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Yamato's Pov

My mind's made up,tonight I'll just don't need me,T.K grown up and dosen't need me to protect him anymore.I just cause trouble to them,they'll do much better without one need's me,exspessally her.Her,the girl that stolen my ,I never been the type of person to belive in love,but then,she changed ,to me,she's an 's the only one that understands me compleately,and supports me on my 't get me wrong,Gabumon's a great friend and all yet Sora can somehow sense what he can' can tell when I'm lying,and can snap me out of things,she can read me like a book by looking at my eyes an beauty is a plus but I don't care about that,it's her mind and personality that I like about her.A tough and clever girl she is,rare to find these days,understanding doesen't squel on me and isn't trying to be my friend so she can get close to me for or judge me for my looks or outsidepersonality like most people I look around I can see that she stands out from the rest...kinda like what does it matter,she'll never like a guy like me,and I just cause pain to my parents.I'm so sick of comeing home to see my that I'm alone, just never goes my would be happier if I was gone out of their lives.At that last thought he began to stand up and walk up to the edge of the cliff far away from everyone had ran away from the rest of the gang a few hours earlier and without Gabumon puposley left Gabumon there so no one could stop was about to jump off but"YAMATO"a voice called out his name,he immedietly knew who the voice belonged to.Sora

Sora's Pov

I can't belive Yamato's going through this.I care to much about him to let him throw his life away like that.She ran so hard to find Yamato that her breathing was pounding like a hard had ran away fron the group a while ago without takeing Gabumon with 's been distenceing himself even more lately and just got into anotherfight with Tai,only this time...it was serious.How could Tai do something like that.I know he like that at times but this time he's gone too far!Tai ang Matt went through another fist fight,arguing .Tai was in a bad mood and decided to take it out in the rest of the ,Mostly Matt scince he was considerd his soon was badmouthing Yamato about why he wasn't like more like him and was so secretive all the time,and all that kinda a was too much for Yama,so he left..As soon as he left I was about to go after him but Tai moved his anger on to me.Badmouthig me after Yamato,You don't know what we went Kaiyama you've gone too far,you don't even know how much I'm the same as you hurt him with your words you also insult me.I then stop all thoughts and concentrated on finding I saw something from the corner of my was walking towards the edge of the cliff !I then turned and ran towords him."YAMATO"I yelled with all my might.

Nobody's pov

Silence engulfed them both and time had soon come to a just stood their,stareing at each other with serious/surprised was like a still painting,neither of them dareing to move or soon seemed like everything disappeared,the cliff,the sun the was black except for each other in their one,nothing else excisted but each ran wildly through their heads.

Yamato's Pov

What is she doing here,or mostly of all...why is she here?I felt like running up to her,pulling her in his arms,and telling her how much he loved that wasn't possible.The gang probably told her to get me.The thought of them rubbing their happiness in his face stung him greatly."Sora,why did you come here?"I finally spoke up,my saphire blue eyes never leaving her ruby gave me a stern look."I came to look for you and stop you from doing anything you might regret".she answerd softly."Oh"was all I could slip out of my beheld us she spoke again,and this time I had no idea how to answer."I saw you almost jump off,why?"

Sora's Pov

I already knew why he did that but I just had to ask him to see how he would react."It was because you wanted to get away from everyone permentally and that was the only way you could have done it here.I'm right aren't I."I answered for had a shoked expression on his face and I knew I was then looked down to his boots as it were the most intresting thing in the world."yeah"escaped from his lips and then the silence came heart was beating twice as fast from being next to him like this and the silence betwen us."Your right,that was the reason"he broke the silence."Yama,therewas other things you could have 't mind what Tai said,he dosen't know anything about you."I tried to make him feel better but he just seem to ignore me.

Nobody's Pov

"What do you know,you never been through what I have!You would never understand!"Yamato yelled"Yamato,your sounding like Tai right now.I don't want to,but I will use force to snap you out of it."Sora said in a calm yet serious Tai comment got to him."I'm sorry,it seems that I even hurt you.I always hurt everyone around me,espesally the ones that I care for about most."Yamato said,his voice cracking and started looking down 's facial exprssion threaten to soften but she still kept a stern face."Oh Yamato."Sora's face may have been serious but her eyes and voice were filled with made tears threaten to fall from Yamato's eyes even more but he couldn't break down crying in front of didn't want her pity,he wanted her love and she him but to scared too scared to tell each other."I'm so sorry for this Sora.I'll leave you now and never come back."He told her sadly."Yama you can't do that,everyone needs an important member of the team and you always will one can replace you."Sora said softly her voice now compassinte and understanding takeing a few steps closer than him,trying to stop him from knew he had to get away from her soon or else he would never be able to leave,the look in her eyes made it harder for him to even think about it was too late,his feet were glued to the ground he was standing on refuseing to leave this auburn haired angel like firey ruby red eyes glimmering with all sorts of mixed feeling and one that he just couldn't make out that caught his breath.Does she feel the same way about me as I her.He wondered."Yama."the word escaped her lips."don't go"."Sora"his voice cracked as he broke down into her arm,tears threatning to fall.

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