Chapter 6

test drive

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The well-rested group was heading towards the desert to find the tanuki container known as sabaku no Gaara. Well, not entirely well rested since Naruto was still feeling the side effects of the transformation. For one his, ass really hurt a lot since the tails have grown out of it, and now were swishing merrily in the scorching heat of the desert.

"Damn its hot again." Mumbled the currently perturbed naruto. His reason for his annoyance were two pestering relentless kunochi. Both blonds, well not entirely blond but nearly. "Yuki, Temari, stop touching my tails, they hurt at the moment, so let go." the annoyance at the two growing as they are sending jolts of pain down to his ass every time they squeeze to hard on said tails.

"Awww! Why not? Their so soft and fluffy. I like them!" Yuki whined defiantly at her 'Naruto-kun' as she called him. Naruto, looking scathingly at her, she finally relinquished her grip, stroking of one of his tails. "Fine, but you owe me some later." she stated mischievously at him. Purring at he own forwardness she then sauntered away.

Turning his gaze to Temari who was still hanging around him. He sighed "What now?" annoyed at his annoyance, that was still annoying him by hanging around him like a lost puppy and looking it too.

"Nothing." sounding childish by bringing a finger up to her mouth while gazing at him affectionately at him. "I just like being with you." expressing this point by latching herself to his arm.

Still not entirely sure what to do, he just let it slide and enjoying the feel of Temari pressing herself against him in some awkward places, getting overly flushed and hot at the same time. "Umm. .. Tema-chan, can you let go, your making me hot." he said with a blush recognizing what he just said was very embarrassing, he flushed even more till he could rival Hinata in a blushing contest. "Umm, what i meant was that im getting overheated." he said hurriedly.

Giggling she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear "You make me hot to!" noticing his flush, returning she giggled again and continued "but we can leave that for later tonight!" with this, she even flushed at he own joke.

"... uh... err ..." cough, cough, cough, cough Naruto broke out into a coughing fit at her implied activates for tonight.

Breaking full out into laughter at his reaction "Hahaha i was joking you know, pulling your leg, yanking your chain. A joke." she said "But if your nice you might get to second base..." "None of your pranks you hear." she threatened

"But when have i pranked you." Naruto said looking curiously at her his head half cocked to the side making her giggle at his resemblance of a small animal 'A cute one at that'.

There moment of privacy was broken by kakashi popping up beside Naruto. "Huh, did i hear someone getting to second base?" said kakashi with a hint of glee in his voice.

"No you dumbass, you heard wrong." with that she promptly punched kakashi in the face, sending him into the stratosphere A/N: think of love hina "pervert!" she said in a huff. And stomped away to go to talk to Sakura.

Finally, left to himself, he started to fade into his mind scape where his own personal fur ball resided. "Yo, you giant fur ball, wake up and tell me some things about these rules and such." Naruto screamed at the top of his imaginary lungs at the large red mass of fur behind the bars. 'If not, then teach me one of your jutsus or i wont leave you alone. I'll sing the Barny song if you don't!"

"Fine, you insolent whelp, what do you want to know?". "And make it quick, i want to get back to my nap.' The giant nine tailed fox roared in annoyance at the casual form of Naruto.

"Since were going to be fighting the Akatsuki, then teach me a couple of your jutsus.' Naruto said to the fox demon.

"Fine, then i'll teach you a new version of the kage bunshin. This one incorporates the bakuretsu kage bunshin and a powerful katon jutsu it should help in your fight. This is what it does: One, it increases the damage it can take to five hits. Two, it increases the strength of the bunshin by burning the opponent when it manages to hit the target. Three, the bunshin can do jutsus just like you so if you need you can attack them on all sides with a rasengan the only drawback is it is only able to do one rasengan level skill. Four, the bunshin will always have claws and fangs so no need for ninja weapons. Oh, and i'm giving you a little gift to start to raise your rep."

"What is it?" Naruto asked peeking his intrigue.

