Here's chapter 6

Numbuh 4: (in Yami Numbuh 4's thoughts) if I don't do something fast, I'll lose the duel.

Yami Numbuh 4 looks at the cards in his hand, and the one he drew. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the four operatives and the two teens; Marik Ishtar was watching the duel the entire time through the magic of the millennium rod (It was shown through what looked like a portal of some kind, like a magic mirror).

Marik: I must say, that little doppelganger seems to be holding out against the spirit of the scales.

Odion: yes indeed, once he wins them for you, getting the puzzle from the pharaoh will be a much easier task.

Marik: now, now. He hasn't won yet, let's see how the pharaoh's high priest deals with his dilemma

Meanwhile, back at the duel, Yami Numbuh 4 looks at his cards, and tries to think.

Numbuh 4: (in Yami Numbuh 4's thoughts) okay. I've got to do this just right.

Yami Numbuh 4: to begin. My Imperial Order trap card shall be destroyed, because I won't pay the 700 life points to keep it on the field.

The card fades away on the field.

Yami Numbuh 4: (takes facedown card) next, I'll activate my facedown card, Call of the haunted!

He flips the card face up, the holographic renders glow, and an image of a graveyard appears.

Yami Numbuh 4: this continuous trap card brings back one of my monsters that was destroyed; I shall bring back, my Summon Skull.

The Summon Skull comes back from the "ground" like a zombie.

ATK: 2500
DEF: 1200

Yami Numbuh 4: next; I'll play these two magic cards: Premature Burial, and Monster Reborn.

He places the two cards on the proper area of the mat, the holographic renders glow…

Yami Numbuh 4: both magic cards bring back a monster, but for Premature Burial; I have to pay 800 life points.

Yami Numbuh 4: 2000

Yami Numbuh 4: I shall bring back: Buster Blader, and Battle Ox.

…both monsters appear on the field, both in attack mode.

Buster Blader:
ATK: 2600
DEF: 2300

Battle Ox:
ATK: 1700
DEF: 1000

Hank: tch. I don't know if you notice, but all of your monsters are in attack mode.

Yami Numbuh 4: don't worry; they won't be there for long. I sacrifice my three monsters in order to summon my most strongest monster: Ultimate Obedient Fiend!

He sends the three monsters to the graveyard, and places the card on the same spot Summon Skull was, the holographic renders glow, Buster Blader, Battle Ox, and Summon Skull disintegrates and a larger sized version of the monster appears.

ATK: 3500
DEF: 3000

Scene cuts to Marik.
Marik: strange...

Odion: what is it. master Marik?

Marik: Ultimate Obedient Fiend is a strong monster, but it can't get stronger.

Odion: I thought all monsters could get stronger.

Marik: it can, but if it equipped with a magic card, it can't attack, not unless there are no card in the card-holder's hand, or on the card-holder's side of the field.

Odion: so why would he play it?

Marik: let's find out.

Scene cut to the duel.

Hank: I think I know what you're gonna do.

Yami Numbuh 4: really? Why don't you tell me?

Hank: your last card is an equip-magic card, if I have to guess, it'll double the ATK points of your Ultimate Obedient Fiend.

Cree: even if he makes his monster stronger, it still couldn't attack.

Numbuh 5: what'cha talking 'bout, sis?

Cree: well if you must know, Ultimate Obedient Fiend can't attack if there are any cards in the card-holder's hand, or on his side of the field.

Numbuh 1: That means that his last card isn't about making his monster stronger, it about destroying Hank's!

Yami Numbuh 4: well Hank, you couldn't be more wrong, my last card is the quick-play magic card, Mystical Space Typhoon!

He places the card on the proper area of the mat, the holographic renders glow, and wind appears from the card, blowing toward the time machine chamber.

Hank: What's it doing!

Yami Numbuh 4: Mystical Space Typhoon can destroy one magic or trap card on the field, and your Time Machine is the target.

The wind from the magic card destroys the trap card, and the Barrel Dragon is destroyed as well.

Hank: Hey! What happen to my monster?

Yami Numbuh 4: you should read the card more closely, if Time Machine is destroyed, so is the monster that you brought back. Now that I have no cards on my side on the field, or my hand, my monster can attack. And since you don't have any monsters on the field, I'm free to attack your life points directly.

Scene cuts to Marik.

Marik: grrr…no!

Odion: I guess he could cut it.

Marik: (sighs) I guess it true what they say: if you want something done right, (gets up) you have to do it yourself. I'll be right back Odion.

He raises the millennium rod, the blue/purple-ish fog appears, it develops him, and the fog disappears without a trace.

Meanwhile back at the duel.

Yami Numbuh 4: Ultimate Obedient Fiend! Finish this duel! ATTACK!

The Ultimate Obedient Fiend rushed towards Hank's podium, and raised its fist in an effort to attack.


The monster punches the podium, and it short-circuits a bit.

