Shadow ninja boy

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The remnants of team 7, heading out on a mission of up most importance, have been caught up with an old friend of the suna village Temari. The 4 shinobi rush off, with Kakashi in the lead, to go save a certain red head youma container from the evil organization the Akatsuki. "Why does this happen to him… why does he always get the shaft." A young blond ninja said to himself. "Temari, why is it always him? Why does Gaara always have the worst luck?" The blond rages. "I don't know Naruto, but thanks to you, my brother has changed for the better, with out you Gaara would still be dark, moody and would still take his frustration out on me and Kankuro." Temari's face darkened thinking of her brother before he fought Naruto. Flashing in and out of view the shinobi made there way to the wind country. Last in the group of shinobi a pink haired kunochi, staying silent as she broods over the feelings of what Naruto said half hour ago.

- Flashback -

"I am sorry Sakura-chan, I have been keeping a very dark secret about my past. I know that you have been wondering how …. I have been able to….. survive all this time, it is ….. Because…. I ……..a…..d-d-d-demon …..Y-yes I am…k-k-kyuubi!"

With Naruto's words, Sakura froze up and all color in her face vanished, even her hair seemed paler "I-I-I didn't know N-N-Naruto I'm sorry really sorry" (holy shit no wonder he is hated by everyone). "Sakura-chan, it is not like you to stutter like that," the blond sighed "if you too want to hate me it won't make any difference, it will be like the good old days." "Don't say that Naruto, I don't want to loose a second friend."

With those words she broke down and started crying. Naruto feeling bad sat next to Sakura and gave her a one armed hug, saying, "I didn't mean it Sakura-chan, please don't be mad." Realizing that Naruto had hugged her, she felt better even if it was a one handed hug. The color in sakuras face coming back with a vengeance the shade of pink only rivaled by her hair and Hinata's blushing fits. Noticing this, Naruto turned away and released his hug. The lapse in Naruto's concentration was taken advantage of by sakura. Wrapping her arms around Naruto she cried into his chest, leaving two big wet spots on his orange and black jump suit. Naruto shocked reluctantly patting her with reassuring words. He stroked the top of her head. "Its ok Sakura-chan... I wont be leaving any time soon, or at least not by my choice."

- End flashback -

Flashing from tree to tree, the rescue team finally caught sight of the opening of the wind country, running near the lead is Naruto closely followed by sakura and Temari. "Damn, it's getting really hot!" Naruto gasped, whipping sweat from his brow. "How the hell Temari can you stand this? it is like 50 Celsius out hear! got any water, sakrura-chan , Kakashi?" "NO! we don't, we told you 5 minutes ago" The three yelled at once. Naruto, sulking, decides to ask a certain ungrateful youma 'hey stupid fox you got any water or a new jitsu I can use to get some' 'NO, YOU INSECT, I DON'T HAVE WATER, AND YOU CANT HANDEL MY JUTSU'S, AND I AM NOT LENDING ANY OF MY CHAKRA EITHER, SO SCEW OFF YOU UNGRATFUL LITTLE SHIT!'

'Screw you then, you ungrateful fur ball...' Temari walked over to Naruto, and turns her back and said "Here, you can suck on one of these" Turning around she is holding something close to her breasts, lowering her hands she holds out a pair of flat stones. "What, you want me to suck on a rock?" looking at the stones that Temari is holding "Yes, it will help you salivate, it will quell your thirst." "well there are other ways to make me salivate, much more tasty ways" Naruto scanning Temari. Naruto's behavior catching himself off guard, a scandalized Temari briskly walks up to Naruto and with a resounding WHACK, slaps Naruto across the face.

A dumbfounded Naruto stares at her, while rubbing his bruised cheek "what the hell where you thinking I meant ramen, people say that ero-sennen has a dirty mind, geez Temari, get your mind out of the gutter, Garra still gives me the willies" Naruto shudders. "Sorry to say Naruto, but we need water to make ramen."

