My take on what the end of Moebius SHOULD be...

SG-1 is sitting on the small dock by Jack's cabin. They are discussing the mission that they don't have to go on now. They already have the ZPM and the timeline has been restored.

"So, everything is back to how it was, or rather supposed to be?" Daniel was still trying to understand what had happened in their now-unneeded trip of 5000 years into the past.

"According to the information on the tape that our "alternate" selves left us, yes" Sam replied smiling, they had gone over this a few times already. "Henry Hayes is president, the Stargate is in place, etc."

"Everyone that's supposed to be here is here, and everyone that's supposed to be dead is dead!" Jack chimed in, then winced and looked over at Sam. "Sorry, Carter. I wish we could change some of those!" He reached over and squeezed her hand gently in sympathy, they still felt the recent loss of Jacob Carter.

"Indeed" Teal'c joined in, offering his sympathies as well.

"Thanks Guys. I'm okay, really." She smiled gently. "It will just take me some time."

Teal'c raised an eyebrow at her choice of words and she blushed slightly, then grinned as she realized what she'd said.

"I think Jack's rubbed off on you too much!" Daniel said with a slight grin. It's getting late, I'm heading inside. Teal'c?"

"I will join you DanielJackson. Goodnight O'Neill, Colonel Carter."

"Night T. Daniel, why don't you set the coffee maker up when you get inside?"

"Good Idea! I can make it the way I like it!" Daniel grinned and headed into the cabin.

"Oh Boy", Jack groaned. We'll probably be able to chew our coffee in the morning!"

Sam grinned and settled back down, leaning against Jack as she did so. "Do you wonder if everything really IS the same? It would have been so easy to miss something and change some little thing..."

Jack shrugged. "As long as it's some 'little' thing, we can live with that, right?"

"When did YOU become such an optimist?" Sam shuddered as a cold breeze came off the water.

"When you said 'I do'" Jack replies with a smile. "Come on, it's getting cold out here." He rises to his feet and reaches out his left hand to Sam. As the last rays of the sunset start to blaze out, they glance off the ring of gold on his ring finger, and catch the rings on Sam's left hand as she takes his hand.

"You old romantic, you." She pulls herself up and as they turn to head into the cabin, Jack drapes his arm across her shoulders and pulls her snug against him.

"Hey, watch that 'old' stuff!" He growls softly into her ear. "I'll have to work on changing your thinking..."

"Looking forward to it." Sam grins back and they go inside the cabin.

Pull back and fade out...