"Part of my chakra will be infused with you, giving you the demonic red chakra of the infamous kyuubi no kitsune. Also, while using chakra, your eyes will turn red like mine, giving your enemy the impression he is fighting me reincarnated. But actually he is only fighting the "narutokyuu no kitsune hanyou." long to say eh this will be your title till you gain shape shifting ability's which should be next year." With his speech done, Naruto looked at the kyuubi with shock.

"OK, i understand that, but what was the name of the bunshin' naruto inquired.?"

"The 'Uzumaki fire kage bunshin', what do you think? I renamed it after you because this jutsu will become famous by your hands, and also the other name didn't give it justice.'A/N i don't know any translations of jap so if anybody knows how to translate that plz put it in a reviewWith that, Naruto was slung back into the world of the wakening.

Finding himself sprawled out on the sand in the shade of a huge outcrop of rocks and boulders "What happened to me now?" he asked to no one in particular. Seeing that no one was there, he stared into the sky when he heard the distinct sound of kunai meeting another.

Jumping into action, he went over the outcrop to find that all three of the squad were battling a couple of sound shinobi. Seeing that they needed help he jumped into action A/N: first attempt at a fight seen so bear with me plz pulling a kunai out and charging some of his new chakra into it, he slung it at the head of one oto-nin. Not knowing what happened, the other 6 oto-nin, stared at the headless figure of there once living comrade under the snake sennin, Orochimaru. The force from the enhanced kunai was enough to blow the head of the sound nin, spraying his effluence over the other combatants. The blood splattering on the sand was instantly sucked dry by the voracious thirst of the sand causing no evidence of the first kill besides the body of the fallen man.

The next to go was a sound nin slightly looking like the summon dog puuken. Naruto's next attack was just as gruesome as the first, if not, more.

Without thinking Naruto appeared behind the man and plunged his hand into the sound nins chest breaking bone. Tearing through arteries and veins, muscle and sinew until his hand reached its destination, the other side of his body. The foreign body protruding from the other side of the sound nin was grasping something.

The thing that Naruto's hand was holding onto was the still beating heart of the offending nin.

Drawing his hand out of the mans body, still with his prize in hand, he let the man fall to the ground and watched as the puddle of blood spewed by the body was drained by the ever vigilant sand.

Staring at the offending organ in his hand, he then decided to rid himself of the slightly twitching organ. Grasping it firmly he squeezed tightly, causing the heart to explode which showered the other nins who were just staring at the offending seen of Naruto's doing. A living autopsy of the man while standing.

Turning his head to the sound nins, he stared at them with those blood red eyes daring them to attack.

"N..Naaruto ... is t...t hat you" a shaky voice of Temari brought him out of his concentrated stair with the oto nins

"Yes its me silly, what makes you think im not Naruto?" he said jokingly, while looking at Temari and smiling his foxy grin. Turning to the nins once again "Look what you did, you got my outfit all bloody!" after this statement, the sound nins ran scared for there life trying to preserve there existence.

"Naruto, what happened to you? Your eyes are red." Yuki asked astonished at the display of demonic brutality by Naruto. "What are you?" she asked kinda scared.

"I am Uzumaki Narutokyuu no kitsune hanyou" he answered her "I am neither human nor demon at the moment, so i am a Hanyou. And about the eyes, they change whenever i use my chakra now because of a little gift from the fir ball." As Naruto finished talking his eyes changed back to the deep blue that they were. "Well? Any more questions?" He asked looking at everyone.

His eyes landed on Kakashi who had promptly tried to cover up his crotch, because he yet again, pissed himself. "Yes i do," Kakashi said trying to recompose himself. "Was that kyuubi's chakra you used."

"No that was my own, it turned red after another gift from the fox." naruto concluded

by focusing a small amount of chakra. The result was that Naruto's eyes turned red and the chakra was red that swirled around in his hand. Promptly after that Naruto feinted 'dead to the world'.

"Heheh, that kit is one of the side effects" the great fox laughed and too fell asleep.

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