Hank: 0

Yami Numbuh 4: looks like I win. (The Anubis eye glows on his forehead) now to bring back my friend, and send you to the shadow realm. (He waives his hand) MIND CRUSH!

A yellow energy beam coming from his hand, and the scales rush towards Hank, the beam hits him on his forehead.


Cree: HANK! NO!

His body's color becomes Negative: like the negatives of a strip of film, then it breaks up, revealing Numbuh 2 (he comes back during that mind crush) and he faints. The podiums return together, and the room changes back to normal. At the same time, Numbuh 1 managed to free himself, as well as the others, and they all rushed to Numbuh 2.

Numbuh 1: (all at once) Numbuh 2?

Numbuh 5: (all at once) is he alright?

Numbuh 3: (all at once) is he back to normal?

Yami Numbuh 4: come on guys, give him some room.

Numbuh 2's eyes start to open slowly, then the open all the way, his vision was blurry at first, then it was clear.

Numbuh 2: uh…man, what a dream. I dreamed this weird teenager with a gold stick of some kind released my teen alter ego; Hank. Then he sent me to a place called the shadow realm.

Yami Numbuh 4: Numbuh 2, it wasn't a dream, you were 'really' in the shadow real, and your teen self 'really' took over, but I manage to send him in the shadow realm, and free you.

Suddenly, a net comes flying over them, and it captures them, the net was from Cree's Boa stick weapon.

Cree: alright. You little snot-nosed kids are going down! Starting with Numbuh 4, I'll take those scales for father to use-

As she was talking, she notices the Blue/purple-ish fog that's forming next to her and the operatives, the fog clears; revealing Marik to them.

Cree: what the…?

Numbuh 2: (scared) that's the guy who sent me to the shadow realm, and caused all this.

Numbuh 1: alright teenager; (frees himself, and the others, then pulls out weapon) hands where I can see them!

Marik: of course.

He raises his hands, but he takes his millennium rod, and shoots an energy beam, knocking the weapon out of Numbuh 1's hand.

Numbuh 1: crud.

Yami Numbuh 4: (gasp) the millennium rod?

Marik: I see your memory is still in tack, high priest.

Yami Numbuh 4: how do you know who I once was?

Marik: well, you see-

Cree: (interrupting) alright, I don't know who you are, but you are not gonna interrupt my revenge against these little brats. (Charges at him) HY-YA!

Marik takes his rod, and it glows, Cree suddenly glows too, an energy field surrounds her. Marik thrusts his rod towards a wall, and Cree starts flying towards it, and the energy field holds her there.

Marik: now where was I? Oh yes. (To Yami Numbuh 4) as I was saying; I know all about you, and the pharaoh, because my family was sworn to protect the pharaoh's tomb.

Yami Numbuh 4: then that must mean you're of the Ishtar family.

Marik: yes that me, Marik Ishtar.

Yami Numbuh 4: what would a tomb keeper want with the millennium scales?

Marik: I never wanted this task of guarding the pharaoh's tomb. So, with the scales, and my rod; I'll have more than enough power to make the millennium puzzle mine, and soon, I'll take what should be rightfully mine; the pharaoh's power.

Yami Numbuh 4: (gasp) pharaoh Yu-Gi-Oh walks the earth?

Marik: Heh. Not for long.

Numbuh 5: (to Numbuh 2) what are they talking about?

Numbuh 2: Shh. This is getting good.

Marik: now, why don't you make easier and just give me the scales.

Yami Numbuh 4: over my dead body.

Marik: (millennium rod glows) have it your way then.

Marik launches an energy beam from the rod, and Yami Numbuh 4 dose the same thing from the scales, the two beams hit each other.

Marik: prepare yourself for a shadow game like you've never seen before.

Yami Numbuh 4: this game shall be played in the field of our minds.

The two energy beams continue to stay hitting each other. (A/N: this is like when Yami Bakura dueled Pegasus for his millennium eye)

Marik: hmm. It seems your powers are a bit worn out from your last duel with Hank, however; mine is strong and fresh.

Yami Numbuh 4: I've faced worse odd in the day Marik, and I'm not about to lose.

Marik: very well.

The "game" continues for about five minutes, and Yami Numbuh 4 starts to sweat, and he's shaking a bit.

Numbuh 2: I don't like this. I think Numbuh 4 is losing.

Numbuh 5: I don't know who this Marik is, but we can't let him beat Numbuh 4.

Numbuh 1: I agree, but what can we do?

Numbuh 3: I've got an idea. (She walks towards the two)

Numbuh 1: Numbuh 3, don't!

Marik: (evil chuckle) this duel is almost over. And your about to lose.

Numbuh 3: he is not gonna lose!

Marik: huh?

Marik sees that Numbuh 3 is walking up to Yami Numbuh 4.

Marik: what are you doing?

Numbuh 3: helping out a friend.

Numbuh 3 then takes Yami Numbuh 4's right hand, and held it with her left hand; Yami Numbuh 4 noticed this and was confused.

