Just a Mistake by ravenskyeblackhawk

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Chapter 1

"Look, I'm telling you, you gotta keep her! It's out of my hands now, Sesshoumaru," Inuyasha grumbled.

"And this Sesshoumaru says that you must take her back," came the cold reply.

From where Kagome was hiding, she could see the two inu brothers argue and arguing no less, over her.

She sighed. Yet another man, or rather youkai, did not want her. She felt the tears begin to gather and prayed her scent-masking spell would hold.

She remembered the day she had been abducted by Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha's older brother. Inuyasha had been keeping away from her for a few days and she hadn't known why. She had asked Shippo, the only youkai besides Kirara who didn't mind being around her, and asked HIM what Inuyasha's deal was.

Shippo told her that she was in heat and that Inuyasha didn't want to run off with her and mark her by accident.

Kagome grumbled a bit about this, not minding if he did run off with her and mark her. Hell, that's just what she wanted him to do! If he wasn't careful, she'd end up marking HIS little hot, arrogant ass herself. But instead, she cried a bit, wondering if he would ever realize just how much she loved him and wanted him.

Later, when she was taking a walk to clear her thoughts, Sesshoumaru swooped down from no where and grabbed her. He flew off with her, kicking and screaming Inuyasha's name. They ended up at his castle, where he ruthlessly took her virginity and marked her as his mate.

Inuyasha tossed his long silver hair and heaved a sigh. Her youkai ears perked up, waiting for what he would say.

"Look Sesshoumaru, you claimed her and marked her. She is no longer my responsibility. Sorry, but I have no say in this."

Kagome could see her mate, Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western Lands, stiffen in anger.

"The marking and mating was a mistake."

With those words, her world shattered like the Shikon no Tama. Kagome sagged against the wall of her hiding place and slid down to the floor, clutching her abdomen with her clawed hands. She knew Sesshoumaru was a cold hearted bastard, but this... this was just too much. He didn't want her? She had tried so hard to please him. She had tried so hard to accept what he done to her and yet, he, her own mate, did not want her? Inuyasha, well, she could totally understand that situation. He wanted Kikyo. That was a given. But Sesshoumaru? Would that proud taiyoukai renege on their mating? She still couldn't believe that he had actually openly admitted to making a mistake. For the great and powerful Sesshoumaru NEVER made mistakes... Until she came along.

"I do not want her, Inuyasha. I marked her in the heat of the moment when my youkai was in control. This Sesshoumaru refuses to pay the price of its youkai's stupidity with my freedom."

Hearing those words, a very heartbroken Kagome ran away. She escaped to the only place in the castle where few people would bother to look for herthe roof.

She made her way tearfully to her room and from there out onto the balcony, where she climbed a handy patch of ivy until she reached the roof.

It was nighttime and the moon was waxing, just rising up over the horizon. Soon Inuyasha would become human, she thought, her mind trailing off. She settled into her usual position, knees pulled to her chest, arms around her calves and her chin resting on her knees.

'I have got to get out of here,' she thought sadly, her eyes filling with tears yet again.

She didn't know just how long she stayed up there, planning her escape. But it didn't seem to bother Sesshoumaru that his mate was not in the castle, for she could sense his apathy when he thought of her.

She sighed heavily. She really had to tried to make him like her. But everything she tried had ended up in failure and was usually flung back in her face. Once, she had tried to tell him a secret fantasy she had concerning rainy nights. He told her he couldn't care less.

After that, she stopped trying. What was the use? He would just be a prick about it, so she just didn't talk to him. Not that that mattered. He didn't want to talk to her anyway.

Kagome decided to remove the scent-masking spell. It wasn't like anyone would care to come looking for her anyway.

A few days passed and Kagome had snuck around the castle, desperately trying to keep out of his way. No need to piss him off with her ignorant, irritating presence... His words.

She spent most of her time in the library, searching for something, anything to release her from their misery.

During her time in the library, she kept the scent-masking spell up, not only to relieve him of her stench but also to keep him from realizing that he had an heir on the way.

Kagome knew that if she had a child, it would only give him another reason to hate her. There was no way she was going to put an innocent child in the middle of such a cold, hateful environment.

Finally after a few days of searching, Kagome found what she was searching for. She studied the ancient scroll and realized what the actuality of it meant. But that was okay. Even though Sesshoumaru hated her, she couldn't hate him. It hadn't really been his fault that he marked her. It was the youkai who inhabited his beautiful yet cold-hearted body that had done the damage.

A week later, she had everything figured out. It was crazy, but it just might work... especially in her condition.

She had been eavesdropping every time Inuyasha came to talk to Sesshoumaru. But every time, it was about Naraku when he talked his brother. At first she was hurt because he hadn't come about her, but she did learn (unknowingly from them, of course) that Naraku was wanting to finish up the Shikon no Tama and demanded to fight the inu brothers for it.

Kagome smiled. Everyone had apparently decided not to consult the miko who was doing the actual protecting. But that was okay. She had found her way out of her predicament.

Tonight, Inuyasha had come again to talk to Sesshoumaru. Kagome knew that Inuyasha and his brother would be up late, plotting on how to kill Naraku in the final battle.

But she already knew how Naraku would die. She had been planning his death for over a week. And he wouldn't be the only one to perish in the last battle.

Kagome fled the castle that night. She would never see it again.

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