Alright everyone, here is my 1st Fan Fiction series. I don't own any of the show characters that are here, all I own is my own Tournament Rules, and maybe a few cards. Oh! And a few characters (you should point them out)

It has been two weeks since the incident with Yami Bakura and the Kids Next Door, Yugi and his friends have been doing alright. The Kaiba Brothers manage to build a few of their Kaiba Land amusement parks around the world, including the United States. Joey has been having a great time since his little sister Serenity came to visited him for two months, and duels have been on "hiatus" if you will and it's been good for them, they could use the break. So things have been great for everyone, and then one day at Yugi's game shop, while Yugi was getting the mail, a delivery truck came by and stopped in front of the shop. A man in a brown uniform came to him; he was holding a large brown box.

Delivery man: Package for a Mr. Yugi Mutou?

Yugi: that's me.

Delivery man: (takes out clipboard thing and pen) sign here please.

Yugi sings the clipboard thing, and the delivery man gives him the Parcel. Yugi then rushes to his room, when his grandpa; Solomon Mutou stopped him.

Solomon: what's that you got there Yugi?

Yugi: don't know, but I'm gonna find out. Oh and here's the mail grandpa.

Yugi give him the mail, and continues to his room.

Solomon: thanks Yugi. (Looks at them) oh, not more bills.

Yugi makes it to his room, and opens it up, the first thing he comes across is a CD, a DVD to be precise, and it states "play disk now." Yugi looks at it, a goes "okay", he put in his DVD player and an image of a teen boy appears, he has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, white skinned, and was wearing a Dark Blue suit.

Man: greeting, if you are watching this, then let me be the first to say, "Congratulations." You and a few others have been selected to enter my exclusive Duel Monsters Tournament, which I like to call: The Team World Tournament.

Yugi: Team World Tournament?

Man: I am the head of the tournament, you can call me John. Anyway, in your parcel you should receive the following items: (Yugi pulls them out as he says the items names) A Basic Duel Disk, My tournament Rule book/ DVD, 100 clear card sleeves, a list of your teammates.

Yugi: Teammates?

John: (continuing) an iron-on with your name, your I.D. card, and the most important item you need, your Puzzle Sphere.

The sphere looks like a light blue Rubik's cube shaped like a ball.

John: but I'll get to that later, also, if you don't like the duel disk you received, there is a Duel Disk order book so you can choose your favorite design and details. Remember you and your teammates' duel dusk must look alike to point you out from other teams. Now you're probably wondering "what team are you talking about?" Well, unlike other Duel Monster tournaments, Team World will have tag-team duels. 2 against 2, 3 on 3, ect. All will be explained in my rule book.

Yugi: whoa. Constant tag team duels?

John: Your lists of teammates are either Duelist you've come across and dueled against, and/or friends you've dueled with or against. A duelist with the highest raking of the group would be at the top of the list, and also the team captain, if there are two duelist of the same raking, then the name will be in the order of most duels won in years, and skill.

Yugi looks at the list; he sees that his name is at the top.

Yugi: cool, I'm the captain. I wonder who else is on my team.

He reads the list and sees that they are all people he is friends with; he is also shocked at who else is there. The list is as follows:

Yugi Mutou
Seto Kaiba
Joey Wheeler
Mai Valentine
Mako Tsunami
Duke Devlin
Tea Gardner
Serenity Wheeler
Mokuba Kaiba
Tristan Taylor

John: you must reply within one week when you receive this package, you must also tell us your team name, and create your team Crests. I wish you and your team good luck, and remember this: Perseverance, Skill, Leadership, and teamwork. These are the four things you need to win at my tournament.

The screen goes blank. Then sudden Yugi's phone starts ringing, he answers it.

Yugi: um…hello?

Kaiba: (through Phone) Yugi, its Kaiba.

Yugi: let me guess, you got a package for entry to a Duel Monsters Tournament, right.

Kaiba: yes, and I want you to come over to Kaiba Corp. I want to talk about this team thing.

Yugi: what about the others?

Kaiba: I'm calling them too. I'll see you in an hour or so. (Hangs up)

An hour later
Yugi makes it to Kaiba Corp. he then enters the building and waits. Soon, he is then joined with his usual gang, Joey, Serenity, Tea, and Tristan.

Yugi: hey guys!

Joey: hey Yuge! How's it hangin'? I'm kinda surprised about all this. I mean all of us on a duel team.

Tea: yeah. I'm surprised Tristan in this, he's not much of a duelist.

Tristan: For your information, Tea, I have been practicing.

Voice: what? So you can last longer before losing.

They turn to where the voice came from; it was Duke Devlin near the doors.

Tristan: (angry) grrr. Why don't you come over here and say that Devlin?

Duke: relax, I'm just kidding.

Yugi: hey Duke.

Duke: hey guys, long time no see. I heard that Bakura stole the God cards and you got them back.

Yugi: actually, it was the Kids Next Door who got them back.

