Fifteen years ago, a little boy sat with his father, listening to his stories. He was an only child, and his mother had died a few years ago.

Then, they heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen. The boy's father told the boy to go hide in the cabinet under the stairs and not to come out until the intruder left or he was told to come out. Then, he took his sword from above the fireplace. His father was a retired knight, but he still was a formidable enemy. He then walked towards the kitchen feeling both anxiety and fear.

A few seconds after he boy's father entered, there was a clash of blades. As they backed into the living room, the boy saw, through the space between the door and the wall, his father and a rogue, slashing viciously at each other. As the two men walked further into the room, the boy lost sight of the two men. As soon as he tried to open the door to see better, he heard a sickening sound of a knife entering a person's body and pulled out again.

He wondered in fear if it was his father who was murdered. His question was then answered as he opened the door and saw the rogue jumping out of the window and saw the lifeless body of his father, in a puddle of his own blood.

He ran to his father and stared in disbelief. He then started crying and screaming for him to com back after he made sense of what was happening... then he suddenly heard a rooster crow. Then he opened his eyes and he realized that he was having a dream of his horrible past.

He then checked his agenda for the day, and he had only an hour of sitting in the confession box.

Surprisingly, there were a lot of people coming to confess that day. But, what really interested him was a rogue.

"Forgive me father for I have sinned," he started.

At first, this man seemed only like an average, everyday, normal criminal. But it was what he said at the end that truly struck Darren. This was because it was about something really important in his life… his father's death.

"Father, I'm really sorry that I have only confessed this now after all these years. I'm really sorry." The man repeated. "It is alright my son, for you have been given the strength to come and tell this." Darren assured him. Who then listened to the man's side of the story.

As the man ended his version, Darren asked if he knew the name of the guild that hired him.

"Ahh, yes… it's right at the tip of my tongue, ummmm, I remember now! It was Anarchy 99!" he blurted out.

Darren gave the man the absolution and headed to the public records room to check out this guild.

He found that it was originated in Morocc and was led by a mysterious assassin named Korvu. And at the same moment, he was filled with a sense of duty. He felt like it was his duty to set off to Morocc to give this guild a piece of his mind... or maybe the point of his waghnakh.