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He couldn't do it anymore. He wanted to go home and be with his mother. Play football or some other sport with his father, even if the man didn't know that Gohan knew that he was his father. Sighing deeply, Gohan rolled over to lay on hi stomach and glanced at the door. Zarbon had came two hours earlier and told Piccolo that the boss had wanted to speak with him. He wondered idly if he should be worried for the green man. During their three weeks with each other so far, Gohan had grown to admire him; even considering him as a second father.

It was nice to hear stories about when Piccolo was younger. It was even nicer to hear stories about his father when the two had known each other. When Gohan had asked the green man if he ever missed him, Piccolo had said, "No. It's in the past and now is today. The future is ahead and the past should never be looked at again."

But then Gohan had known he struck a cord when he said, "But in order to face the future, you have to learn from the past." The green man had then developed a sullen look and hunched his shoulders. He had told Gohan to go to sleep and never mention the conversation or the past ever again. It hurt Gohan to know that the green man was upset with him and when he had tried to apologize, all he received was an annoyed grunt and a harsh, "SLEEP!" yelled at him.

When the door banged open, Gohan raised himself up so he was sitting on his legs. Piccolo stormed in and growled, "He wants to see you." That was all he was able to explain when two other men Gohan had never seen before walked in. They grabbed him by his arms and the boy shrieked in pain. Gohan shot the green man a pleading look as he was dragged out of the room, but all Piccolo did was calmly shut the door.

The two men on either sides of him didn't walk slow so he could catch up. They let his feet dangle and dragged him through the halls. Other people that worked for Frieza saw him and chuckled, screaming out insults. Gohan looked at the ground, refusing to face the words thrown at him.

It felt like he was back in his old school with no friends and everyone, even the teachers, calling him a freak. He never knew why they did but suspected, after overhearing two students' conversations, that he was a bastard child. Gohan knew what that meant. His parents had not been married when he was born so that made him an outcast.

But he also knew the other truth. His parents were married when the first conceived him, but not when he was born. Did that count as the same thing or was it different? He didn't know. All he could feel was the circulation cutting off from his arms. The pain was searing through his body and straight to his head, setting off a headache that almost had him groaning out loud.

A loud sound pulled him out of his thoughts and he looked up to see that he was in a bedroom. The two men pulled him over to the bed and threw him on the surface, but before Gohan could do anything, his wrists were tied at different ends of the headboard. One of the men smirked and said something to the other in a foreign language that Gohan couldn't understand. Gohan watched them laugh before they walked out of the room, leaving him there wondering.

He didn't like the way things were going. He had seen scenes like this in movies when he watched TV late at night. A female was always tied up to the bed and then a male came, and did things that were never supposed to happen to her. No! Gohan screamed in his head, that's not going to happen! I mean, Frieza isn't sick enough to do that!

He was only eleven, damn it! The thought of two males together didn't bother him; the only person to friend him at his old school was involved in a serious relationship with another school. But those two were sixteen at the time; not a child. He hadn't even reached the teens!

Closing his eyes, Gohan shook his head back and forth on the pillow. Did Piccolo know? Did Frieza tell him what he was going to do and the green man did nothing to stop it? Was Piccolo just like the rest of them? Not caring about what happened to other people, even young children, and only for themselves? Why did Piccolo not come save him? Why didn't he warn him?

When he heard the door open, Gohan opened his eyes before closing them again. That was not the image he was supposed to be seeing at his age! He was too young for this! He felt the bed sink lower as the other body climbed over him. Hot breath washed over his face and Gohan shivered in disgust. He didn't want this.

"Open your eyes, boy!" The command was rough and Gohan could feel the hidden lust in the words. He did as was told and immediately felt tears come to his eyes when the Lizard-like man leaned down and kissed his cheek. "It won't hurt if you don't struggle."

Did Frieza just expect him to not do anything? To let himself be tainted in this way? Gohan gathered the spit in his mouth then let it out, hitting the man under his cheek. "Stop."

Frieza sat back up and wiped the gooey substance from his cheek. He smirked down at the boy. Even at the age of eleven, the boy was beautiful. Laying there underneath him with black hair fanned around his face and eyes read from wanting to cry. The boy was sight to remember and Frieza planned on doing more then that tonight.

"I always wanted my revenge against Goku Son and now with you here, I will have it. I wonder what he will do when he finds out that you were taken; that you're not a virgin anymore, boy. Will he cry? Will he scream? Will he kill?" Frieza leaned his body back down on top of the boys and put his mouth close to his ear, "What will your mother say?" Before the boy could shoot back a harsh reply or scream, Frieza captured the young lips between his and bit hardly at the bottom lip, hearing a strangled scream. "The night has only begun, Gohan."


Goku stared at the wall as he listened to Chi-Chi cry in the bedroom. She had run out of the room after Krillin gave them the news and refused to come out until her son was safe in her arms. The man could do nothing but listen to the broken woman and wish that he was strong enough to look for their son. But the police had told him and everyone else that if they caught them doing their own investigation, then they would go to jail.

It wasn't fair that he had to sit here and do nothing. He needed to let Gohan know that he was his father! He wanted to cuddle up with Chi-Chi and have the boy between them, keeping him safe from all harm. But he couldn't do that right now. Not when the boy was taken and they didn't know where he was… Hell, they didn't even know if he was still in the city!

Hearing the door squeak, Goku turned around and faced his ex-wife. She wiped the remaining tears from her eyes and cheeks before sitting next to him on the floor. She didn't say anything, just laid her head on his shoulder and let him wrap an arm around her. "I'm sorry. I needed some time to myself for a while."

Goku nodded and shushed her, "I know. You deserve the time, too."

Chi-Chi couldn't hold back the sob and turned, burying her face against his neck. "I feel like something is happening to Gohan! I can feel his pain and I want to help him! Goku!" Chi-Chi looked up at him with wide, crying eyes, "What if Frieza hurts him? What if Frieza kills him? I can't live with myself knowing my only son is out there and I can't protect him!"

The man pulled her so she was sitting on his lap and Goku rubbed his hands up and down her back, soothing her cries. "Frieza won't kill him. He took Gohan because he wants to get back at us for everything. For us falling in love with each other and getting married, for you coming back here, and for… Project Saiyan."

Chi-Chi gasped and crawled out of his lap until she had her back pressed against the other wall. "We agreed we would never speak of that again!"

"You know as well as I do, Chi, that Frieza was pissed when we destroyed the lab that night! It's a miracle that we even escaped that night. You, Bulma, Vegetate, Krillin, and me, Chi! We could have died!"

The black-haired woman shook her head, tears streaming down her face, "I want to forget that night! If we had never gone to that house after prom, then nothing would be like there is today!"

"Yes, it would, Chi! Your father still made the deal with Frieza! Cell had us that night, Chi and he knew Frieza! He wanted us to suffer and he talked to Frieza who went to your father! Even if we never would have gone there, things would still be this way!"

"NO!" Chi-Chi stood up and pointed a finger at her ex, anger shooting off her in large quantities. "I refuse to believe that! I don't want to remember that night!" Turning around, she ran back in the room and before Goku could stop her, he heard the lock click.

Goku stood walked to the living room and sat down on the couch. Grabbing a pillow, he buried his head into it and thought back to that night. The group had gone out after prom was over, and Chi-Chi had told them about this old house that was supposed to be haunted. After taking a vote, the group had piled into Vegeta's car and drove there, talking about the rest of their lives, never know that it was about to end.


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