The day the Smile slipped

"Ohoyo Sakura-Chan! Sasuke-teme!"

As usual the other two members of team seven ignored their boisterous teammate. It had been nearly three weeks ago that Naruto had brought back Sasuke from the valley of the end. In that time Tsunade had found that the cursed seal on Sasuke's neck had been twisting his mind. It's subsequent removal had made a tremendous impact on the young man's mood. Realizing how close he had come to losing everything, Sasuke had re-assessed his life, and found it wanting. He was still the broody bastard he had been before, but more and more often now he found himself smiling at the antics of his blonde friend, and recently had even considered accepting one of Saukra's invitations to go out with the rookie nine for dinner. Sakura had realized exactly how far behind she was really lagging, and had worked hard to make herself into a true Kunoichi. Naruto, well he was still Naruto, a little more cautious perhaps, but still his happy old self. Well except for this morning that is. Today Naruto had woken up on the proverbial 'wrong side of the bed'.

Nothing. Every day since we first became a team I've come up and greeted these two, and never. Not ONE TIME in almost a YEAR. Has either one taken a moment to answer me.

To say that Naruto wasn't having a good day is actually quite an understatement. He had been up late last night reading though some scrolls he found detailing the history of the village. Normally Naruto found history to be quite boring, but last night he just couldn't put the book down. After all he had FINALLY come to the section pertaining to his hero. The fourth Hokage.

I wonder what the fourth would have done in a situation like this. Would he have bothered to continue? It's obvious that neither of them is EVER going to answer me.

Naruto found himself getting more and more any the longer he thought about it. After all when team seven had gotten back from completing their mission last night Naruto had raced all the was to Ichiraku's only to find that they had already closed. This fact hadn't bothered him to much until he had gotten to his room and realized that he was out of food completely. He had taken the last of his instant Raman with him on the mission and had forgotten to buy more. Therefore he really hadn't had anything for dinner either.

You'd think I'd at least get a nod or something. I mean shit, did I save that Teme's life or not? Didn't I keep my word? She never did thank me. Hell she didn't even bother to see if I was alright when I got back to Konoha. She just ran over and started fawning over Sasuke. I nearly DIED of blood loss, and she had no Idea that I was injured until I didn't show up for training the next morning.

Unfortunately Naruto had stayed up so late the night before; the he had woken up late this morning. He had barley had time to change his clothes and run out the door. Being forced to skip breakfast Naruto had now gone almost twenty four hours since his last meal. Not a really big thing, but annoying.

A little gratitude SHOULD have been in order. A hug would have been nice, hell even just some cheap thank you card would have been sufficient.

On top of that, while he was running to the training grounds, Naruto had run into a large man who was taking his dog for a walk. When he had brushed himself off (The man hadn't even staggered) he had tried to apologize. The man had refused to listen to it though. After calling Naruto a demon, the man had released his dog and ordered it to attack poor Naruto. Thankfully however Naruto had gotten quite skilled over the years at evading Idiots and their dogs.

Even Sasuke hasn't said anything. I didn't really expect much, but a muttered thanks would have been nice. Hell I'd be happy if he'd just quite calling me Dobe (dead last). But no. he just pretends that it never happened. Feh, I should have just let the asshole go.

"Hey TEME. I was talking to you."

"What do you want Dobe."

"Not you Jackass, the other one."

Sakura and Sasuke looked surprised as they both realized that Naruto had been looking right at Sakura when he had said that.

"Humph, what do you want now Naruto?"

"Kami save me, I don't know why I even bother."

Sasuke and Sakura shared another look

"Bother with what dobe?"

Naruto's eyes blazed up for a moment, the fa├žade of happiness melting away, and the pain and anger showing bright. It was so unexpected that For a moment both Sakura and Sasuke stepped back.

"I'm sick and tired of being ignored and insulted. I've given everything I can for both of you, and faced certain death on numerous occasions to save your asses. But now I've had it. When that Dipshit we call a Sensei finally shows up, tell him I'm taking the day off."

With that Naruto turned and stalked away. Sasuke and Sakura both stood frozen for a few minutes at how different their teammate had acted. However after a moment Sasuke turned to Sakura.

"What's got his tail in a knot?"

"Dunno. Kakashi probably won't be showing up for another hour or so though, lets go find out shall we?"

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