I don't own KND or Yu-Gi-Oh, but it would be cool if I did. This story takes place after Duelists kingdom, but before battle city, somewhere in the middle.

Now Loading Kids Next Door Mission:

Operation: Y.A.M.I.





Writing operative:


The scene opens up in a Bazaar in Egypt, people trading, and buying goods. Of the many people walking, the camera zoom on a kid, it was Numbuh 4 of the Kids Next Door.

Numbuh 4: (to himself) okay. I can't mess up this mission. I just got to remember what Numbuh 1 told me

Flashback KND tree house

Numbuh 1: Okay team, I call you all here because a few minutes ago, the Global Kids next door received an urgent S.O.S. from Egyptian operative, Numbuh 1000.

He activates the holo-pannal. It was a pre-recorded message of a young boy; he had dark tan skin, had dark hair, was wearing a turban with the number 1000 on it, and his clothing was tatter and ripped a bit.

Numbuh 1000: this is a code red Alert to any Kids Next Door operative. As you may have remembered, new artifacts that were founded by archeologist show that there was a great power in the past of Egypt, and father was one of them. He couldn't understand the hieroglyphics, and that's how he discovered me, so now I'm on the run. You must meet me at Egypt before it's too late. End transmission.

It fades out.

Numbuh 1: We must find him before Father's men do. I would send Numbuh 5, but because of her broken leg from our last mission (Numbuh 5 is shown with a cast on her leg), we'll need to send someone else.

Numbuh 4: Let me do it Numbuh 1, I can do it.

Numbuh 1: I don't think so Numbuh 4, Your Kids Next Door training doesn't qualify you for search and rescue missions.


Numbuh 1: oh all right. But I don't want any screw up you hear me? you find Numbuh 1000, and bring him back here.

Numbuh 4: I won't let you down.

Flash back ends

Numbuh 4 rolls up his left sleeve reveling a 2x4 tech communicator. He begins to speak into it.

Numbuh 4: Kids next door mission log, operative Numbuh: Numbuh 4. I have been searching all through Egypt for the last 8 hours, but no luck in finding Numbuh 1000.

Just then, a person in a black cloak bumps into him, and continues to run.

Numbuh 4: HEY! Watch where you're going! (Sees that his communicator is missing) oh…that cuddy-HEY! COME BACK HERE! THIEF!

Soon a chase begins. The thief was very fast, and Numbuh 4 couldn't seem to keep up. Just as the thief was about to loose him, he is then knocked out by an unknown fist. Numbuh 4 makes it to see the thief knocked out, and the person who did it. He was an Egyptian adult with dark skin, had white and beige robes, and a white turban, he was also holding his communicator. He approached Numbuh 4, and Numbuh 4 got into battle position, he didn't know who this was, but he was still and adult. His defense went down a little when the man gave backhis communicator.

Numbuh 4: (confused) uh…thanks. (He takes it)

Man: Stranger, heed my advice.

Numbuh 4: Huh?

Numbuh 4 then realized that around his neck was what looked like a giant golden key shaped like some sort of Egypt hieroglyphic mark.

Man: you are looking for someone, someone who will help you and your friends fight and win against evil.

Numbuh 4 was shocked about the man's statement; it was as if he knew about his mission.

Man: (Turns around) take great care, it is not always easy to fight what you strongly believe in. (walks away)

Numbuh 4: Wait! How do you know about me and my friends?

Man: it matters not. Go back to what you were doing.

He just stood there as the man left, then he went to the communicator.

Numbuh 4: This is Numbuh 4 to Numbuh 1, come in 1

Numbuh 1: (thought communicator) did you find Numbuh 1000?

Numbuh 4: not quite, but I did find an adult who might know about our mission

Numbuh 1: What? How?

Numbuh 4: I don't know, But I'm gonna find out.

Numbuh 1: Negative Numbuh 4, you still have to find Numbuh 1000.

Numbuh 4: he might be there with that adult.

Numbuh 1: alright. I'll send Numbuh 3 for back-up. And 86 is near the area, so I'll notify her as well. Just wait for them. (Waiting for response) Numbuh 4? (Still no response) NUMBUH 4?

Numbuh 4 turned off his communicator and started following the Egyptian. He made sure that the man didn't know that he was following him, after a while, he followed him to what looked like small building. The man entered, and then Numbuh 4. He saw the flight of stairs leading underground, he was scared a little, but he continued. Meanwhile Numbuh 86 made it to the bazaar that Numbuh 4 was at, Numbuh 3 than came five minutes after her.

Numbuh 86: About time Numbuh 3, I was wondering if you were coming at all.

Numbuh 3: Did you find Numbuh 4?

Numbuh 86: not yet, nor Numbuh 1000.

Voice: (deep) I've been waiting for you.

The girls turned around to see a tall, dark hooded man. They reached for their weapons, and were about to fire.

