When the group awoke the next day they found themselves very wet. All thanks to Byron. One must never open warp portals when one is sleepy. The only one of the group who woke up dry was Cathy since she slept on top of Pinky. Azimo woke spluttering cursing complaining and thrashing about trying to dry himself off. Alfred just stood immediately up then transformed himself into a clean and dry looking swordsman. Daisy after waking up changed into her MVP cockroach form and let the water just slide of her. And last but not least Byron woke with half his body covered in mud since he landed in a mud pit.

"Good Morning People! Need help getting out from down there?" a Payonese girl shouted from atop the bridge the group woke up underneath.

"Sure. Just throw down a line and we'll be right up." Azimo shouted back.

So the Payonese girl throws down a rope while holding onto one end. Azimo catches the other and then helps his friends climb up the rope. Pinky being quite huge had to be tied into a bundle and pulled up. Azimo was the last one to reach the bridge. Being the last one he was the last one to notice the crowd that had gathered wanting to know why of all places to sleep the group chose to sleep under the bridge. Alfred explained that originally they were Poring hunting and fell asleep in a clearing but Byron their Priest friend cast a warp portal before nodding off. So the Payonese people welcomed them to Payon and let them to their own devices.

"So guys, what do we do today?" Cathy asked her friends.

"I dunno." Azimo said.

"Whatever you wanna do Cathy." Alfie answered.

"Anything's fine by me." Daisy replied.

Pinky just bounced around them bored.

"How bout we visit Payon Cave. Go undead hunting?" Byron suggested.

"Isn't that dangerous?" Cathy asks.

"Not really considering who you have with you to help you train there." Azimo stated.

"Then its settled then. Payon Cave it is." Alfred said.

So the group then walked of towards Payon Cave. Finding the cave in the midst of the Archer Village, the party stocked up on supplies. Ranging from potions to random items that might just come in handy. Once done they entered the cave. The monster of said cave had quite some bad luck, being the recipients of the numerous whacks that came from the swinging arms and legs of Cathy and company. Corpse after corpse after corpse fell victim to the relentless attacks of Cathy and her friends. Then all of a sudden they finally reached the lowest level of the cave. They also came face to face with a pissed off Moonlight Flower. The petit fox maiden carrying her bell stick blindly attacked Azimo. Azimo in turn instinctively pulled out his sword and defended himself. Alfred and Daisy had also accidentally found out that they were surrounded by countless angry Sohees, ninetails, and other undead creatures pissed at the fact that their eternal slumber had been disturbed by a group of beings that all looked like they were all mortal which of course not all of them were. Pinky and Byron were running after Cathy who had numerous Soldier Skeletons running after her as well. Watching from the sidelines eating popcorn were a couple of amused Khalitzburgs.

a/n: I guess no one is fainting in this chapter I am a bit distracted so in all this time I have only come up with close to 600 words sorry. Will add to chapter soon as I find inspiration.