Yami Numbuh 4: Kuki? What are you doing?

Numbuh 3: helping you, what else?

Numbuh 3 smiles, and so dose Yami Numbuh 4, then suddenly; the energy beam from the millennium scales started to move closer to Marik. Everyone gasped at this.

Numbuh 1: I think I get what she's doing. Come on team, follow her lead.

Soon Numbuh 1 took Yami Numbuh 4's left hand, then Numbuh 5 takes Numbuh 3's right hand, and Numbuh 2 takes Numbuh 1 left hand. As each operative joined hands, the beam from the scales gets stronger by pushing towards Marik, and Marik shocked by what's happening.


Yami Numbuh 4: well, looks like the tables have turned. Now you'll pay for using Numbuh 2 as your little puppet.

Numbuh 5: yeah! You mess with Numbuh 2; you mess with all of sector V

Numbuh 1: you mess with one Kid Next Door; you mess with all of the Kids Next Door!

Numbuh 2: you mess with one of us; you mess with all of us.

Then suddenly, the metal wall covering the tree house start lifting, it's now morning, thus ending the lockdown. As a surprise to everyone in the three house, Numbuh 86 with her troops, Numbuh 362 and a few other KND operatives surrounded the tree house, some who saw the inside of it looked shocked at what they see. Now Marik was the one who was sweating and shaking a bit.

Marik: I WILL NOT LOSE TO A BUNCH OF KIDS! (The Anubis eye glows on his forehead)

Yami Numbuh 4: oh I disagree. (The Anubis eye glows on his forehead)

Then, a thin image of the 5 pieces of Exodia are showed in front of the five operative, then the energy beam from the millennium rod disintegrates, and the energy beam from the scales rush towards Marik, it hits him, and he's sent flying across the room, and hit a wall. After that happened; Yami Numbuh 4 changed back to Numbuh 4 and the KND outside came rushing in.

Numbuh 1: 86? 362? What are you guys doing here?

Numbuh 362: we sensed that your tree house was under lockdown, and an over-ride code was entered. You know that's against the rules.

Numbuh 1: it wasn't any of us. (Gasp) that explains how Cree got in.

Numbuh 86: Cree is here? Where is she now?

Numbuh 1: she should be right over (looks at area where Cree is) here?

The all look at the area where she was last, but no one was there, then they hear rockets blasting off, they look where it's coming from, and they see Cree in a small ship, heading away from the tree house.

Cree: (thinking) until next time Kids Next Dorks, (evil chuckle)

Numbuh 86: she's getting away.

Numbuh 1: let her go, we'll have another day. Right now we have-

Decommission officer: (interrupting) Numbuh 86, we have another teenager over here.

Numbuh 1: -another problem to attend to. (Sighs)

They all rush to Marik, and Numbuh 86 gasped.

Numbuh 86: it's that Namu kid, he hacked into the KND super computer yesterday.

Numbuh 4: Namu? He told us his name was Marik.

Just then Marik was about to come to.


As he finally came to, he noticed all sort of weapons were pointed at him.

Numbuh 86: alright Namu- uh Marik, what ever your name is. You're under arrest for hacking into the into the KND super computer, breaking into a KND tree house-

Numbuh 2: (joining Numbuh 86) –and threatening to steal from an operative.

Marik: sorry to disapoint you, but I must be going, now. I'm late for a tournament (raises rod) farewell for now.

The same fog develops him, and then it disappears without a trace.

Numbuh 362: where'd he go?

Numbuh 86: I don't know, but we'll find him.

Numbuh 4: for the world's sake, I hope we do.

Numbuh 362: the world? How bad is he?

Numbuh 4: really bad! Let's just say he's after a great power.

Numbuh 86: well, when he was hacking into our system; the tracker read it from Egypt, so we'll search there.

Numbuh 1: he also said that he was in a "tournament." there's a Duel Monsters tournament being held in Japan today, so check there as well.

Numbuh 362: we will. Wow, if he's that dangerous, it must have been hard to defeat him.

Numbuh 4: oh heck yeah! If it wasn't for Numbuh 3, he'd probably have won, (to Numbuh 3) thanks Numbuh 3.

Numbuh 3: (bushes) you're welcome.

Then Numbuh 3 did something that shocked everyone there. She kissed Numbuh 4 on the cheek (in a quick like way), he blushed deeply.

All operatives: (like a studio audience) WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Numbuh 4 then touched the area where she kissed him.

Numbuh 4: (thinking) she kissed me. (Pauses) YES!

End Trassmisson

That's the end of this story, I decided to finished this with a little 3/4 to make it better in character bio. Anyway, the sequel will come in a week or so, this sequel will have Yugi and his friends (finally) and other cartoon characters from another show, along with Kids Next Door. I'll give you a hint: it's about a teen hero/ cheerleader with a bumbling sidekick, but perhaps I've said too much, later.