Here's the Final chapter

Cree: this duel will be over soon. (Does an evil laugh) my monsters are way stronger than yours.

Yami Numbuh 4: I think you mean, "Monster" because your Harpie ladies aren't that strong.

Cree: Really? Look again.

Yami Numbuh 4 sees the three harpies, and notices that Harpie lady 1 is glowing, and so is the other of her monsters.

Harpie lady 1, 2, 3:
ATK: 1600
DEF: 1400

Harpie's pet dragon:
ATK: 3200
DEF: 3400

Yami Numbuh 4: What? They got stronger, but how?

Cree: (Chuckles) you see these Harpies are effect monster, the 1st Harpie Lady can give all wind monster 300 additional ATK points. Now for the attack, Harpie lady 1, Attack Alpha the Magnet warrior!

The Harpie lady clawed Alpha; destroying him.

Yami Numbuh 4: 5800

Cree: Now Harpie's pet dragon, Attack the Dark Magician!

The dragon opens its mouth, and breath fire, attacking the Dark Magician and destroying him

Yami Numbuh 4: 5100

Cree: I'll end my turn by setting this card facedown. (Does so) Make your move Wallabee.

Numbuh 4: (in Yami Numbuh 4's thought) this is great, her dragon has 3200 ATK points, I only have Zera, and no cards in my hand, this next turn could decide the match, Come on Heart of the cards, Guide me!

Yami Numbuh 4: (Draws card) YES! I now play, Card of Sanctity!

He puts it face up on the table, and it glows.

Yami Numbuh 4: This magic card allows us to draw until we have 6 cards.

Both Yami Numbuh 4 and Cree Draw cards, they now both have 6 cards.

Numbuh 4: (in Yami Numbuh 4's thought) this is just the break we needed.

Yami Numbuh 4: I'll set two cards facedown (does so) next I play, Premature Burial, this magic card allows me to bring a monster back, at a cost of 800 life points. I'll bring back, Alpha the Magnet warrior!

Yami Numbuh 4: 4300

He plays the magic card, it glows and the right monster card comes back in attack position, the card glows, and a small version of the monster comes out of it.

Cree: Alpha? But I destroyed him already.

Yami Numbuh 4: yes but this time he's not alone.

He takes two cards from his hand and shows them to her, they were monster cards.

Yami Numbuh 4: I also have Beta, and Gamma the Magnet warrior.

Cree: uh-oh.

Yami Numbuh 4: that's right, now that I have all three of the Magnet warriors, I can now summon this: Valkyrion the Magna Warrior

He sends the three cards to the graveyard, and summons a new monster in attack position, the card glows, and a small version of the monster comes out of it.

ATK: 3500
DEF: 3800

Yami Numbuh 4: looks like the tables have been turned again. Now I have the strongest monster. Valkyrion, Destroy Her Dragon!

The monster slashed its sword, destroying the monster.

Cree: 2100

Yami Numbuh 4: Now Zera, Destroy Harpie Lady 1

Zera lunges at the 1st Harpie lady in order to attack.

Cree: (She takes the facedown card) Activate trap, Aqua Chorus!

She flips it face up on the table, and it glows, so do the three Harpies

Cree: this trap card increases that ATK and DEF points of all monsters with the same name by 500 points. That means each Harpie get 1500 ATK and DEF points.

Harpie lady 1, 2, 3:
ATK: 3100
DEF: 2900

Cree: nice try.

Yami Numbuh 4: Nice try yourself. (He takes the facedown card) Activate Tools of the Bandit!

He flips it face up on the table, and it glows, Cree's trap card gets destroyed.

Yami Numbuh 4: This trap card destroys yours at a cost of 1000 life points.

Yami Numbuh 4: 3300

Harpie lady stops glowing and Zera destroys her.

Cree: 900

Yami Numbuh 4: your move.

Cree: fine. (Draws card, and then does an evil laugh) YES! This is the move that'll finish you good. I sacrifice my other two Harpies to summon, Cosmo Queen.

She sends the two cards to the graveyard, and summons a new monster in attack position, the card glows, and a small version of the monster comes out of it.

ATK: 2900
DEF: 2450

Cree: next I play this: Megamorph. This equip magic card can either double or cut in half my monster's ATK points depending on my life point. Since mine is lower, her ATK points are doubled.

