Sibling Rivalry

Chapter One: The Transformation

Author's note:

Is something I thought overnight, after I've seen these cute pictures of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. If you saw them, you would understand. Oh wait you can. http: Go to the Sibling section and you'll understand. It's so is also another website that has Inuyasha stuff on it Anyway, on with the first chapter.

Chapter One: The Transformation

"I'm really getting tired of seeing your sorry face . . . " Inuyasha spat.

He and his brother were crossing paths once again, Sesshomaru was just passing through and didn't like the fact that Inuyasha was trespassing on his lands. So Sesshomaru went to meet him. After all, perhaps this would be the time, where he could finally finish off Inuyasha and claim what was rightfully his, Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru wasn't very happy to see Inuyasha himself. He was a walking disgrace to their father. An embodiment of weakness and Sesshomaru was upset that Hanyou was able to cut away one of his limbs.

"I too feel the same loathing. Why don't I annihilate you where you stand?" Sesshomaru countered coldly.

"You sure talk big but how bout you put your money where you mouth is, Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha began to charge at him, unsheathing his Tetsusaiga.

Sesshomaru pulled out his Tokijin. He held it over his head and brought it down to the ground, sending a huge energy wave straight at Inuyasha. Inuyasha got out of the way of the blast, unaware that Sesshomaru was ascending ground, gaining up on him. Soon, Sesshomaru was just a few inches away, enough distance to give Inuyasha a killing blow but Inuyasha swing around, using his Tetsusaiga to block Tokijin. Clashing the two swords together maybe each sword cry out in pain. Inuyasha was the first to release his sword. Instead he used his claws.

"Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer!" He clawed at Sesshomaru but Sesshomaru quickly moved out of the way.

"Now, your acting like a demon, to bad it was a feeble attempt." Sesshomaru stuck his claws into Inuyasha and went deeper as he went into a cry. Before, Sesshomaru's claws could release it's poison into Inuyasha. An arrow came flying his way and took off a piece of Sesshomaru's armor. Sesshomaru took his claws out of Inuyasha and glared at his traveling companion. That mortal girl, Kagome. Sesshomaru growled under his breath.

"Be a good dog demon and leave with your tail between your legs, Sesshomaru."

"Are you talking about me? I think you are mistaken. That sounds a lot like Inuyasha to me . . . " Sesshomaru leapt over Inuyasha and went for Kagome.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome started to run.

"You better leave, Kagome out of this, if you know what is good for." Inuyasha recovered enough to pick up his Tetsusaiga." Wind Scar!"

The famous attack of Tetsusaiga, the ability to kill one hundred demons in one swoop came toward Sesshomaru. At the right moment, Tenseiga protected Sesshomaru with a black aura blocking the attack and transporting him out of harms way. Inuyasha looked amazed at Sesshomaru, not knowing he could do that.

"What the hell?"Inuyasha said.

"Give up, Inuyasha. It's fertile. You're too weak . . . "

"Quit your yapping . . . we'll see who's the victor." Inuyasha began charging at Sesshomaru with the Tetsusaiga. He leapt into the air and dived the sword into the ground. Sesshomaru, However was not underneath."Where did he . . . ?"

"Sesshomaru-Sama, Sesshomaru-sama . . . "the small green toad came to his master."Let me finish this off."

"That wouldn't be necessary. I don't need someone like you to help me defeat a disgrace like him." Sesshomaru was on his feet again charging at Inuyasha. Inuyasha took out his Tetsusaiga out of the ground and swinged at Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru was hit finally and a very vital area. His thigh. Sesshomaru stopped and glared at Inuyasha with red eyes. He was going to turn into his dog form but once again Tenseiga calmed him. Sesshomaru, however forgot about his swords and pounced on Inuyasha. Sesshomaru's claws dug into Inuyasha, as they both tumbled down a hill, into the deep forest.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled and ran after her hanyou companion, as he went tumbling into the forest of the drowned children with Sesshomaru. Kagome was at the edge of the forest, when Sango, Miroku, Shippou and Kirara meet her.

"Kagome . . . what's wrong?" Sango asked, as Kirara landed next to Kagome.

"Sesshomaru and Inuyasha got into another fight. Now they're both in the forest of drowned children." Kagome explained. "I have to see if he's okay."

"Then, We'll follow you." Miroku said, "Knowing Inuyasha, he's losing terribly."

"If Inuyasha heard you say that, you wouldn't be sitting here." Shippou pointed out.

Miroku frowned."I know...that's why I said that while he wasn't here."

The five of them headed in the forest, to see what happened to their hot-headed friend.


Sesshomaru and Inuyasha was basically fighting in a huge lake. They were unaware of the legend of the lake. All they concentrated on was defeating each other. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha were clawing at each other like some rabbit dogs that was muffed. The lake however, stopped Sesshomaru from using his poison, so Inuyasha was half safe. Inuyasha punched Sesshomaru in the face and then pounced on him dragging him into the bottom of the lake. Sesshomaru, recovered and grabbed a hold of Inuyasha's neck and Inuyasha took a hold of his. They began choking each other and soon both of them couldn't breathe. Sesshomaru, almost fainted, letting the water fill his lungs but Tenseiga kicked in and saved both the siblings.

A girl in the water saw the two. She had long black hair up to her ankles. Her eyes amber-like brown. Her skin was pain and she was wearing a tore kimono. She was holding a red ball as the black orb came around the two of them. The orb stopped. "This is the lake of drowned children . . . no one will escape its curse. You may save them from their deaths but this curse cannot be negated so easily." The girl whispered and the black orb became corrupted by red. Red stained the black orb and once it was covered it shot out of the water and on to land.

