Just a two part story I wrote for a Firestar group that I am in, enjoy.

Disclaimer: I Do not know own Marvel or the Characters.

The Break-Up
Rated G

Angelica Jones was drinking a glass of ice tea, slowly growing more
and more upset with her long time boyfriend and fellow teammate Vance
Astrovik. He had gone into another speech about how he let the team
done again and that everything was his fault, and talking about leaving
the Avengers to return to the New Warriors. It had not been the first
time he went on like this, and frankly she was getting tired of it.
Setting her glass down, she took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled.

"Vance, enough all ready." She said calmly. Still he went on about
the good old days when they were with the Warriors, and how perfect
those days were when the fought together like a well oiled machine.

"Vance, enough all ready please!" She shouted.

"Angel? What's wrong sweetie?" He asked looking at his girlfriend

"I'm tried of listening to you complain about how if anything goes
wrong during a mission it's automatically your fault."
He opened his mouth to speak only to have her raise her hand.

"Wait I need to finish saying this before I chicken out." She took a
deep breath trying to get the words she had longed to say organized.

"I miss being with the others too, but it was far from being perfect.
We lost so much that sometimes I think you chose to forget. You were
the first boy I met who liked me, and I feel for you hard. I stood beside you as you became a man, and that love for you grew stronger. I waited and stood by you as you went through that trail, and eagerly waited for you when you were released from prison." she stood up and rubbed her arms feeling a chill, as she thought of what she needed to say.

"When you pushed me away after you got out, it hurt so much that I
wanted to die. When later you and Dwayne confessed it was all a set
up, I forgave you." She could feel the tears in her eyes as she
remembered that day.

"Then you told me that I was the next target for the Upstarts, and
that you had to bring me, to sacrifice me to them for what was it you
said." she gave off a sad laugh. She had never forgotten the word as
they were the first signs of doubt, but she had pushed them side like
a love struck child.

"Angel we have to, it's what we do, I mean it's who we are.' and I
asked you even if the price I pay is my own life." she could feel the
tears falling as he became a blur he tried to take her in his arms,
but she took a step back.

"No, stay right were you are Vance. I need to finish this you told me
something that day I will never forget.' Your life, my life all of
our lives if necessary if that is what it takes for Justice to be
served'. We followed you and I put my life in your hands that day and a part of me wondered if you would try to save me if I was facing death." she turned away from her back towards him as she cried.

"And like a fool, I still followed you even as the doubt I felt was
still there. I put up with your jealousy whenever I talked with the
Scarlet Spider-man. Even though I never once showed a sign of leaving
you. You asked me to use my powers, when there was a chance it could
hurt my health. Not once either, and like a fool I did what you
asked. You wanted to join the Avengers, and I went with you to follow
your dream." her voice was raising, but she no longer cared she was

"Not once have you asked me about my dreams, about what I want. Well
you know what I love it here, and the Avengers are people I have
grown to love. You can leave if you want; you can quit working with
these people. I don't care anymore I'm tired of it all." She took off
her engagement ring and turned around to face him. The shock look on
his face almost caused her to laugh. They had been engaged for two
years now, but whenever the talk came up on when the big day was he
would change the subject.

"It's over Vance, I'm done." she said she placed the ring on the
table next to her glass, and walked away. Her heart breaking with each step she took, when he never called her back.