The monster grows bigger

ATK: 5800
DEF: 2450

Cree: it's over kid, Cosmo Queen: Attack Zera the Mant.

The monster gets ready to attack.

Yami Numbuh 4: I guess you forgot about my facedown card (He takes the facedown card) why don't you check it out: Dark renewal!

He flips it face up on the table, and it glows, a form of a coffin comes out. It opens and it takes Cosmo Queen, and Zera the Mant.

Cree: What is going on?

Yami Numbuh 4: this trap sends one monster from each side to the graveyard, and in exchange: I get to bring back one of my spellcaster monsters. Guess which one.

Cree: your Dark magician.

Yami Numbuh 4: That's right.

The Dark Magician comes back to the filed, in attack position.

Cree: (thinking) this is great, one attack from him, and I lose, now's the time for my trump cards. (Aloud) I'll set three cards facedown and end my turn. (Does so, thinking) once he tries to attack, my traps will get him good.

Numbuh 4: (in Yami Numbuh 4's thought) three facedown cards, they've got to be traps, (looks at deck) this is it, it all comes down to this one move, the only way to beat Cree is to draw a card that'll get rid of her facedown cards, but the odds are against me. (Reaches for deck)

Cree: What's the matter Wally? Too scared to draw, I'd be sweating too if I was in your position. If you draw a bad card, then you'll have no chance in beating me. (Thinking) I've got this duel raped up. Two of my facedown cards are Mask of Weakness, and Shadow Spell. These two will weaken his Dark Magician and any other monster he I'll use my 3rd trap, Time machine, to bring back my Cosmo Queen with her 5800 ATK points. Once he attacks it's all over. (Aloud) Poor, poor Wally. You've gotten yourself in trouble once again, only this time; your little friends ain't here to help you.

Numbuh 4: (in Yami Numbuh 4's thought) this is bad; I don't think we can do this.

As he reaches for his deck something weird starts happening; the deck seems to move away from his hand.

Numbuh 4: (through thought) what's going on?

Yami Numbuh 4: (through thought) the deck! I think it senses our doubt, it happened to me before.

Numbuh 4: (through thought) oh man! (Sigh) Cree is right, I'm nothing without the team, and now I'm alone, no one but you. (He looks at his hand) Wait a minute.

He notices an orange band around his right mind drifted to a memory when the Delightful children tried to blackmail Numbuh 1 with a picture of his naked butt.


Numbuh 1: Yesterday I realized we may not be a team anymore. So, I want to spend as much of the time we do have with you guys.

Numbuh 3: yeah! In fact…

Numbuh 3 runs to her room, and then she came back with five different colored bands in her hands.

Numbuh 3: I've been saving these for when we get decommission, but now would be a good time anyway.

She gave each operative a different band on there right hand, Numbuh 1 got a red one, 2 got a yellow one, 4 got an orange one, 5 got a blue one, and she had a green one for herself. The others were a little confused.

Numbuh 5: uh Numbuh 3? You mind telling me what this is all about.

Numbuh 3: They're friendship bands silly! Even though we're separated, we can still be friends and still be together, and even though we might become separated, like on a mission; this'll prove that we are not alone.

Numbuh 1: wow. That's pretty wise.

Flashback ends

Numbuh 4: (through thought) that's right, we're a team, even though we're not together, we're still not alone. my friends are always with me, so we must be there for them and win this duel.

Yami Numbuh 4: (through thought) couldn't of said it better myself. (Aloud) Cree! You may have the upper hand now, but it isn't over 'til the final move is made. I draw!

He Draws a card from his deck. He looks at it, studying the card, then he looks at Cree.

Yami Numbuh 4: well now. You've put up a good fight, Cree. (Smiles) But now the duel ends!

Cree: Huh?

Yami Numbuh 4: This is the card that'll be your demise: (Shows her) Heavy Storm!

Cree: WHAT?

He puts it on the table, and it glows, then wind coming from the card destroyed all of Cree's facedown cards.

Yami Numbuh 4: This magic card destroys all Magic and trap cards that are on the field.

Cree: No! This can't be happening! I WILL NOT LOSE TO YOU!

Yami Numbuh 4: you just did. Dark Magician, do the honors and finish her off! DARK MAGIC ATTACK!

The Dark Magician took its magic scepter, and attacked Cree.


