So, it's been over ten years since the last update. There's a reason for that.

Those of you have this story on your favorites page probably suspected the reality long before now, but I think I'd best go ahead and put it to bed properly. This is, quite frankly, way overdue. I suppose that's the great weakness of fanfiction as a hobby (as compared to being a professional who writes to make a living): there's always the temptation of resurrecting older works, of reviving a Dead Fic and completing it. That's what happened with Mobile Fighter Evangelion, and in the back of my mind, I always entertained the notion of doing that with Legacy.

But that's no longer feasible, unfortunately.

As many of you recall, this story began long before certain canon elements of Naruto became known, which is why certain items appear...out of place (for example, this was made before the jutsu elements were canonized, which is why we have Metal and Wood ninjutsu being flung about; I recall utilizing the classic five elements of Chinese folklore as being the inspiration for that, as the concept of mixed-element jutsus being Bloodline Limits hadn't been introduced in the Naruto storyline yet). Funnily enough, my worries about the power scale in this story being too outlandish have been largely put to bed by what actually happened in the main story!

Funny how that works out. That's partly why getting back into this would be an undertaking in and of itself, since I've forgotten a number of places where I actually diverge from canon (even inadvertently).

Also, any notes for this story existed a few laptops ago, and the framework in my head has long faded away after disuse. I recall a YuYu Hakusho/Inuyasha-esque journey focusing on Naruto and Kyuubi through the Demon World (featuring the Third and Fourth Hokages as servants of the God of Death, among other things), all the while the Fourth Shinobi War would have been ongoing at the same time in the Human World. There would have been a tree reunion in Konoha at the climax of the war, right before the emergence of Uzumaki Mantarou to serve as the proverbial final boss, bearing the power of nine of the ten Tailed Beasts...it would have been long and grandiose indeed.

But it shall not be written, alas. That is the fate of Naruto: Legacy. Many words were penned down and written, but the rest must be left to the imagination.

Thank you all, those who read this back when it was regularly updated from 2005 to 2009. And thank you to those who waited this long, hoping I would update it again.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I figured it was time to go ahead and put this old project of mine to rest.

So long; enjoy the rest of your lives, and may you find better stories (and there are plenty of them in the Naruto fandom).

Tempus fugit, memento mori.

See you later.