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Azimo's Adventure

Meeting Cathy, Killing Baphie, Darkie, n'Hewey, then trampling Alfie...

Azimo an Abysmal Knight was wandering around Roker Coast in search of an unsuspecting victim. He was out on a quest in search for a companion, an excuse, a hostage, someone to protect him from the bad MVP hunters out in the World hunting him for the sole reason that he was an MVP, a monster, an almost immortal monster. He Azimo the one and only MORTAL Abysmal Knight in the land of Midgard was the only Abysmal Knight that has never ever been beaten in battle had a problem; he accidentally lost all his supernatural powers in a bet. The bet being that he, an Abysmal Knight with a soft spot for novices, could kill a novice without a second thought. Unfortunately after being called a coward and various other names he gave in betting that he could and temporarily losing almost all his powers in the process. While traveling around Midgard he had already encountered countless possible victims all of them having a certain flaw. Those going solo recognized him as the monster that he's supposed to be and ran away, while those others out there tried to kill him. So he was stuck walking and traveling the world which is what he has been doing for the past twenty-five years. After the first five years walking and running around can become quite boring, sometimes he even wished that someone had already ended his life.

Somewhere along The Roker Coast a young acolyte was wondering around asking everyone she met if they could tank her. No such luck for her. No one not even those chivalrous knights bothered to help her. After seeing how much damage she could inflict upon a poring they all said no. The poring, the one creature in Midgard that even a baby could kill with ease, she Cathy the acolyte, could barely do anything to the porings that they didn't even acknowledge her existence. Even her fellow religious workers wouldn't help her.


"Oh sorry miss. Are you alright? Here let me help you" Azimo said as he held out his hand to the acolyte after he had bumped into her accidentally.

Cathy grasps his hand, " Thanks, yeah I'm alright." Then she starts walking away looking depressed for some reason unknown to Azimo.

"Wait." Azimo says to the girl.

Cathy stops walking "Yes?"

"Are you sure you're alright? Cause from where I'm standing you look kind of depressed."

"Huh. Yeah. I'm alright." She starts walking again.

"Miss I don't think you should be walking alone."

"Huh? What do you mean sir?"

"There is a rumor that there's a dark monster creeping around this place. If you want I could accompany you?"

"Are you sure? How do I know I can trust you? How do I know you won't just leave me as soon as you see how pathetic I am."

"Me leave a pretty girl like you? Never. I swear it on my oath as a knight of Glast Heim."

"Knight of Glast Heim?"

Whoops…I wasn't supposed to say that…yep I wasn't supposed to say that...-

"I didn't know Glast Heim had knights"

"WHAT! You mean to tell me you've never heard of the Dark Knights that roam Glast Heim everyday and every night searching for victims to torture and kill!"

"Nope. I'm new to this adventuring thing. Besides no one seems to like to stay with me for very long. You're actually the first person to actually say more than two words to me for some time"

"You poor little dear. Come on I'll tank you. I'll even prove to you that you're not as pathetic as you think you are."

Azimo hold out his hand to her again. She grasps it. Then he creates a warp portal to his hometown Glast Heim.

Glast Heim, a graveyard, an old ruin of a graveyard. The only residents being the undead, the dead, and the deadly. Azimo and Cathy reappeared right smack in the middle of upper Glast Heim right beside the entrance to the ballroom of Glast Heim castle, where all the raydrics and MVPs liked to hang out.

"Cathy I want you to wait here for just a few minutes, ok?"

"Ok Azimo."

Azimo walks through the doorway into the ballroom and confronts or rather asks a favor from his Immortal friends.

"Please Baphomet? Just this one time? Please?"

"Well…Just this one time…hmm…let me think about it a moment." Baphomet says.

"Come on Dark Lord. She's just an acolyte."

"I don't know…hmm…" Dark Lord says.

"Hey Hewey just this once pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

"Just this once?" Hewey the Abysmal Knight asked.


"Why not. Ok I'll do it." Hewey said.

"Fine might as well." Baphomet said as well.

"What does it matter, but remember Az you owe me a bar of chocolate next Valentine's for this one."

"Yes! Thanks guys. Don't forget to leave some good loot."

"Go get her already." The three said in unison.

Outside while Cathy was waiting a party of 2nd jobbers arrived.

"Hey acolyte what are you doing out here?" a knight asked her.

"I'm waiting my friend to come out of that room" she said while pointing at the direction of the ballroom.

"Girl, your friend must already be dead by now. That room's filled to the brim with the strongest monsters in all of Midgard" a rogue said.

"He swore on his oath as a knight that he won't leave me"

"Suite yourself" a hunter said to her.

"Sorry to keep you waiting Cathy" Azimo said as he came out of the room unscathed.

"What took you so long Azimo?"

"Huh me? I had to clear out all the raydrics out of the room so that I could help you train."

"H-h-hey. Y-y-you're an Abysmal K-k-knight" one scared looking and trembling priest said.

Azimo was just wearing his Black knight outfit without his helmet but still to most experienced adventurers he still looked like an abysmal knight.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! RUN! ITS GONNA KILL US ALL!" the party of 2nd jobbers started screaming while running for their lives.

"Azimo why were they running?"

"No reason. Don't mind them. Let's go in Cathy."

"Ok" Cathy says then follows Azimo into the room.

Upon entering the room Cathy is suddenly attacked by Baphomet, Dark Lord and Hewey. On impulse Cathy just swung her mace around hitting all three MVPs and knocking them out cold otherwise known as temporarily killing them, just as a party of MVP hunters enters the place. But before they could even make a sound they were quickly silenced by Azimo and his big broadsword.

"Cathy you can look now."

Opening her eyes once more the sight before her shocked her. Slightly stunned she couldn't believe what she had done. She had actually beaten three MVPs all by herself, when she herself couldn't even harm a poring. Just as this information struck her she fainted.


"Oh great she fainted. Might as well take her to Geffen. Alfred should have a spare room I can put her in." Azimo puts all the loot in Cathy's bag and carries Cathy all the way to Geffen on his Black PecoPeco.

In Geffen

"ALFRED! I NEED YOUR HELP!" Azimo shouted into the entrance to underground Geffen.

"You didn't have to shout so loud Az. So whatcha want?" Alfred a Doppelganger asked.

"I need a place to stay."

"That all?"

"No. Also a place for my companion. She apparently fainted after knocking Bapho, DL, and Hewey out."


"Shhhh. Alfie you want to wake the whole city up?"

"No but still, that little thing? You gotta be kidding me."

"ok ok ok, so she had a bit o'help."

"Oh well what the hell come on then. I got a place beside the tool shop."

"Thanks Alfie I owe ya one."

"No big. Ya don't come across one o'those thing everyday."

"One o'those whats?"

"Cute unconscious girls."

"I swear Alfie if you lay a finger on Cathy I'm going to show you what it means to feel pain."

"Calm down Az. I won't do no such thin to her. How bout you change her clothes while I watch. We're almost there anyway."

"Alfie one more comment like that and I'm letting Martini here trample you."

"Fine, fine I'll leave you alone with her to do as you please with your precious patent"

Azimo then jumped of Martini his Pet and let him her trample Alfred.

"Ouch… Ouch… Ouch…. Ouch…. Ouch…. Ouch….my ribs…. Ouch…my back…hey not there… Ouch…how am I supposed to have kids now… Ouch"

"Martini you can stop now. Don't worry Alfie they'll heal after all you are immortal."

"Yeah, yea, yeah. We're here. Just go look for an empty room dump her on the bed, see to it that she's comfy then join me for a drink. K?"

"Sure thing." Azimo did just that then the two friends drank till dawn.