Man: Stop! It's me!

The man took of his cloak, revealing himself to be Numbuh 1000 on stilts.

Numbuh 86: Numbuh 1000!

Numbuh 3: YAY! We found him.

Numbuh 1000: And it was about time, now let get out of here before father, or his minion finds us.

Numbuh 3: Hold on silly. We have to find Numbuh 4 first.

Numbuh 86: Numbuh 1 manage to give me a lock on his communicator, we should be able to find him that way.

Numbuh 1000: then let's go.

As they leave to find Numbuh 4, a young woman in a gray cloke sees them and she does an evil chuckle. Meanwhile back with Numbuh 4, he was still going down the stairs, where he saw light; he finally made it to the stair's end. It was an open doorway, and he looked inside. The interior was lighted with candles, it looked almost like a tomb he once saw at a museum, it was old and the walls were a bit cracked. He then saw the man, he was in front of a sarcophagus, from the angle he saw it, it looked like there area few empty holes on the sarcophagus, it looked like a jewel or something could fit in there.

Numbuh 4: (thinking) what is this?

Man: (turns around) So. You chose not to heed my warning.

Just then two men came from behind Numbuh 4 and grabbed him.

Numbuh 4: Hey! Let me go ya cruddy adults!

He breaks free, then he starts to beat them up, and both of them got knocked out.

Numbuh 4: alright, start talking! where's Numbuh 1000?

Man: I do not have the person you seek.

Numbuh 4: then how do you know about me and my team? Just who are you anyway?

Man: My name is Shadi, guardian of the millennium items. Now to answer you first question: I found out all about you and your friends by using this (points to the key thing around his neck) my millennium key, its magic allows me to enter into the minds of whoever I choose, and I chose yours, that's how I knew.

Numbuh 4: tch! Yeah right! If what you're saying is true, then answer me this: What is the one secret that I have never told anyone?

Shadi: alright.

He thinks for a moment, trying to remember.

Shadi: you have an infatuation with a female member on you team.

Numbuh 4: (confused) a what?

Shadi: a crush on a girl. Her name is Kuki Sanban, or as you sometimes call her: Numbuh 3.

Numbuh 4 was shocked again by his statement, Shadi was correct.

Numbuh 4: (scared) Okay! How did you do that?

Shadi: I told you, the magic of my millennium key.

Numbuh 4: alright! I'm officially freaked out now! I'm getting out of here!

He runs to the way out, but he bounces off what seems to be an invisible wall.

Numbuh 4: OW! WHAT THE CRUD?

He gets up and tries again, still nothing, He keeps banning on it until he realizes...

Numbuh 4: Shadi! Let me out!

Shadi: sorry Wallace, but once a person finds this place; they cannot leave until they are chosen.

Numbuh 4: Chosen?

Meanwhile back with Numbuhs 3, 86, and 1000, they trace Numbuh 4's signal to the building in which he entered. Numbuh 1000 recognized it.

Numbuh 86: that's where the signal is coming from, come on.

Numbuh 1000: Wait, if he went in there, then we're too late.

Numbuh 3: What?

Back with Shadi and Numbuh 4

Numbuh 4: what do you mean chosen?

Shadi: you must be chosen by one of the millennium items.

Numbuh 4: But how can these millennium items help me?

Shadi turns back to the sarcophagus and pulls out what looks like a gold pair of scales that was in a hole with the same outline. It had a gold sphere thing on the top and the center of the scales, the ballaced rod across, had a symbol of what looked like an open eye. He takes out a brown string and ties it to the upper-neck of the scales, between the eye symbol and the gold sphereon top.

Shadi: you will be tested by one of the strongest of the items: the millennium scales.

He shows it to him.

Numbuh 4: the scales, but how?

Meanwhile, back with Numbuhs 3, 86, and 1000.

Numbuh 1000: that place is cursed, many people go in, but only a few get out.

Numbuh 3: so Numbuh 4 could be stuck in there? FOREVER?

Numbuh 1000: he might, I'm not sure, but I wouldn't count on it.

Back with Shadi and Numbuh 4.

Shadi: now, if you pass its test, you will be able to see more than ever before.

Numbuh 4: (nervous voice) and if I… (Gulps) fail its test?

Shadi: if you are not the one destine for it, all that waits for you is nightmares beyond your imagination!

He then puts the scales around Numbuh 4's neck, the eye symbol starts glowing, then the hold thing starts glowing, Numbuh 4 starts feeling pain and he screams.


The scream is heard outside of the building where the other operatives are.

Numbuh 86: what is that?

Numbuh 3: (Gasp) Numbuh 4?

Numbuh 1000: it must be. I always hear a scream when a person goes in there.

Numbuh 3 runs to the door, but doesn't go in it.

Numbuh 3: NUMBUH 4!

What will happen to Numbuh 4? Keep reading and find out.