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Notes: Well, here's another stupid thing. This thing was inspired by Kumaguro's AMV "C is for Cakey" Watch this vid! It's really good!

It looks like a C…

Everything should have been normal. And when someone starts a story with that sentence, you should know that it will be a very strange story. This is definitely strange. You have been warned.

Tsuzuki had been leaning against the railing, talking to Hisoka, when Muraki entered the casino. The shinigami found himself playing poker against the doctor, praying to the twelve gods that he would win. He didn't.

"Tsuzuki-san, you will be mine, this one night." Muraki said, pressing Tsuzuki against the wall.

The shinigami's mind started to babble to him. It babbled about things that Tsuzuki would normally think about. Cookies and doughnuts were among the topics… And for some reason, the letter "c."

It was a very strange day.

Tsuzuki lost control of his mouth just as Muraki pulled away from torturing his left ear. You are welcome to wonder how this thought ever entered the puppy's mind. Your guess is as good as mine.

It was as if he'd gone insane. Tsuzuki developed his puppy ears and his tail, which began wagging rapidly.

"A ROUND DOUGHNUT WITH ONE BITE OUT OF IT, ALSO LOOKS LIKE A C." He announced. The room fell silent as everyone nearby stopped talking to sweatdrop. It took a few seconds for Tsuzuki to regain control of his mind.

When he did, he found himself the object of the stares of everyone in the casino. Muraki was giving Tsuzuki a strange look also.

"Umm… What did I do?" Tsuzuki asked plaintively, honestly not remembering. Everyone sweatdropped again.

Muraki finally stopped staring, and checked Tsuzuki's temperature.

"Hmm… This is normal… Are you feeling alright, Tsuzuki-san?" Suddenly, his visible eye gleamed evilly. "Perhaps you need to have your health checked."

Hisoka sweatdropped yet again as he watched Muraki dragging a screaming Tsuzuki out of the casino. Then he shook his head and muttered one word.


So, what'd you think? It seems that the only stories I am able to write are stupid little parodies. sweatdrop I promise that I will write a chapter story soon! I will!