Chapter three: The crashing of the Tea Party

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"Isn't it cute? I brought it back from home." Inuyasha began to stir in his sleep as he head Kagome's voice. He frowned as the other was luring him out of his beautiful nap. He didn't remember a time where he slept so well. "My little brother, Souta, wore this when he was a baby. At first, I didn't think it would fit Inuyasha."

Why is she talking so loud? Inuyasha thought to himself as he began to wipe the sleep from his eyes.

"Inuyasha, looks so adorable in it." He heard Sango say and he never heard the other use that tone of voice before.

"Yea Inuyasha, looks even more fluffier than usual." Miroku joked. Inuyasha could hear the laughter in the other's voice which made his ears twitch. His amber eyes opened and he quickly sat up. Cute, adorable and fluffy was the triple word combination that he dreaded.

"What are you loud mouths blabbering about?" Inuyasha barked at them. "I'm trying to sleep here…if you haven't notice. And stop talking about me as if I'm not here!"

He watched as his three friends turned to him. He raised an eyebrow as Kagome and Sango's cheek turned a slight flush of pink. He then glared at Miroku as he dropped on the floor roaring with laughing. "What's so damn funny?!" He roared, wanting to kick Miroku where the sun didn't shine.

"Let's see what I have in my bag of imagination…"Kagome went into her large bag and took out a small mirror. She then turned the mirror to Inuyasha so he can see himself. "You look so cute, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha took one look in the mirror and turned pale. He was wearing a pink sleeper with a small pompom that made his tail. He had two red bows in his hair and someone took the liberty of painting his nails and placing make up on him as well. He then glared at Kagome and Sango, knowing they had to be ones to do this. "You guys are sick…" He said, "And to think I called you friends!"

Kagome then placed the mirror down watching Inuyasha take off the pretty clothes they placed on him. "We were only having fun…don't take it personally."

The white haired half demon shook his hair free of the red ribbons that was tied in his hair. He then turned to Kagome, glaring. It was his body, that they were dressing like all girly and she said not to take it personally?! What the hell did that mean?! "And to think I actually liked a girl with a big forehead like you."

"What!" Kagome said angry at the other's insult. "I'll show you who has a big forehead, you brat!"

Inuyasha smiled, although seeing Kagome angry didn't even the score of dressing him up like a sissy, it made him feel satisfied in someway. He grinned. "What are you going to do hit me? Abusing children is wrong, you know."

"Not when they deserve it…" She points her finger at Inuyasha. "Sit!"

Inuyasha gasped forgetting that she had that power over him. He watched as his face collided with the floor. Although, he had gotten used to this over the months of traveling with Kagome, being slammed on the floor now hurt a lot. Inuyasha raised himself slowly off of the floor tears streaming from his eyes. He was in so much pain and he couldn't hold back. "I think…I'm bleeding!" He cried. "My arm feels like its broken…you broke my arm!"

Kagome looked to Sango and Miroku frantically as Inuyasha cried. They both looked at her, looking as helpless as she didn't mean to hurt Inuyasha. She totally forgot how painful being told to sit was and although the older Inuyasha could handle it, she was sure the child Inuyasha found it excruciating. She then went to Inuyasha and tried to comfort him. "I'm so sorry, Inuyasha. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I think my heart exploded…I'm dying…I'm dying." Inuyasha continued to wail.

"Inuyasha…you're fine…I promise. You're not dying."

Inuyasha then stopped in mid-cry to glare at Kagome. "Did you get slammed into the floor just now?"

Kagome frowned. "No…"

"Then what evidence do you have that I'm not dying?"

Kagome frown deepen. "Well…"

"Did someone take you as an apprentice?" Inuyasha inquired further. "Did you study the wonders of medicinal herbs and spices? Have you even cured a person before?"

"No…" Kagome answered Inuyasha truthfully.

