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Summary: An orange ball with black stripes makes it way through Domino City, helping the gang with their problems.

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Yami Kishimoto & Yugi Mutou

"It's a basketball, Jonouchi," Yugi pointed out, staring at the object. It was Yugi's boyfriend's birthday and the teen wanted it to be special when he saw the man tonight. But he couldn't think of anything to get Yami. The man was just too hard to shop for. So, Yugi came to Jonouchi and for some unknown reason, he thought that maybe his friend could help. Yugi was regretting it at this moment. "How can that help me?"

The blonde sighed. "Hey! It helped Bakura understand his relationship with Ryou, and even though it was the cause of an almost breakup between Malik and Mariku, this ball has powers."

Yugi sighed, leaning back into the couch in the living room at Kaiba Mansion. "Am I supposed to give this to Yami for his birthday?"

"No! We lay sales papers on the floor and roll the ball. Where ever it stops is what you get Yami!" Jonouchi smiled. "Brilliant, eh?"

"Um, sure, but what if it lands on shaving cream or something for girls?"

"That's why we're only using sales papers from stores for guys that only have electronics and such like that. No personal stuff involved." Jonouchi grabbed a few sales papers off the table next to him and bent down on his knees. He laid them out, and then gave the basketball to Yugi. "He's your boyfriend so you can roll the ball."

Yugi held the ball for a minute, staring. If Jonouchi thought it would work, then why shouldn't he? He bent down on his knees also, and let the ball go, watching as it rolled. The ball, however, didn't stop on the papers. It kept rolling until it was out of the room. Yugi looked at Jonouchi before they stood and ran after the object.

Mokuba Kaiba opened the door to his house and jumped back when a basketball rolled past him, and out the door. He watched the ball go past the gates and down the sidewalk. "Weird."


The boy turned around at his name and smiled at Jonouchi and Yugi. "Hey, guys."

Jonouchi grabbed his shoulders. "Have you seen a basketball?"

"Uh, yeah. It went out the gates." Before he could say anything else, the two teens ran past him and out the gates, running down the sidewalk. "Again, I say weird."


Yugi leaned against a building, panting heavily. "Maybe we should give up, Jonouchi," he suggested, looking at the teen that lay on the ground.

Jonouchi glared. "That ball has powers. It's looking for the special gift you can give Yami. We have to find the damn thing!" He stood, wiping off the dirt from his pants. "Now, come on!"

Yugi pushed himself from the building and followed the teen. "This is crazy." An orange object rolled past his feet. "Jonouchi, there it goes!" The two ran after the running ball that rolled through the opened door of the Kami Game Shop. Yugi stopped. "Why would it go in there?"

The blonde shrugged. "Maybe the present is in there." He walked in, looking back to see if Yugi was following. "I told you this thing had powers."

Yugi shook his head. "Whatever." He smiled at his grandfather who sat behind the counter. "Have you seen a basketball come through here?"

His grandfather pointed towards the door that led to the apartment above. "Somehow it went up the stairs." He frowned. "Is there something you need to tell me, Yugi?"

"No." He grabbed Jonouchi's hand before the blonde could say anything and walked up the stairs. He opened the door and looked around the apartment, letting his friend's hand go. "Now where?"

"Um, we search for a missing basketball. Maybe it found the perfect present for Yami."

"I doubt it." He walked out of the living room and into his room, gasping as he saw the ball lying on his bed. "Jonouchi!"

The blonde ran into the room. "Huh?"

Yugi pointed at the bed. "Why is it there and how the hell did it get up there?"

Jonouchi scratched the back of his neck, shrugging. "I don't know how it got there, but Yugi, what do people normally do on beds?"


His friend sighed. "Besides that?"

"Um, well, most people have…." The realization of what his friend was trying to tell him fell on his head and he glared. "No! You can't expect me to believe that a ball thinks Yami and I should, well, you know!"

"You and him haven't?" Yugi shook his head. "Have you ever?" Again, the tri-colored haired teen shook his head. "Well, maybe it's time for you to."

Yugi picked up a textbook off his desk and threw it at the blonde. He scowled when Jonouchi ducked from the flying object. "No it isn't! I mean, I'm not ready."

"Then I suggest for you to keep looking." Jonouchi yelped when a punch landed on his arm. He rubbed the sore spot, glaring at the shorter teen.


Yugi waited for his boyfriend to open the door to his apartment. He had spent the rest of the afternoon thinking of what to give the elder boy and finally decided on one thing. The door opened and Yugi was brought into a hug from his boyfriend. "Hey, Yami," Yugi said, smiling as he walked past the elder into the apartment. "How have you been?"

Yami shut the door and turned around, grinning. "Great, Yugi. And you?" He led the teen to the couch and they both sat down next to one another.

"The same." Yugi shifted. "So, happy birthday, Yami!"


Yugi leaned up and gave the boy a kiss on the cheek. "I have been thinking all day what to get you and well I think I have the best thing!"

Yami tilted his head. "I said you didn't have to get me anything, but what did you decide on?"

The younger one laughed. "Well, I thought that maybe I should follow the advice of a basketball."

"A basketb…." Lips descended on his, stopping any further conversation. Yami gladly wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist as he pushed the boy back, and lying on top without breaking any connection. He smiled in the kiss as Yugi moaned when Yami's hands went up his shirt, gently touching the skin. Yami broke it off a few minutes later and smiled down at the teen. "Well, that was a fabulous gift, Yugi."

Yugi lifted his hips up, gasping at the touch of Yami's erection against his own. "That's not the entire gift, Yami."

His boyfriend widens his eyes and before Yami could say anything else, lips claimed his in a kiss.




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