Lets get this out of the way first.

I do NOT own any Buffy or Scooby Doo characters. This is just for fun, and no money is being made from this. If I was making $ from it I'd update a heck of a lot faster. :p

This story is set during season Five. Between "Out of My Mind" and "No Place Like Home."

Setting Notes:

The chapter opens as Giles Dawn and Velma wake up in the morning from falling asleep while researching at his apartment.

Chapter 15

Buffy stalked up to Giles apartment door. She was worried about Dawn and Giles telephone was apparently off the hook. She hadn't been able to reach him at all this morning. Normally she would knock before using the key he gave her, but since he had Dawn in there she doubted that Giles was doing anything that would require brain-o to scrub out of her mind.

Buffy opened the door gently and walked in quietly. There were books all over the place. Velma was slumped over the table with her face down in a book. Dawn and Giles were at different ends of the couch. But Buffy didn't see Tara and Willow any place. She walked quietly over to Giles, and Dawn. And wished she had a camera to capture the looks on their faces. Giles had his mouth open in a snore that would make a banshee envious. Dawn was just cute, curled up around a book almost like a cat, with a long string of drool hanging from her half open mouth.

Buffy thought. (Even when she's asleep you can't get her to keep things from coming out of her mouth.) Buffy reached over and gently shook Giles awake. "Giles wake up." She whispered not wanting to wake dawn up. She had no idea of how late Dawn had been up. But she definitely needed her sleep now.

Since it was one of his young charges voices and it didn't sound alarming Giles woke up slowly. Almost any other voice would have had him awake instantly. "Uhm. Hello, what time is it?"

"It's nearly 11 o'clock in the morning. When you didn't answer the phone when I called to see if you guys had found anything I decided to come on over and check up on you. Wheres Willow and Tara? I thought they were going to research with you?"

"Where's my glasses?" Giles said as he groped around.

Buffy reached over and pushed Giles glasses off of his forehead where they had been resting. "There's your glasses. Are you getting absent minded in your old age?" The lilt in Buffy's voice would tell anyone that knew of their relationship that Buffy was only kidding.

"Disrespectful, colonial." Were the only words Buffy's slayer enhanced hearing could make out as Giles rousted himself from the couch. On the way over here Willow let slip that she and Tara had a big test early today and I insisted that they go home and get some rest. Now give me a minute for my morning ablations and a cup of tea and I will be most happy to talk about what progress we've made." Giles said as he went in search of his morning shower.

Twenty minutes later

Giles was wearing a fresh suit and looked as if he'd spent all morning primping. Buffy promised herself that she'd find out his secret one of these days. Just as long as it doesn't involve tweed. She gave a mental shudder. "Now that that's over can we get to business? I have a serious need to shop this morning."

"I know we didn't find anything before I fell asleep. And if Dawn had found something there's no way I would have slept through her excitement. Now for Ms. …."

"I don't think I found much of anything. I drifted off and was half asleep just going through the motions before trying to impress my face into this book. For the last hour or so I have no idea what I was looking at. Lets see what I was trying to sleep read shall we." Velma stated as she looked at the offending passages. Well well this is a strange coincidence. I must have veered off from your search while I was half awake, and started looking into the amulet. This whole passage here is about it's powers. But I can't make out most of the writing."

Giles went over to see what she'd found. Even if it wasn't what they were looking for information on the amulet would still be intriguing. "May I?" Giles asked as he motioned to the book. "Sumerian with a trace of Mandarin structure. No wonder you were having trouble with it. (AN:1) "Now let me see if I can do a rough translation. This will take a few minutes."

For the next few minutes Giles read through the offending passages quietly until he said. "Oh Dear Lord."


AN:1 Yes I know Giles had trouble with Cho-Ann. There is a big difference in being able to read a language and speak it. (Plus I'm trying to speed things along, so I can wrap this story up.)