meant…." Luigi mentioned in an annoyed tone. "Well anyways, do you know where I should start my search?"

"Yeah, actually now that you mention it, I recommend the left corridor at the top of the stairs." Toad pointed out. "There you'll find some stray ghosts to capture, a boss ghost to beat, and perhaps some money while you're at it."

"Thanks Toad! I'll see you later (I hope)….."

Luigi walked up the stairs, turned down the left corridor, and turned to reach a handle…

Locked. Luigi didn't have a key, so he couldn't open it.

He turned towards another door, and reached out to try the handle.

Click the door opened.

"Hahahahaha!" goes a loud unfamiliar laugh.

"What was that?" Luigi peers into the dark room, but see's nothing.

"Hahahahaha!" Goes the laugh again, this time sounding louder and more like a cackling sound.

"Umm….. Marriiooooo? Are you there?" Luigi questioned the silence.

Suddenly, in the darkness of the room, a pale round figure appears, much larger than Luigi in size. Suddenly, it disappeared.

"Hahahahaha!" Goes the cackle again, this time right behind Luigi.

"BOO!" The pale creature yells.

"AHHHHH!" Luigi screams. "GHOST!"

"Hahahahaha!" the figure cackles one last time before turning transparent and floating through a wall.