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Summary: An orange ball with black stripes makes it way through Domino City, helping the gang with their problems.

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Bakura Takei & Ryou Takahashi

Ryou stomped out of his boyfriend's apartment and made his way to the entrance of the building, pulling his black shirt over his head. "I can't believe I'm just another conquest to you! You said this was different then the others!"

A silver-haired, blue-eyed teen followed him out, buttoning his pants. "It is different!"

Ryou snorted. "Yeah right!" He turned around, causing the other to stumble back. "Admit it, Bakura. All you want from me is one thing: sex! That's all you fucking care about!"

Bakura grabbed Ryou's arm before the boy could continue walking. "That's not true. I care about you a lot Ryou, really. This- what we have- is different. I know it will last. Maybe not forever, but…."

The ebony-haired teen glared. "Not forever? Gawd, Bakura, you don't even have faith in our relationship!"

"Of course I do!"

Ryou got out of the other's grip, rubbing his arm where it stung. "When you realize what you honestly want and it involves me without sex, then call." He sniffed, closing his eyes then opening them again. "If not? Then I guess this is goodbye." Ryou turned around, stilling the tears that were threatening to fall, and ran.


Katrina Takahashi waited impatiently for her best friend to open his door. The door opened, and she walked in. "About damn time, Baku!" She dropped the bag she had been carrying on the couch, sitting down next to it. "So?"

Bakura sat across from her in a black, leather chair, popping his knuckles, unaware that he was showing nervousness in front of the girl. "I need help with…."


Bakura nodded.

"I thought so. He came home pretty upset; didn't even come out for dinner and lasagna is his favorite."

The boy groaned. "Damn."

Katrina smiled, eyes gleaming with mischief. "Don't worry, Baku, I got you covered." She pulled her bag onto her lap, and started rummaging through it. "When you called me on my cell, I knew something bad was up. So, I took the opportunity to figure out what this mess is all about. After thinking for, oh about ten seconds, I came to only one conclusion why my nephew was mad at you." She stopped looking through the bag and stared at the other. "Sex."

"Always right."

"Well, you need a way to show my nephew that you love him and it doesn't always have to be about sex, right? But you also don't want to lose the sex?"

Bakura nodded again.

"All right." She pulled a basketball out of her bag. "Now," Katrina stood, holding the ball at arms length. "Pretend this is you."

Bakura glared. "What?"

Katrina sighed. "Just do it, Baku! Okay, if the black stripes were to suddenly disappear, what would the ball be?"

"An orange ball?"

"Right! Now, that orange ball wouldn't be considered a basketball if it didn't have the stripes." She smiled, proud of her work. "You get what I'm saying."

"Yeah," he said, grinning also. "Just have to get your nephew back over here."


Bakura led Ryou to the couch in his apartment. It had taken both his and Katrina's talking to get the boy to agree to come over here; he was too scared of what would happen. Bakura sat down next to his –hopefully still- boyfriend. "After a really interesting chat with your aunt, I believe I'm ready to talk to you."

Ryou nodded. "Okay."

"Ever since we first met, I felt this connection to you, like a rope tying us together so we couldn't leave one another." Bakura took a deep breath, and then continued. "When we first kissed, I thought it was the most amazing thing I have ever done." He crossed his right leg underneath his left and took Ryou's hands in his. "I'm so lucky to have you and now the most amazing thing for me is to love you and to have you love me back."

Ryou smiled, happiness flowing through his body. He leaned over and kissed his boyfriend lightly on the lips. "I love you, too."

Bakura pressed their lips together harder, wrapping an arm around Ryou's waist as he pushed him down on the couch. He pulled away a few minutes later and smiled down at the flush boy beneath him. "And," he whispered against Ryou's right ear, "making love to you is a privilege only I am allowed to have."

Ryou wrapped his arms tighter around Bakura's neck, hugging him. "Definitely, 'Kura." He pulled away, pushing a wisp of air out of Bakura's face. "What did the conversation with my sister?"

"Yeah, she compared our relationship to a basketball."

"Amazing," Ryou said. "Absolutely amazing. It only took a conversation with my aunt for you to figure all that out."

Bakura bit his neck, growling. "Shut up." He laid his head on Ryou's shoulder, yawning. "I still don't get one thing. Katrina hates basketball so where did she get one?"

Ryou yawned also. "Oh, Jonouchi is trying to teach Seto to play basketball and I believe Seto wants to get rid of the thing so he gave it to her." His curiosity piped. "How did she compare us to a basketball?"

Bakura sat up, setting Ryou on his lap and resting his head on the boy's shoulder. "Well, pretend a basketball is you…."


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