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Date Started: July 21, 2005

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A week has passed since Gohan and the green man was put into the room to share. The two had played tic-tac-toe and other games as well as meditating. The calm sense of everything relaxed the young eleven-year-old and he welcomed it with open arms. Gohan had melted the iciness of the green man's heart and the boy didn't even know it. Having the boy around showed Piccolo that maybe, just maybe, there were better things in life to do.

Gohan stretched out on his bed, rolling his head side to side on the pillow, trying to lure himself back into the land of Dreams. He had been having a nice dream of Frieza being locked up for life without the chance for parole. How he wished it was happening right now… He lazily turned his head to peer at the other occupant. The green man wasn't so bad once you got to know him and when you did, Gohan would advise that person to watch his or her back. The green man loved to play pranks.

The boy's most hated one was when Piccolo had set up string he had found outside the bathroom door. That day when Gohan came strolling out of the bathroom after having a nice, relaxing shower, he tripped… and his face landed right into the night's before mush the cooks liked to call dinner. Saying Gohan was mad would be an understatement. It would be more like overly stated pissed. He still hasn't thought of a way to get the green man back.

Gohan turned on his side to get a better view of his now friend. "Why haven't we moved? I mean, isn't Frieza worried we might try to escape. This is the basement under Capsule Corp. It would be easy if someone came down here and saw the plane."

"That's just it," Piccolo stated. "If someone came. He doesn't expect anyone to come down here."

"They should just to prove that lizard a thing or two."

The green man stifled a laugh. "Lizard?"

Gohan nodded, smiling widely. "Well, yeah. He kind of reminds of me one with the way his face is shaped and his ears. I mean, have you ever seen ears like that on someone? I know I haven't."

Piccolo could see the kid's reasoning. He looked towards the door when he heard movement. Out of the corner of his eye, he could tell the boy had heard it also. The door opened and in walked Zarbon, smirking. "Time to go."

"Go?" questioned Gohan as he stood next to the green man. "Go where? And why?"

"It appears that someone is a snitch around here. We need to leave now before C.C. security comes and check it out."


Chi-Chi paced around the living room, smiling triumphantly. Bulma had called Krillin and told him about a strange plane in her basement after some of the workers complained about hearing noises coming from there. She had gone there by a ladder that went underneath Capsule Corp and had seen the plane. Krillin and some of his co-workers were on their way to check it out. She had a feeling her son was there.

Goku was in the kitchen, cooking a whole-hearty lunch. Chi-Chi had been surprised when she found out he could cook, but he told her living on his own had showed him he needed to know the essentials.

The woman had started regaining some old feelings for her high school sweetheart when he told her a week ago that it did not bother him about what she did. He had said, "You did what you had to, Chi. I respect you for that." She felt like kissing him then and there, but she didn't, not to sure how this would change things. Chi-Chi knew that Gohan adored the man, and she was pretty sure when she has her son in her arms again, that the boy would be all right with it.

Well, if it ever happens.

How much more flirting does that man need? Chi-Chi Mau had been silently giving certain gestures to Goku that she wanted to restart their relationship and take it to the next level after she divorces Frieza. Unless Goku had lost some of the brains he had in school, she had no idea why the man refused to acknowledge any of her flirtations. Sure, it had only been a touch here and there, a kiss on the cheek that left her with wanting more, and some times a hug in which she allowed her hand to travel downwards.

She smiled warmly when she heard Goku call her into the kitchen. As she stood, the doorbell rung, causing her stomach to growl in protest when she walked to the front door. "Krillin!" she exclaimed, pulling the man inside. "Well?"

Krillin knew he had to tell the woman, and knew exactly how she was going to take the news, but he wished Goku was here. "Chi…"

"What's going on?"

Krillin jumped up and down in his mind, screaming victory. Saved by the mouth, he thought as he watched Goku stand beside Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi on the other hand was busy glaring at the man who interrupted her getting information about her son… well, their son. "Krillin was about to tell me what he learned, Goku." She turned back to the short man. "Well, where is he? Gohan was there, right?"

Goku laughed, "Chi, why don't we let Krill sit down first."

After the three was situated in the kitchen, each one having a bowl of Goku's famous chicken noodle soup, Krillin began, "Chi-Chi was right; Gohan was there."

"YES!" A huge smiled covered her face. "When can I see him?"

Krillin looked down at the soup. "But he wasn't there when we got there. Apparently Frieza had moved out a few hours earlier."

Her smile immediately disappeared as she leaned an elbow on the table. "Oh, Gohan."

"We're working as fast as we can, looking for any evidence that will lead us to where Gohan is at." The man frowned. "I'm sorry, Chi-Chi."

"Oh, Krillin, it's not your fault." Chi-Chi set her spoon on the table next to her bowl. "It's mine. I should have never come back."


Gohan felt queasy as the plane he was on flew towards its destination. He hated flying and even begged his mother when they first came to Orange Star if they could go by boat. His mother promptly reminded him that he would get seasick and flying was the only way. Now he wished he had his mother's hand to hold. Gohan glanced to his left where Piccolo was also strapped in. Slowly, he grabbed the other's green hand and squeezed tightly, startling the green man from his daydreams.

"What is it?" Piccolo harshly asked, trying to pull his hand away but to no avail. "Let go!"

"No," the boy whispered. "I hate flying."

The green man sighed and rubbed his forehead with his free hand. "Fine."

Gohan smiled inwardly. "Why is your skin green?"


The boy giggled softly. "Why is your skin green?" he repeated, tapping the hand he held with his thumb.

"I grew up in a small village called Namek," Piccolo started, reminiscing about his past life. "Ever since I was very young, my parents had told me that we paint our skin green to show our thankfulness to the Gods for the plentiful crops we have each year."

"Oh. When did you move here?"

"I was around five or six when I moved to Orange Star."

"And you still kept painting your skin?"

The green man nodded. "My parents wanted me to remember my heritage."

"Did you have any friends?" Gohan started to lightly draw circles on the green man's hand with his thumb.

"I had many but there was only one that I was close to."

"What was his/her name?"

After reviving his old memories in his mind, Piccolo stated, "Goku Son."

The boy looked up from staring at his hand. "I know him."

"Of course you do, Gohan," the green man replied quietly, "He is your father after all."


Date Ended: July 28, 2005

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