Duke: the who?

Yugi started to explain about what happen with the God cards. How a group of Kid defenders called the Kids Next Door helped them, and about Numbuh 4 and his millennium scales.

Duke: wow. I must say, that is some major weirdness there.

Tristan: no kidding.

Then, the doors open again, and through them came Mai Valentine.

Joey: Mai! Good to see you.

Mai: same here Joey.

They both high five, then Serenity greeted her.

Serenity: hey there Mai. How are you?

Mai: I'm fine. You know, I was surprised that you were in on this tournament thing. I've never seen you play.

Serenity: well I did duel a few times before, and Joey helped me build a deck.

Mai: that was nice of him.

Tea: well, I think that all of us.

Joey: wait, what about Mako?

Voice: did someone say my name?

They look at the doors again and they see that Mako Tsunami was there.

Yugi: Mako, hey man, it been a while.

Mako: yes it has.

Joey: your not gonna believe all the things we've been through. A few weeks ago, we found out that Atlantis was real.

Mako: you mean the legendary underwater civilization?

Joey: yeah. Too bad you weren't with us.

Then the other doors behind them opened up. And walking through them were the Kaiba Brothers, Seto and Mokuba.

Mokuba: hey guys, glad you could make it.

Joey: yeah. So what's Dis all about, Kaiba?

Kaiba: well I'm sure you understand that we are all in some sort of team duel tournament, and that we are all teammates.

Mako: yes, and…?

Kaiba: well, I have been thinking about it. Since I finished with my Kaiba Land amusement parks, I've decidedto come out of my temporary dueling retirement and go along with this Tournament.I also have a small proposition for you all.

Yugi: you mean a deal.

Kaiba: yes. Since team workjust isn't my thing, I purpose a truce.

Joey: a truce?

Kaiba: that from now and until the tournament is over; I will act like a team player.

Yugi: (sighs) Kaiba, why don't you just be friend with us instead of this whole truce thing?

Mokuba: I have to agree with Yugi on this. Like it or not Seto, these guy are the closes thing we got to friends.

Kaiba: we'll see what happen in the tournament, but until then, the truce is my final offer.

Yugi: … well…alright Kaiba. Well have the truce.

Duke: you know, now that I think of it, I've never actually seen Mokuba duel. So why is he in this tournament?

Mokuba: well I have been practicing. And Imanaged to win a local tournament, so I'm pretty much ready for this.

Yugi: Well then, let's register our team.

Joey: what should we call ourselves?

Mako: how about Team Japan?

Joey: Na, too dull. How about the mongoose, that's a cool team name, "The Fighting Mongooses."

Kaiba: I don't think so Wheeler.

Tea: why don't we call ourselves "Team Yugi"? Yugi is out Capitan.

Duke: I was thinking Team Devlin.

Tristan: nice try, dice boy.

Mai: well, "Team Yugi" is better then nothing.

Joey: and that is what we'll call ourselves.

A few minutes later, the group was near the computer where Kaiba was typing down the information for the tournament, and they decided on a team Crest. It was a red circle; in it was a silhouette of Yugi (or in this case, Yami Yugi) in a duel position, and at the bottom was "Team Yugi" written in a gold ribbon banner thing. Kaiba enters it, and the screen says "congratulations, you are now qualified"

Kaiba: it says here that the tournament starts off in a week, so we've got seven days to prepare.

Yugi: the location is at New York City, at Madison Square Garden. It also says that we've manage to get plane tickets there since we are the first ones to register.

Joey: awesome, a free ride!

Duke: well, it's getting late; I better get back to my store and close shop.

Joey: yeah, me too, I gotta get home and get me some Zzzs.

Kaiba: alright. But let's meet here again for practice.

Joey: yeah, yeah.

About an hour later, everyone made it home for the night. When Joey and Serenity came home, something came through their (open) window in a Flash.

Joey: DAAAA! What the hell was that?

They see it's some kind of robot bird; it has a small envelope in its mouth.

Serenity: it's a robot bird, but what's that in its mouth?

Joey grabs the bird, and takes the envelope from its mouth. He then opens it and a duel monster card falls out, he picks it up, and is shocked to see what it is.

Serenity: what is it Joey?

Joey: it's The Winged Dragon of Ra!

Serenity: isn't that the monster that Marik had?

Joey: yeah. But the Kids Next Door had it last, why did they give it to me?

Serenity: maybe the note will tell us.

Joey reads the note, it states:

Dear Joey.
You're probably wondering why you have Ra. Well, because of the upcoming duel monsters tournament, I think you will need it, me and a few of the other Kids Next Door are in the tournament too, don't worry, you can control it. I'll see you at the tournament.

Numbuh 4.

Joey: whoa. Serenity?

Serenity: yeah?

Joey: I think this tournament might Battle City all over again.

What do you think? I'll explain more on the rules when there is an actual duel. Until then, Read and Review.