"Then I don't think you can tell me that I'm not dying if you're not a professional." He said. "Now excuse, I was crying because some meanie slammed my face into the splintery wooden floor. And it feels as if I wouldn't be able to chew anything solid for a few days."

"Enough!" Shippou said. The young fox demon had been watching the whole time. Inuyasha was about to do it again, getting away with whatever crime he committed. Shippou couldn't let that happen, although Inuyasha was now a child, that was not who he truly was. The only true child here was him and he felt he was the only one who should get away anything. This was his turf and he would damn if Inuyasha took his child crown away from him. Everyone in the room turned to Shippou as he glared angrily at Inuyasha. "Can't you see that Inuyasha is only playing? He's not even crying! And you all call yourselves adults. You can't even realize being tricked by someone like Inuyasha. Pitiful!"

"What?" Sango said, she wasn't sure whether or not Inuyasha's crying was crocodile tears or the real thing." I don't know, Shippou. Inuyasha…could be hurt? Being told to sit would probably be nothing for the older Inuyasha but as a child, he could get hurt more easily."

Kagome sighed, feeling even worse for telling the child Inuyasha to sit. She let her anger consume and she could have hurt him really badly. "I'm so sorry…Inuyasha. Is there anyway, you can forgive me?"

Inuyasha sniffed looking at Kagome, feeling that the other had peeked his interest. "Well, there is one thing you can do."

Kagome smiled happy that Inuyasha would forgive. "And what's that?"

Inuyasha was thinking of a way he could get back at Kagome but suddenly another side of him began to think of all the sweets he could have Kagome bring back for him or even a piggy back way or even paint. He totally forgotten how much Kagome humiliated him and he blurted out. "I want a chocolate cake with sprinkles." He said forgetting about he supposed injuries. "With strawberry frosting!" He said with a big smile and then he realized what he was doing. He was getting excited over a freaking cake. What was wrong with him? He then looked the other way trying to act cool. "I want cake…" He said.

"Of course…" Kagome said, laughing at how cute Inuyasha was just a second ago. He was acting like a true kid. "I'll make the chocolate cake with strawberry frosting and sprinkles. Then I'll also bring tea…we could have a feudal tea party."

"What a great idea, Kagome?" Sango said. "But, the tea in this time is a bit bitter for cake. Does your time have sweet tea?"

Kagome nodded. "I could always get some from the supermarket. It's no problem. It'll be fun."

"Tea party's are for sissies." Inuyasha said and Shippou and Miroku chimed in.

"Well then…if you don't want to be a part of a girly tea party…you can't have cake." Sango said with her hands on her hips.

"You know…tea parties are actually quite masculine." Miroku said but Sango and everyone wasn't convinced by his choice of words. "The tea just screams men."

"You're so full of it." Inuyasha declared.


The child Sesshomaru was waking up from his own nap. His amber eyes opened to the bright sun that demanded his eyes be opened. He slowly sat up rubbing at his eyes, to the rid the sleep away from them. He then saw Rin sleeping beside him, leaning against his fluffy tail. He looked down a little surprised that he hadn't noticed the other girl lying next to him. He frowned at this revelation but he let it go. What he couldn't let go of, is who was sleeping on the other side of him.

Sesshomaru kicks the green demon away from him. "No Jakens allowed!" He said so irritated by the other's boldness, however he was happy to see the demon fly into a nearby bush.

"I'm so sorry…my lord. I've been plagued by bad thoughts lately." He said as he flew into the bushes with a thump.

"Sesshomaru-sama…" Rin said getting up from her nap as well. "What was that sound?"

Sesshomaru got up from his place shrugging his shoulders. "Jaken was trying to give me his cooties, so I kicked him away."

"Oh?" Rin said and then got up. "So where are we going today, Sesshomaru?" She watched the long haired boy, petting An-un to wake them up from their nap.