"Damn, I forgot, I must say Temari you are very good at keeping my mind occupied... if you aren't thanking me for changing your brother, you are slapping me for implying ramen, it's not my fault that training with the ero-sennin has gave me a bad rep. But I have become exceedingly strong. See, watch."

Naruto has started gathering chakra to his palm, swirling blue chakra has formed in Naruto's hand. "rasengan!" Naruto runs towards a huge bolder, on the side of a small house, and slams his hand into it. With a huge explosion of wind and gravel. There standing, where the huge bolder was Naruto with a huge foxy grin plastered on his face. The three shinobi standing there mouths agape except for Kakashi, who knows what his expression is with that mask on but his surprised is evident given that he had dropped his copy of Icha Icha paradise volume 4. The two kunochis a gasp at the feat of unbelievable strength. Even sakura, with her freakish strength could only split that rock, and Naruto destroyed it. Temari managed to breath after that display "H-how did you d-do that?" she gasped. Kakashi thinking 'Damn, even the chidori couldn't reduce that to rubble I could only split it or make a hole the length or my arm, but Naruto used that jutsu and master it so fast it took his dad, the youdami, three years to master it and he was a genius, well like father like son. I'll have to ask jiraiya how long it took for him to master it probably the full two and a half years.'

A sheepish looking Naruto with one hand behind his head boasted "hehehe it only took me three weeks to master that one." Kakashi, disappearing and repapering in front of Naruto and picking him up by the jacket, running to a nearby rock and pining Naruto there. "You're lying Naruto, you couldn't master the rasangan in three weeks. it took the 4th three years to master that jitsu." Naruto gasping for air managed to squeak out "im not lying, ask ero-sennin how long it took or old lady hokage, hear is proof, just let me down!" Releasing Naruto, Kakashi stepped back. Naruto pulling out his blue gem pendent that the 5th gave him showing it to the group. "See, I won this off old lady hokage three years ago by mastering the rasengan in three weeks! When we get back ask her, she wont lie." Naruto flashing out of view leaving a after image where he was standing, reappeared beside Sakura "Hey sakura-chan, you think Kakashi is over reacting just a tad too much." "Yah, he is lecturing you about lying, that is a laugh and a half, what a hypocrite!"

Kakashi, being a bit miffed by Naruto'simplied lying decides to pick up his book and start reading out loud. 'he he he this should get those ungrateful little scamps and poison there minds' " Rubbing the inside of her leg Tony worked her to a state of near release slowly moving in he whispered in the beautiful woman's ear 'baby you make me h'-" with out having the time to react Kakashi got double teamed by sakura and Temari. "PERVERT!" The two kunochi scream, Temmari un sheathing her giant fan and sakura powering up for the heel. Naruto seeing the danger in this situation rushed over and placed a hand or each of there shoulders stopping there deadly attack. "Whoa! hold it lady's, don't take it personally, it isn't his fault he has been sucked into the ero-sennin's perverted lifestyle of tormenting people with his sick mind."

With that, the kunochi calmed down a bit. "I still want to kick his ass though, he is not that strong, Gaara could beat him and I could send him to the moon if you want." Temari said leaning on her huge fan. "Don't we have someone to save you three? a certain sand boy is being taken advantage of as we speak." With those words, the three bickering shinobi stopped . "What they might rape Garra, that is sick ." Temmari said shocked and disgusted. "I doubt itachi would touch Garra he could get any women he wanted or gay guy if he wanted, kisame on the other hand he is a total different case that ugly bastard and his teeth are scary….damn that would hurt." Naruto cringed and shivered just thinking of it. Walking over to sakura, he said "Sakura-chan I need a hug." Cringing she reluctantly gave Naruto a hug whispering in Naruto's ear she said "we won't let those fags get you or Garra right Temmari?" Shaking her head Temmari said "no we wont, no one will be touching anyone while I'm around." Winking at Naruto and grinning.

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