Cree: 0

The scale on Yami Numbuh 4's side hits the bottom, showing that he won. Cree starts to breathe heavily as Yami Numbuh 4 takes the scales and puts them back around his neck, then; the Anubis eye glows on his forehead once again.

Yami Numbuh 4: Cree! I told you that you would pay for hurting my friends, and now I keep that statement true. (He waves his right hand over her) MIND CRUSH!

A yellow energy beam coming from his hand, and the scales rush towards Cree. Cree looks up just in time for the beam to hit her on her forehead.


Her body's color becomes Negative; like the negatives of a strip of film, then it breaks up back to normal color, and she faints. Meanwhile in Egypt outside the blue/purplish fog, Numbuh 3's call for help brought about 50 operatives; including Numbuhs 1, 2, and 5. Medics manage to heal Numbuhs 3, 86, and 1000, after hearing what Numbuh 3 said about the fog taking Numbuh 4 and Cree, and thinking that they might still be there, Numbuh 86's decommission team surrounded the outside of the fog. If Numbuh 4 and Cree are still in there, they could capture Cree before she couldget away.

Numbuh 3: I hope Numbuh 4 is okay.

Numbuh 2: aw don't worry Numbuh 3; Numbuh 4 is pretty tough, I'm sure he'll be alright.

Decommission officer: Captain! The fog is clearing!

Numbuh 86: alright team. Keep you fingers on the trigger, and set weapons to stunned, we don't want any accidents.

The fog starts to disappear, reveling Numbuh 4 (he changed back to normal, and the scales are visible) and an unconscious Cree. Everyone was in shock; Cree was unconscious, and it looked like Numbuh 4 was the one who did it. Numbuh 4 looks at Cree with a smile on his face, and then he looks around, noticing that they're out of the shadow realm.

Numbuh 4: hey guys. Did I miss anything?

He walks to Cree and puts somehand cuffs on her

Numbuh 4:here you go Numbuh 86, one over aged operative; ready for memory erase.

Numbuh 86: (in shock) yeah but- How- what did- I don't- how did you- Numbuh 4. Explain!

Numbuh 4: don't worry about it. Let's just say that I didn't do it alone.

Yami Numbuh 4 looks at him and does a chuckles, then disappears. Numbuh 86 and her team then took the unconscious Cree to a prison cell transport, and a few other operatives took Numbuh 1000 to another ship that would take him to Moon Base.

Numbuh 3: NUMBUH 4!

She comes running. She tries to hug him, but then realizes that her arm is in bandages, and it hurt her.

Numbuh 3: OW! OW! OW!

Numbuh 4: that's alright Numbuh 3. You don't need to show it. At least not in you condition

Numbuh 3: I know it's just: I was worried, and with you being in that scary fog, all alone-

Numbuh 4: (laughs a little) but I wasn't (shows her his friendship band) remember?

Numbuh 3 just smiled at his statement.

Numbuh 1: come on team, we're going home.

As Numbuhs 1 to 5 starts to head for the School bus ship, Numbuh 5 notices something.

Numbuh 5: Hey Numbuh 4! Numbuh 5 was wondering. Where did you get those gold scales that are around Yo neck?

Numbuh 2: hey, yeah, I was wondering that too.

Numbuh 4: UH…I found them. (Lying) but I can't remember where.

Everyone just looked at him, and thinking about what he said.

Numbuh 2: makes sense to me.

Numbuh 3: yeah!

Numbuh 1: I suppose.

Numbuh 5: whatever.

Numbuh 4: (thinking) whoa. That was close.

Then Numbuh 1's communicator starts beeping.

Numbuh 1: this is Numbuh 1.

Numbuh 86: bad news Numbuh 1. Cree escaped again.

Numbuhs 1 to 5: AW CRUD!

Numbuh 86: don't worry, we're on it. 86: signing out. (Click)

Numbuh 1: I don't know about you, but I'm beat!

Everyone agrees

Numbuh 4: well, let's get back to the tree house (takes out deck) I've got a few things to take care of. (Searches through it)

Numbuh 2: (looks at it) Hey! Since when did you play Duel Monsters?

Numbuh 4: since today.

End transmission.
I should have a sequel in a few weeks or something, and in case you were wondering, I won't have Numbuh 4 in battle city; he'll meet Yugi probably after the "wakening the dragons" series. And in future series; they'll be other cartoon crossing over Yu-Gi-Oh and KND. That reader (or readers): is what you will have to guess.