Sesshomaru woke up so as he felt the land underneath him. He sat up looking around. His memories came back to him. He stood up and looking around. Then he noticed Inuyasha still unconscious but there was something strange about him. He was smaller. No . . . he was transformed into a child. Sesshomaru's eyes widen as he went over to the lake to see his own reflection. He blinked at first thinking he was seeing things but Sesshomaru looked like a kid in the water.

"Sesshomaru-sama!" Sesshomaru heard Jaken nearby."Sesshomaru-sama . . . "

He watched the green toad walk over to him and as he got closer. The imp became more surprised. Sesshomaru then heard An'un coming this way as well probably with Rin. Sesshomaru frowned. This was messed up. He didn't want to be a kid again. He was a strong kid but his power still lack. How would he protect himself? How would he protect Rin? He clenched his clawed hands into fists. He looked over his shoulder at Jaken, who was speechless.

"Jaken . . . cut it out. Or else I will leave you behind . . . " Sesshomaru said but his voice was no longer as powerful and confident as it had sounded before, it was softer.

Jaken eyes grew bigger with stars."Sesshomaru-sama! You're so cute!"

Sesshomaru growled at that. With his new childlike body, he got his childish temper as well. He ran up to Jaken and kicked him in the face."Don't call me cute!"

"I'm sorry, My lord!" Jaken went flying.

"Jaken-Sama!" Rin watched as Jaken flew away."Woah . . . you can fly!"

Sesshomaru looked over to Rin who was coming to Sesshomaru with An'un behind her. Rin's brown eyes turned to the child Sesshomaru."What happened Sesshomaru-sama?"

Sesshomaru frowned at Rin. Even though she was human, she wasn't as incompetent as most demons he's meet. She knew how Sesshomaru was and so she knew what to say to him and how to say it. She waited for him to talk.

"I feel into that lake and somehow was turned into this . . . "Sesshomaru explained.

Rin smiled at him. "And now you're my age now . . . "

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow at the girl. She didn't have many playmates, so he could understand why she would be excited to see someone her age. His amber eyes turned away from her to the distant tress to the other side of the forest. It was Inuyasha's other companions. Sesshomaru took that time to leave. He grabbed Rin by the hand climbed onto An'un and the two headed dragon began to take flight. Before they got any higher, Jaken came out of the trees.

"Wait for me, My Lord!" Jaken yelled and jumped into the air.

"Jaken-sama!" Rin yelled and grabbed a hold of him. Helping him up and with that An'un was out of there.

Kagome and the others came out of the tree seeing Inuyasha laying by the lake. Kagome eyes widened a bit and ran over to Inuyasha. The closer she got, the more she began to realize how small Inuyasha looked. Kagome eyes then went soft as she ran over to Inuyasha picked him up. He was so cute! As Kagome held him, Inuyasha's eyes opened up. He looked at Kagome.

"Kagome . . . " He said sheepishly and then noticed that Kagome was holding him. He got excited and dropped from Kagome's arm onto the floor. He found himself looking up at Kagome. "Wah! How did you get so big!"

Kagome giggled. "I didn't get big . . . you got small."

Inuyasha frowned. "Did you get stupid!"

Kagome let that slide and pushed him over to the lake to see his reflection. Inuyasha looked at his reflection and at first he thought it was an illusion. He began to claw at the water thinking it'll disappear but the image hadn't. Inuyasha eyes widen. He couldn't be a kid again. He never wanted to relive that. It was horrible getting through it the first time. Inuyasha began to cry. "I don't want to be a kid!"

Inuyasha cried a lot when he was a child and now he couldn't help it. The nonchalant and hot head Inuyasha was still there but his childhood always brought back bad memories. Inuyasha wiped the tears away before the others came over to see Inuyasha. Shippou was the first to comment.

"Inuyasha . . . a child?" Shippou grinned mischievously. "Finally, I'm not the only one!"

Inuyasha turned his amber eyes to Shippou and he took back his previous statement. Yet, Sango and Miroku continued the taunting. Sango crouched down by Inuyasha.

"Aw . . . Inuyasha so cute and portable." Sango began to pet on his head despite the angry looks he was giving her.

"He's probably huggable too." Kagome mused.

"Inukodama more like it. Want a cookie, Inukodama?" Miroku laughed and found himself face to face with a boulder. Miroku went down and he didn't get up for a while.

"Don't ever call me that again!" Inuyasha yelled on the top of his lungs. "I'm not cute, huggable and my name is not Inukodama!"

Everyone became silent. Inuyasha still had that temper but it was hard to take him seriously when he looked so adorable. Their faces began to turn red from holding in the laughter. Then they couldn't hold it in anymore. Everybody began laughing at Inuyasha even Kirara! Inuyasha crossed his arms and pouted.

"Whatever you say, Inukodama!"

Chapter one: Finished.

Chapter Two: Not named yet.


Kodama- child or kid(So basically their calling him Dog Child or Kid Dog.)

Sama- Lord

Author's note: So how was that? Be sure to look at the website above to see some really cute pictures of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. I had fun making this chapter. Even though it's kind of sucky because it's the first chapter . . . I hope to make adorable and funny as we go on. As you can see I played something to go on with Sesshomaru and Rin while their that age and Inuyasha to understand Shippou better. I thought it would also be cool if we had the Sesshomaru and Inuyasha go to Kagome's world together and go to school. But I'm still brainstorming.