"I think…I need to find my brother." Sesshomaru said after a short pause. He hated to admit it but he didn't know how to change himself back to an adult. He was also kind of embarrassed that he was reduced to a weak child. He could still use Tokijin and Tenseiga but no demon would be intimidated by him or the sword. Just like him, the swords have also shrink in size, just like his clothes. It was like he was wielding a toy. He needed to go to Inuyasha, since he was the only one who was in the same condition as him. And he could only hope that Inuyasha and his friends were trying to find a situation. Climbing on top of An un and beckoning the human girl to follow him. He watched as Rin quickly climbed on to the two-headed dragon's back and wrapped her arms around Sesshomaru's waist. The dog demon blushed as this momentarily before he looked to the bushes where he kicked Jaken.

"Jaken! Hurry up! Or be left behind!" Sesshomaru yelled and he grabbed the reigns of An-un.

Rin watched as the green demon burst from bush in great haste. "Don't leave me…my Lord!"

An-un already had begun to descend from the ground and Jaken raced to reach. To Sesshomaru's disappoint…the green nuisance made. However, he found it fun to play with Jaken and found that he grew a mischievous appetite to torment the other. Sesshomaru directed An-un to the one place, he knew that Inuyasha would be. He always seemed to be in that village that he meets Kikyo and it was a good hunch to go there first.

In no time, the arrived at the village that Inuyasha and his friends are usually at to rest or do whatever humans did. Automatically, he could smell the sweet aroma of something. Rin also smelled it too. "What is that lovely smell, Sesshomaru-sama?"

"I don't know…but I want some." Sesshomaru said and he made An-un land outside of the village and hid the dragon creature in the nearby forest.

Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken hoped off of An-un and headed into the village. Sesshomaru followed the scent of both the sweet aroma and also Inuyasha's hanyou scent. The hanyou was differently here. Sesshomaru continued to follow when he saw Inuyasha and the rest sitting in the grass on a white blanket. In the center of the blanket was where the sweet scent came from. It was a circular object that was dark with pink crème. He also saw other sweets that he didn't know the name of. There was also a weird tools and items that he had never seen in this era before and he assumed this was the result of Inuyasha's relationship with that human girl, Kagome.

It didn't take long for Inuyasha to sense his half older brother nearby. He sat up from his place on the white blanket and glared at Sesshomaru. "What are you doing here?" The hanyou ordered.

Kagome and the rest looked to see Sesshomaru with Rin and Jaken. Kagome and Sango both screamed. "Sesshomaru actually looks cute as a child." Kagome said impressed. Sesshomaru was a handsome dog demon but as a kid he was utter cuteness. He even rivaled Inuyasha's own cuteness.

"Sesshomaru…you should have cake with us…you too,Rin." Sango offered.

Sesshomaru was about to decline…although he really wanted to have some cake but Rin looked to Sesshomaru and asked. "Can we, Sesshomaru-sama?" Rin asked. Sesshomaru looked to Rin and he was unable to say no to her. He turned the other way blushing. "Why not?"

Rin smiled. "Thank you, Sesshomaru-sama. Let's eat cake together."

"Can I have some cake too, Sesshomaru-sama?" Jaken asked.

Sesshomaru looked at the other with a grin. "No Jakens allowed."

"Awww…" Jaken said.

"No Sesshomarus allowed, either." Inuyasha exclaimed. "You don't deserve to have any of my cake?!"

Sesshomaru turned to Inuyasha. "Did you make the cake?"

"No…Kagome did…what are you getting at?"

"And Kagome is the one who invited me to have some of 'your' cake. So I will take great pleasure in eating 'your' cake…little brother." He said, taking the first slice of cake that Kagome offered to him. He stabbed the fork into the fluffy mass and takes a bite of the delicious treat while watching Inuyasha squirm. "Wow… "your" cake is very delicious…I wish you knew how good the first piece of "your" cake is…oh so tasty "your" cake is." He continued to taunt his brother.

"I'm going to kill you!" Inuyasha roared.