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This chapter shows the Wyatt/Turner household and a bit of angst between Cole and his mother. I don't recall the name of Leo's father ever coming up so I've made that up, just like I've done with Cole's mother.

Chapter Four: Arguments

Cole slammed the door behind him as he entered his new house, taking no care to slip in unnoticed.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?"

Cole rolled his eyes and walked into the living room, where his mother was sitting in her pink, silk, dressing gown. In her glory days, Sofia Turner had been a real beauty, and had made her money from letting men photograph this beauty and display it in magazines. Even now, as time pushed her nearer and nearer to fifty, she still maintained this beauty, as well as her air of dignified grace and superiority. But the stress of her life, specifically, her teenage son, was turning her blonde hair grey, and her green eyes were surrounded by crows feet.

"No. But I bet you're going to tell me."

"You're damn right I am," she replied, her voice controlled, as always. "It's almost one in the morning. Leo was home over an hour ago. Where the hell were you?"

Cole shrugged, the good mood he returned with quickly disappearing. "I was out. Since when do you care what time I get in?"

"I'm your mother! Of course a mother cares what time her only son comes home."

Cole sighed and closed his green eyes. His mother always had had a flair for the dramatics. Her only son. God forbid.

"Mother, you haven't really shown any kind of concern as to the time I return home for the past five years. Why start now when I'm capable of looking after myself?"

"Because now you're living under my roof."

"Oh, so when I was living with dad, I was none of your concern! But now he's gone and popped his clogs you're lumbered with me and decide to start caring!"

Sofia leapt to her feet. "How dare you speak of your father with so little respect?"

"You mean the way you've talked about him my entire life?" Cole was shouting now. He could feel his anger rising and he tried to control his breathing in an effort to calm himself down.

"I loved your father."

"Yea? Well so did I. I still do. I wish more than anything he was here right now, so I didn't have to deal with you and your drama. But he's not here. He's gone."

"You think I don't know that, Cole? If you care to remember, I was at his funeral. I-"

Cole sneered. "Yea, you were at his funeral, acting like the bereaved widow. You loved the attention everyone gave you. Just like everything else, dad's funeral was all about you."

He gave his mother a look of disdain. Cole could see she was about one step away from stamping her foot like a petulant child, but he was tired, not just physically, but emotionally.

"I'm going to bed," he muttered, turning his back on her and beginning to climb the stairs.

"Cole, this is not going unpunished," his mother warned from behind him.

"Sure. Ground me. Take away my allowance. Whatever. Just do it in the morning."

Leaving his mother standing at the foot of the stairs, Cole ascended them and slouched to his room, shutting the door behind him. He flopped on to his bed and pulled a pillow over his face, biting into it, trying to stop himself from shouting.

There came a quick knock on the door, followed by a soft, "Cole?"

Cole groaned. "Leo, fuck off."

Ignoring Cole's simple request, Leo came into the room, shutting the door behind him, and sat on the armchair by the window. The dark haired boy tried staying with the pillow over his face for a few minutes, to see if, perhaps, Leo would just go back to his room, but, sensing this wasn't going to work, he slowly sat up and gazed his step-brother with a steely glare.

"What do you want?"

Leo seemed completely unfazed by the look Cole was sending him.

"I want to see if you're okay."

"I'm fine," Cole replied. "Now, fuck off."

"I heard you fighting with your mum."

"Shocking that. I think most people heard that."

Leo chuckled. "Probably. You fight like that a lot?"

Cole sighed. So he and Leo were going to have a conversation. At half one in the morning. Great.

"Not really. Considering the fact I've seen her once a year in the past five years, it's hard to fight like that a lot. The phone calls were forced politeness and the letters-" Cole's mouth twisted into a grimace. "-the letters were nauseatingly sweet."

"Did you get on well with your dad?" Leo inquired.

Cole could hardly believe he was having a conversation like this with a guy he barely knew at almost two in the morning. But Leo seemed like a decent guy and they were going to be living under the same roof as brothers from now on. Why not build bridges now?

"Yea. Me and my dad got on real well. He was like a friend."

"I guess you miss him a lot?"

Cole nodded, swallowing down a painful lump that had formed in his throat. "Yea. I really do."

Cole was getting uncomfortable now. He didn't like talking about himself, especially not like this.

"You get on with your dad?" he asked.

"Mostly. We argue sometimes but…that's the way I suppose."

Cole nodded. "You get on well with my mum?" he chuckled.

"Uh…" Leo trailed off. "She's…she's very different."

"From other human beings?"

"From the girlfriends my dad has had before," Leo explained.

"When did your mum and dad split up?" Cole asked, realising with a start that he was interested in Leo's life.

"When I was really little. My mum left when I was about two. I don't really remember her."

"Oh…" for one of the first times in his life, Cole was lost for words.

Leo grinned. "Don't feel awkward about it. I don't. Shit happens, but my dad brought me up well."

"Does every cloud have a silver lining for you?" questioned Cole, bemused by Leo's sunny outlook on life.

"Pretty much. Gotta look for the good stuff or you'll drown in the bad," Leo shrugged.

Cole nodded, pondering this, wondering if maybe Leo was on to something. He took a look at the clock and groaned.

"Okay, it's past two in the morning, I'm very tired, so, with all due respect Leo, would you kindly fuck off?" Cole requested, a crooked smile on his face.

Leo stood up, still smiling. "Sure. Tomorrow I'm headed over to the Halliwell manor to help out with some stuff. I'm sure they'd love it if you came along with."

"Okay. Yea. That'd be great. Thanks."

As Leo opened the door, he turned around. "Night."

"Night," Cole replied.

Suddenly, something occurred to him.




Leo kept smiling. "Manor."

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